Brenda Song Has A 'Special Delivery'

Brenda Song Has A 'Special Delivery'

Brenda Song has a full December ahead of her! Not only will she voice Paige in this Wednesday’s Little Spirit on NBC, she also has a Lifetime Original Movie coming out called Special Delivery!

The 20-year-old Suite Life on Deck starlet pairs up with House‘s Lisa Edelstein for the original movie. The film is about a bonded courier (Edelstein) who transports a bratty teenager (Song) on an international flight, but realizes a trap has been set up for them when they reach the U.S.

Special Delivery airs on Lifetime Movie Network on December 21st @ 8PM ET/PT.

Brenda Song – “Special Delivery” Promo
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  • michelle

    Can’t wait for the Lifetime movie!

  • beth

    Ohhhh that movie came out in the UK ages ago, it’s pretty goood.

  • carrie

    brenda is pretty great but im kind of tired of seeing her playing all those bartty roles

  • nadine

    good im not going crazy because i’ve already seen the movie, but i live in the uk.

  • anonymous

    i thinks she very pretty on this trailer but i prefer to have more picture of queen B like candids picture or brenda attended at events, but i hope this will have lot of audience!

  • aya

    maybe people thinks im’ crazy but i don’t no why exactly but i prefer to see brenda instead of vanessa on the caractere of leah in new moon, even if brenda doesn’t have indian roots, brenda had a big filmographie i pretty sure she can’t play a complex caractere!

  • nina caplan

    iii sooooo want to see that movie :D

  • Ella

    she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too old to play a 14 yr old

    she is almost 21, she should be off of Disney and quit playing prepuberty girls!! she can pull of 18, maybe 17 if no close ups she already has wrinkles you can see them!

    & id like to see her play a character thats not shallow, like Leah. im pretty sure she can’t play a complex character either cus she grew up playing cutsey little girls.

  • LOL

    queen b is rumored to plsy leah. YAY

  • LOL


  • rockstar

    I want the movie online. Bren rox\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE QQUEEN BRENDA

  • hopin

    Brenda’s new projects are sure to bring big numbers in viewership. Hail Queen B!!! :D

  • poor J

    brenda is really pretty!

  • poor J

    and ella what r u talking about she ist playing a 14 year old and she is very young 4 her age she looks really young

  • fob

    What channel will B’s new movie be on??? like what channel in the UK was it on?????????


    Seriuously can’t wait. I heard that she is gonna pla Leah too, i want to buy her latest movies on DVD but i live in Brazil and everything comes out really late. :(

  • Jojo

    Brenda rocks like rock emo music. Love her!!!!! I LOVE YOU BRENDA

  • Piper

    she’s cute

  • nottin

    I am a Brenda’s HUGE FAN in Bermuda. BERMUDA LOVE YOU BRENDA SONG

  • too cool

    i SOOOO want to see this right now.

  • fadah

    When does Special Delivery air in the UAE? =||| i AM brenda’s biggest fan ever in the uae.

  • share

    i am really sad that this wont be in the cinemas brenda is the disney chnnel queen. love the queen b.

  • ira

    well Brenda is my idol, she is beautiful and talented she has all the qualities to beat miles.

  • horny much

    I love Brenda Song. She is a very talented, hard working, beautiful actress on Tv and is the most underrated star in teen history. Like she has done a million more things that E!’s 90210 Tristan, Brenda should be a legend, she has done over 30 television and movie projects. Brenda wasa teen star. Now she is a early adult hood television actress doining mature and child projects. Tristan Wilde is not underrated like Brenda. Brenda has done a lot a lot of shows and movies, like she shoulde the disney queen not that ugly Miley.

  • nelena jorenda

    nice movie cant wait


    Apprantely she isn’t going to release her album thius year.

    Anyway I LOVE BRENDA SONG TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    Brenda rocks, she is my fashion icon.

  • halo


  • halo

    When will this be in on DVD in the united states????????????????

  • baby

    All haters just shut upo.


  • jorenda 4 ever

    Brenda and Joe are the IT couple. Plz Jorenda come bacxk. PLEASE JORENDA. Kisses from UK, UK Love you Brenda.

  • circus

    I love Brenda Song! So cute! Can’t wait to see this!

  • dontjoe

    Brenda is gorgeous. xoxoxo
    Brenda is very pretty hot xoxoxo
    Jareds put Brenda on JJ she doesn’t deserve to be here.

  • swedish

    Good :D
    Great :D

  • swedish

    as for brenda, she is my idol i love her…..

  • tair

    she has a million things to do this december. poor brenda. not. i love the disney queen.

  • xmass stace

    Bren is pretty amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Brenda, i am your biggest biggest fan ever. :D

  • Team Brenda Taylor

    I love Brenbda. Sh3e is absolutel beautiful and talented. Because the majority of her fans are from the britian, they aired her movie in the uk first before any other country. Go Brenda uk fans!!!

  • jorenda lover

    Brenda and Joe should date again just to porve to all da haters that they are real Jorenda love them.

  • Kiki

    I hateeveryone who hates brenda.

  • Kiki

    i love bren!!

  • like dat

    I LUV BRENDA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • perky gurl

    Brenda is kinda overrated anyone disagree?

  • chuck bass

    brenda rox she is the best teen actress!!!!

  • Brenda Song’s number 1 fan



    I luv U i AM ur BIGGEST FAN EVER


    I absolutely love and adore Brenda Song :D can’t wait to see this.

  • Irish Drama Queen

    Hi Brenda, i just wanted 2 say that you are my idol. I love love alot

  • white horse

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SPECIEAL DELIVERY\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

  • nick jonas man

    Cant wait 4 it.

  • Jackpot… Lydia

    I love Brenda Song! She is very amazing and talented. And her beauty is very rare and amazing, she is my rolemodel, i saw this movie its already out in the UK i saw it on Sky Movies. Anyway Brenda Song rocks and i love her always will and always have.

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