Miley Cyrus - "Fly On The Wall" Music Video

Miley Cyrus -

Miley Cyrus‘s new music video for “Fly On The Wall” world premiered on the Holiday edition of FN MTV last night.

Per usual, the video was hosted by Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz. Miley also made an appearance on the show.

The music video was filmed on November 8, at a studio in downtown Los Angeles with Director Philip Andelman. Check it out below!

Miley Cyrus – “Fly On The Way” Music Video
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  • lina

    i love the musik video

  • Hallie

    It was good! Tears for Fears, for life!

  • jonasloverrr


  • d

    lol the title should be wall not way

  • ariana

    Wow that was good. The parking garage thing was kinda weird yet interesting. I thought the song was about a boyfriend that didn’t trust you but now I realize its for the paparazzi haha. But I think it got her opinion out well, telling them to back off a little. And I liked the little twist at the end. She looked pretty and did a great job

  • Charlene h

    I sent this video in as a tip and not to long later it shows up on the website. It just goes to show that they really do look at your emails you send them! SWEET!!!! I’m glad you got the email!

  • swe3t23

    is it is about a boyfriend that didn’t trust you………but what is going with her life and the paps…….she made it that concept.

    the song can go both ways. you don’t trust the paps/media anyways… cus they are turn on you and your career.

  • Just spreading the truth

    ok wow that was a disapointment to me. they could have done SO MUCH with that and they…just didn’t.
    Mkay. I’m just very sad. Love the song not the video.

  • CBloss

    I actually loved the video! It was different and told a story. That’s one thing she has over Hannah. :) Well done Miley! Love the song! Loved the video!

  • angeline

    that was amazing! way more than i expected! i loved the concept and how she used the shutterbugs as the main topic! love her.

  • Shannon (zv lover!)

    cool! i totally love it

  • jo…jo..

    i was expecting more. i really dont like it. for me 1st her video 7th things was better ;D

  • Selene

    Quite a disappointment. I expected her band to be there but I loved the start and the ending. Lol, in the full moon, your boyfriend turns into a Paparazzi. COOL! But I don’t get the part when she’s just standing there and singing though.

  • vintagelove

    i thought that video was quite different
    i liked it
    miley did a great job
    she wasn’t jumping around acting insane
    although i love her!

    but i love the video and the song
    and miley!!!


  • gabby

    am, i kind of disapointed miley. she could do better i think

  • Andy

    Strange way to end the video.

  • nikki

    hey it’s not fly on the way,it’s fly on the WALL

    well i love the video.always love miley.

    keep on rockin girl!!!

  • fabulous

    this video is so dumb.

    it looks like they threw it together in a matter of 2 hours.

  • lala

    loved it
    love the song
    and loved the ending

  • Jeanie

    the video is cool but i hate the sound when she, or who ever does it, sings ‘fly on the wall’. that sounds stupid

  • MILEY fan!

    i LOVE IT!

  • vfjnbgcfmj

    i don’t really like her songs
    BUT i really like this song and the

  • Nadia

    it’s fly on the wall
    not way

  • http://gf M

    it’s so cool! until this i hated miley cyrus, but she’s better now. maybe, ‘cos she doesen’t want shining in the “good-girl” image. this music video really funny n’ hot!

  • nawal

    I love your new song miley and your voice is amazing i wish you do another duet with the jonas brothers it would be so cool

  • Lil Mil;

    AMAZING <3333333333333333333333333333333333333
    Miley u rocks (L)
    Love uuuu
    u r the best star in the WORDL

  • Jasmine

    Fly on the way? LOL!

    Love the song, but not so much on the vid. Love the beginning and the ending though, makes it interesting. I don’t understand why she’s just standing there singing and doing so many different poses in the carpark. It would be so much better if she did some dancing at least, instead of some weird group of papparazi.

    Rather disappointed, wish there was more in it :( Prefer 7 things over this in terms of the video.

  • magalie

    i dont really like it :(
    it’s always the same thing with miley, pretty boring
    she sings in front of the camera while dancing, and that’s it…
    what’s the point?

  • Marta1428 – fan from Poland

    love it! great music video :D <3

  • Flávia

    OMG, The video is incredibly amazing !
    The best one, of course !

  • Jorun


  • Paula

    OMG i just loved it!!!
    it’s AWSOME!


  • Love miley

    i loved the video!!
    Seriously she looked so hot and beautiful, and the concept was awsome. 10 times better then 7 things.

    Miley rules forever!!!

  • huashimingo


  • izabella

    omg! I love it!!
    the best video from Miley ever <3 :D

  • Amanda

    That was actually really cute :) If she would learn to pronounce her words prettier, she’d actually be pretty good. I hate how she pronounces friend as freyend. It just made me cringe. She’ll only get better as she gets older, though.

  • vbgtt


  • Erin

    I stopped it like a minute in, the coloring was good and the beginning was pretty funny how he turned in a paparazzi. But she can’t really act in here. But otherwise it was good.

  • mileyfan4ever

    awesome video, awesome song i loooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like more the end… its pretty cool when the little camera appear an then the website :P with miley talking n talkinggg….
    looove yaa mileezzz

  • Emily

    it was cute. kind of.
    i have to be honest, i don’t like miley. but this a very unbiased opinion on my part.

    the thing i had a problem with, throughout the entire video, is the way she’s dancing. to me, it looks like she’s just trying to look…dare i say it? sexy.

    and it’s not working for her, especially not here. she just looks spasmodic? i don’t know the right word for it. i don’t think her dancing helped the video. it had a cute kind of idea to it, just like mj’s thriller. i think she should have gone with something original, though. that’s what she’s promoting [for disney], yeah? and i don’t think disney would approve of her dancing. ;)

  • ally

    wow im surpized the vidio made me like the song more because now i really understand what its about. also i never liked the song but the vidio made me like it even more. great job miley!!


    I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus. I don’t think she has much talent. However, this song is alright. The music video was interesting. The story it told was different from the one the song implied, but I think that the director came up with a great way to come up with an alternate plot line.

  • aly

    this music video and song SUCK really bad.

  • mandy

    what a bizzarreeee music video
    i dont like miley

  • cc27

    miley :D anything with miley i like lol but i love the song :D

  • vbgtt

    love cyrus

  • katie perry


  • Ana cristina

    Strange way to end the video

  • bia

    I love the ending!

  • Cals

    i love miley and i think she is a very talented singer and i think the videos concept was a good idea but it could have been executed a lot better. but shes miley so its ok :-D

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