Kristen Stewart: Under the Munich Moonlight

Kristen Stewart: Under the Munich Moonlight

Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart gazes up at co-star Robert Pattinson as they premiere their film Twilight in Munich, Germany on Saturday evening.

The on-screen couple took the haunting movie overseas and were greeted with hundreds of screaming fans eagerly awaiting their arrival on Wednesday in London.

Robert, 22, who plays vamp Edward Cullen, told MTV that he was still impressed by the fans. He shared, “It’s absolutely mad, they’re here for the character, not for me.”

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson under the Munich moonlight…

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  • Daphne


  • kwi kwi

    love them both! u guyz rock!

  • TWILIGHtgirl.


  • Ronja

    I was there!!!!! :D
    They are so hot

  • rosefever

    the movie’s not that great, but i have to admit that they both look really good

  • jen

    Rob rocks. She’s a sullen unfriendly pain.

  • saudia

    HOTT ♥

  • saudia

    omg Rob is so sexy !! damn

  • trish.

    sobad ass.

  • angeline

    Modest, modest Rob. I love him. I would be there for you, no matter how much Edward dazzles me. Hahahhaha =)

    Kristen’s cool, she’s not a wannabe and she’s not afraid to be who she is. And her main goal in life isn’t to be a role model for 6-8 year old girls. She’s unique, I think, and that’s what many people like most about her.

  • Kt

    Rob is sooooooooo amazing. New Moon will probably be as good as Twilight.

  • caro

    Rob looks very handsome. The bad actress with him I can do without.

  • Chris

    Kristen Stewart is a beautiful, beautiful girl.

  • Shannon

    Luv how u sad she gazes upon him JJJ! they both look reat

  • Mandy

    yuck i dont like kristen
    but i loveeeeeeee rob!

  • joss

    they both look so hot! <3

  • joss

    plus kristen looks like she wants him so bad =P

  • cici

    Rob is so naive.
    they’re there for you dear, they love you because of yourself as well.

  • AC

    They take turns at events staring at each other like they want to go out back and have sex. I guess this time it was Kristen’s turn. Hope you got it girl!

  • liz

    awww robbie!! they r there for u babe cuz ur just so damn gorgeous! haha
    love them both!

  • apple

    Kristen Stewart is an admirable personality. She is talented and exquisitely beautiful. She posesses a rare ability to inspire others like your OMG ROB, and without her there would not be OMG ROB whom you could scream at. So, shallow, jelous and rude people:grow up and try to keep up with her! If you do not like her movies no one force you to watch it.

  • mina

    mangy never looked so HOT.
    kristen, what happened to your classy sense of style? i miss it. it distracts me from your i’d-rather-have-a-root-canal-than-promote-my-film face.

  • Jeisa

    kristen looks hot!! and of course so does rob! I love her dress, and those shoes are to die for! anyone know the brand? :)

  • Katherine

    Thanks JJ for putting these up finally! But can you post them on JJ as well, since not a lot of us come to JJJ looking for Rob stuff?? (Pretty please!).

    Make sure you get us the pics from Monday’s Paris premiere. Its gonna be great for sure.

    Rob and Kristen look amazing. Of course. No doubt about it there. And they look relaxed and like they are having fun with this, which they should be, good for them.

    And i LOVE his modesty. Dont ever change that about yourself Rob, NEVER! Stay the way you are. YOu are amazing!

  • Diana

    i’m a big fan of kristen’s. you guys need to watch her other movies before hating.

  • irisandlights

    They both look effin amazing. I am in love with Kristen’s dress and I love Rob’s jacket on him. But is it just me or does Kristen look sick? Poor girl. The premieres are taking their toll on her. And I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. Just because she doesn’t quite know how to deal with these major events yet doesn’t mean she’s a witch okay? She’s 18 for and already being a shy person, it isn’t easy to find yourself thrust into the spotlight.

  • den

    wow… she looks great in white… i should’ve known that, she looks great in everything lol.

  • TW

    WoW thanks so much love them !!! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF TWILIGHT !!

  • Lila

    I love them and both together = PERFECTION

  • nicole tan

    kristen’s really pretty!
    and rob’s really HOT! haha.
    i LOVE the both of them!

  • lllover

    she looks uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!:@ OMG he’s so freaking hootttttttt

    I HATE HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. no fashion sense…… also, she needs to get a tan

  • bee

    lllover, what the hell is your problem… clearly, you have no sense of what beauty is. Your just jealous that she is naturally pretty and not fake like other stars…

    btw, i love the dress she’s wearing, and others will agree as well.

    get a life and stop bashing others because it just makes you look like an a**.

  • caitlin

    omg i just saw twilight in australia!
    it was so awesome
    although the book was way better
    but rob was HOT :)

  • haich

    Kristen has to be the most beautiful person to walk this earth. Such a stunning, unique girl.

    And as for RPattz, wow. FUCKING HOT

  • Shells

    >3 Rob

  • angie

    can’t blame her for staring at him desirously……………cause he’s 2 hot and perfect 2 be real!!!………………………..damn kristen, just dump that freaking oregano guy already……lol!!…………’s so obvious the connection between these 2!!

  • Manon

    Omg !
    I love Kristen’s dress (l)

  • katie

    Rob looks great as always.

  • Jennifer

    I was there :D
    And I even met them a few hours later outside their hotel xD Catherine took a photo with me she was like: “Come over lil vampire” haha and kristen was sooo cool, she even took the teddy bear i gave her with her aaand robert was cool too xD hes so funny :D Ahhh i love them both I still cant believe I met them :D

  • tralala

    aww lucky you. i love you kristennn. :)

  • LoveThatdoll

    Kristen is beautiful. I’ve watched her grow into a really mature and gorgeous woman and I’m so proud of her. For those of you that are haters, remember without her Rob would never have been cast as Edward! They’re so perfect together, love that look she always gives him, I think she’s in love and doesn’t know it!

  • BELL

    aww hermososs

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥

    love them , sooo much

    i went to their LA premier , and holy , is he HOT (L)

    who cares if he ` s a drunk , he is unbelivebly gorgeous and a perfect edward ♥

  • Brunah

    i lovee them

    kriste is really pretty!!

    Rob is so gorgeous!!!

  • vicky

    Is it just me or does she look pissed off at him in the first photo? They look like there is tension but not sure it’s sexual.

  • gucci

    #32.. lollllllllllllllllllllll


    OMG Robert Pattinson is SO HOT & his role as Edward Cullan made him MORE HOT & SEXY than before 4 us enough 2 make every girl crazy about him….
    Luv ya Robert:)

  • anne


  • elizabeth

    i love kristen stewart and robert pattinson
    and the movie was not that amazing, they took out too much
    plus for all the people who thought kristen sucked, you’re wrong
    don’t be so taken by rob’s good looks, he was pretty awkward with his acting
    while kristen was a little stiff you can tell she has talent

  • gisele

    they both have amazing bone structure
    and that’s what makes them both a different kind of beautiful!