AJ Michalka Gets Her Body By Larry

AJ Michalka Gets Her Body By Larry

AJ Michalka and sister Alyson take a break from recording their new album, show off their “Body by Larry” shirts, and stay in shape… by kickboxing!

The singing sisters showed off some mad skills in the vid with their trainer, Larry Cyrstal, or “ninja” as AJ refers to him as. Aly & AJ were seen breaking blocks of wood and pumping up their arm muscles. AJ even managed to do a crunch with her puppy snuggled up behind her head on her yoga mat!

Check out the rest of their training below –

Aly & AJ Stay in Shape!
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  • nelly

    first again yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  • this aint a fairytale.

    oh gosh, aly is very hot.
    and very beautiful she’s perfect.

  • aida

    What`s the song?

  • mia

    they have good bodies…but i don’t think they’re very pretty.

  • fgh

    om nom nom

  • ALLY

    WOW 5 times a week they do that. thats why there in amazing shape. im seriosly gonna take some of those moves and put them into my workout!

  • elizabeth marinas

    aly and aj look great in there body by larry shirts i like the color pink it’s my favorate color

  • K.c

    Ooh i like that song too =D
    It’s Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne- “Let it Rock”
    I love this video of them 8D

  • vggdf

    need HQ screens of this stat

  • Olivia

    wow i look fat compared to them, and im not fat

  • Sarah

    when i arrive i i bring the fire make you cold alive

    -When I arrive..I bring the fiirreee.-

  • Sarai

    Wow! This is crazy. I think I’m going to start doing boxing myself.

  • fdsafass


  • SuckerForALover

    I absolutely LOVE Aly & AJ… However, I can’t believe this is ALL that they do to stay in shape. I’m in the military, and we literally do everything they do, and more… and still struggle to get toned like Aly.

    I love Aly & AJ to death… but, they stink at pushups… Lol.

>>>>>>> staging1