Tiffany Giardina Lights Up Wall Street

Tiffany Giardina Lights Up Wall Street

Tiffany Giardina wows Wall Street as she performs at the New York Stock Exchange Christmas tree lighting in New York City on Thursday evening.

The 14-year-old musician just released a new music video for her song, “Hurry Up and Save Me,” which was featured on the Another Cinderella Story soundtrack. Tiffany is set to release her debut album, No Average Angel, in January 2009.

She even has a contest running on her MySpace. The winner of the contest will get a giant prize pack that includes an autographed CD, a Team Tiffany t-shirt, and more!

Tiffany Giardina – “Hurry Up and Save Me” Music Video
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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
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  • Cheryl

    whoah she’s only 14?
    she looks so much older

  • fabulous

    her hair is awkward

  • Emma

    …. who?

  • axis

    wow she’s amazing! i can’t wait to get her music and listen to her album!!!!!

    i heard she’s friends with the JBs. IS THAT TRUE!?!?!?!?

  • Leslie

    Woooo I love her! Way to go…Lets here about more Tiffany!

    Her No Average Angel video is soo awesome

  • jessica

    i love tiffany! and her song is amazingg =]

  • sarah

    shes so good!

  • baby v rox!

    jj put people we actually care about.
    btw she is only 14??? she looks 41.

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    Omg I love her! she has awsome music and is so pretty.

    1 thing I dont like in the vid is the pink skirt but her top is to die for!

  • megannk

    is this serious?
    uhh..she’s good at lip synching? i guess?

  • Emma

    I liked the song when i heard it in Another cinderella story. :) BUT she look so much older!! :O

  • gyhsbelle

    LOL is that the only face she can make..? her snaggle tooth is scaring me.

  • stephanie

    don’t like the song.. and i don’t think she looks 14.
    music video = arkward..

  • gemma

    her music sucks, shes ugly and she definitely doesn’t have the look for a singer

  • amber

    yea shes very good friends with the jb she done broadway with nick

  • trainwreck*

    eeewwww, i don’t like her. blehhhh

  • Emy

    ehhhh She is ok? ehhhh

  • butterfly

    blah zZZZZzzz

  • asdasd

    she is HORRIBLE
    and shes not friends with the jonas brothers
    she did broadway with nick so she just goes around telling everyone she is friends witht them

  • .

    shes alright but um…where did she come from?? like who is she???

  • mari garcia

    She’s friend with the Jonas Brothers they were neighboor in New Jersey.
    I saw a lot of pictures on look for them,
    HATERS u don’t even know if she’s friend with the JB and u are telling they aren’t but they are..!! i hate haters

  • alexx

    looks like another wanna-be skye sweetnam

    no one can top skye!

  • Ale

    She’s alright I guess. And ftw (for the win) She is friends with The Jonas Brothers, last year they spent the holidays together, Dont hate. Haha. She’s pretty good :]

  • :)

    why does she sound like lindsay lohan? and the beggining of the video loosk like one of lindsays too..?


    OMT i love it!!! yay she’s on just jared!! she did such a great job~~

    GO TIFF!

  • brittany


  • Kacie

    soo, this girl isnt that great. she doesnt deserve to get all this attention. A lot of people I know can sing unbelievably, but dont get a chance to show anyone. This girls only where shes at now because the Jonas Brothers. I hate that! They wrote a song about Mandy, then now shes alll over the magazines and crap, Tiffany was a childhood friend and they helped her get to this spot, Maya was a childhood friend and now shes all over, Demi was a friend of theirs and now look where shes at. well, she started in camp rock with them but she actually made it here all by herself. because she can actually sing, act, and shes beautiful. Shes a great songwriter too. shes actually the only one that deserves it! but nobody but me sees that if your a jobros friend or family member you pretty much have it made? thats ashame!
    shes nothing though, compared to miley cyrus, and she doesnt deserve any of it. every star has came a long way by themselves to get where they are now, but she just scooted right in because her friends are the jobros. no work, no nothing! thats saddd!