Nikki Blonsky Has No 'Doubt'

Nikki Blonsky Has No 'Doubt'

Nikki Blonsky flashes her killer smile at the premiere of Doubt at the Paris Theater in New York City on Sunday evening.

The 20-year-old Hairspray leading lady recently fueled rumors of a sequel to the popular 2007 musical movie. She shared with ET, “All I have to say, on the record: I am so down… I am ready to play Tracy Turnblad again.”

Nikki will next be seen in an upcoming episode of ABC’s comedy Ugly Betty.

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Photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
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  • camilla

    But god i hate nikki blonsky.. :!

  • aw


  • betty

    wow she looks so terrific!

    i love her so!

  • Lanie

    JJ, thank you for posting about Nikki…she looks fabulous!

  • cara

    she’s a great dresser, i want her style!

  • Ashley

    Hello, gorgeous!!!!

    Very anxious for Nikki and Zac Efron to reunite onscreen. Hope he’s a go. They will make magic a second time around!

  • betty

    i love her!! work it Nikki B!

  • :] lovebug

    I’m surprised she had nothing to say about Zac.

  • lia

    she rocks!

  • Jen

    Thanks for the post! It’s great to see Nikki again! I’m thrilled about the HS2 news lately! It looks like it’s really coming together!

    I love her coat!!!

  • mikaela

    my mom said that if i don’t have anything nice to say i don’t say it at ALL!!
    soo im not gonna say anything

  • Rose

    Not a fan of hers
    I just hope that Zac is not going to be in Hairspray, he needs to move away from musicals

  • Sasha

    mikaela, maybe you just shouldn’t have bothered to post at all. That would have made a lot of sense.

    She looks great! I love her coat :) It’s good to see her out and about.

  • Kar

    How does she not know she won’t be in jail when they start Hairspray 2?

  • Vanfan4ever

    I am SO disgusted and that’s all I have to say.

  • Emily

    hate her

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Of course “she’s down” to do Hairspray 2, she’s practically in love with Zac. Unfortunately for her, he does not feel the same way. Ew….

  • http://ZacEfron Nikki Blonsky’s #1 fan

    Nikki is so pretty and Beautiful. I hope there is a hairpary 2

  • http://ZacEfron Zikki Fan

    Nikki looks pretty and Beautiful. I love her.

  • Rose

    It’s so pathetic to see people posting comments under different names

  • alexandra

    Hate her (:

    She suxxs

    Hate the way she gets dressed (:

  • Nonna

    Thanks for posting this. She looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see her in Ugly Betty and I really hope the Hairspray sequel happens :D

  • rhonda

    Love her and she looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see her on TV and of course the HS2 will be super with both Nikki and Zac reprising their roles. Loved their chemistry and ease with each other. Thanks JJ for the post.

  • bella

    Loved her in Hairspray and can’t wait for HS2! She is such a talent with a super voice and great acting ability. When she and Zac reunite on the big screen it will once again be magic for the audience.

  • phil

    Wow! I love this chick and am so glad to be reading about her again. She blew me away in Hairspray and now a sequel……….Jumping for joy. I envy her leading man and would love to meet her.

  • http://ZacEfron Zikki Fan

    Nikki looks great.

  • robin

    I loved “Hairspray” and it was perfect, but I am not looking forward
    to seeing Tracy and Linc as hippies. Part of the charm was the
    innocence of the period. Plus I want to remember Linc with his
    cool suits and that hair.

  • yeah

    so pathethic!!!!

    shes obviously obsesses with zac!!!!

    ewwww….. so fat!!!

    see u in jail honey :)
    then zanessa will laugh at you!!!! lol!!

  • Rose

    she looks fabulous! I love her coat!

  • Rose

    Angela how many times are you going to say the same thing?

  • fatty much?? shes getting fatter than ever

  • Andreas

    Nikki looks fantastic! It`s so good to see her out again and I`m very excited about seeing her in Ugly Betty and HS2. GO Nikki!

  • Lpipperoni

    Thank you Jared for posting something new on Nikki. She looks amazing as always.

  • Vanes

    ATTN : yeah

    What sense do you have to put such a comment here? If u don’t like her, then do not read articles about her!!! Simple as that!!!
    And you should not judge people on their physic!!!

    JJ thanks for posting on Nikki!!! I’m excited for Ugly Betty, Waiting for Forever & HS2 of course!!

  • Poppy

    I like Nikki, she’s so bubbly and she’s a great actress. I don’t want to see HS2 though, it will ruin the first one as it ended so perfectly. John isn’t doing it which will make it not as good as he was amazing. I also heard Shankman said that he will get a whole new cast if he needs to. Strange greed in Hollywood, it’s not going to sit well with hardcore HS fans at all if they make a sequal.

  • omg

    gosh….she is ready to step into tracy turnbald shoes again , but i am not ready for Hairspray 2…enough is enough…not all movies are good with a sequel….at least i think so….i remembered that i had seen before a chart about movies that you dont want a sequel again… of them is Bring It On and Mission Impossible is in the chart too….so in my opinion….Hairspray have a happy ending….i dont like those revenges….just like Cinderella, Little Mermaid and etc…they have a second movie…then the third one….i think that the magic in the stories had dissapear….the enchantments…..

  • Chocolate amber

    I can’t watch Hairspray anymore because of her.

  • I/am/me

    what!? theres gonna be a hairspray 2!!!?? thats terrible!! zac will have too premote that silly vid, and beeing away from vanessa again!! will zanessa ever get some quality time together again? couse with all these movies it seems hard! and hairspray was a disaster, I hated it! zac was funnt though, and nikki is a great singer, but NO, not another movie!! I don’t wanna see tracy and link happiness and gofyness eww

    besides, I have heard some rumours that nikki is in love with zac:/ im not worried about zanessa, I know their strong and that zac and vanessa loves eachother, and zac and nikki are the best of friends, but I feel sorry for nikki…who knows what she’s gonna do this time!

  • shaun

    Nikki is so gifted and talented. She could teach some of you haters a thing or two. Keep our head up Nikki just shake those haters off. Can’t wait to see HS2 I know it will be wonderful. I know tha t Zac is your bff but kick him to the crub he is not worthy of you. Just keep that convidence in yoursel and your ability and you can make it on your own

  • Jessica

    Haha Kar I saw your comment, and you’re right ;)
    Who knows? ANd Im surprised she diden’t have anything to say about Zac this time. Like “I Love Zac Efron!!!” ……. 1. TAKE A NUMBER NIKKI!!! 2. In case you’re REALLY that stupid, Zac’s got a girlfriend :s! 3. ……. 4. If so, do you honestly think Zac would dump Vanessa just to be with you … No offence Nikki, but loose a but or 4 and we’ll see ;)

  • Jessica

    BY THE WAY: You say you’re ready to step into her shoes agai Nikki ….. Im not sure they fit anymore :s!
    And DAMN I don’t want a Hairspray 2!! Yes I liked the movie, Zac was H-O-T!! And John Travolta was hillarious, but THATS IT!!!! And EWWWWWWWW seriously I threw up when Zac and Nikki kissed!! Would she get away from him?!!?! Hes got a girlfriend Nikki GET OVER IT!!! GOSH Can’t they replace Nikki with Vanessa ………. OMG I WOULD SO WATCH THAT!! ;) …. It could go like “HAIRSPRAY 2: Tracy returns from beauty/Loose weight camp! ;)
    I’d watch that …

  • istar

    hate is a strong word so im gonna say i dislike her. — theres just something about her that screams fake!
    i hope zac doesn’t do hairspray 2, he really needs to stop doing musicals. especially since he is also gonna be doing footloose.

  • istar

    omg i agree with u jessica and I/am/me!!!

  • Zanessa Fan

    Zanessa should laugh at you
    she’s totally ugly and she wants to eat Zaaaaac
    She’s the worst actress in the world
    but my mom loves her, ¬¬



  • lozzie

    love her..she looks great and cannot wait to hear more news about hairspray 2!! :)

  • Andreas

    Nikki and Zac are friends and she is happy for his support. She always express her self emotionally. You are overreacting just because you are afraid. I´m very excited about Nikki`s debut album, she has a very good voice and I think she looks stunning.

  • Nikkifan

    Nikki is at least as great as Vanessa. I really looking forward to Nikki`s upcoming projects. Keep your head up Nikki.

  • Chocolate amber

    #46, Zac and Nikki are not friends . They were co-workers on a film and who had to promote a movie together. He was nice and kind to her and she mistaken that for a relationship. I don’t think Zac would ever work with Nikki on HS2 or any project.

  • mina

    Can’t wait for what’s next for Nikki. BTW, rockin’ outfit! Love the shoes too.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)