Twilight Gets All Dolled Up

Twilight Gets All Dolled Up

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are now immortalized forever — in the form of dolls!

Tonner Doll Company has begun making the dolls for the blockbuster movie that hit theaters on November 21st. Their characters, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, are the first of the series to be made and are now available for pre-order!

To feed your Twilight addictions, pre-order your very own Edward and Bella dolls at

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  • joss

    wow haha, i don’t know what to say…they don’t really resemble the actual characters

  • PardyHardy

    All together now; Laaaaammmmmeeeeee!

  • michelle


  • Shannon

    dolls scare the crap out of me but they look nice and ho cute is edward’s pecoat haha

  • Krissy Fantasy

    i think i can say everyone’s comments
    exactly into place

    1) bella looks ugly in doll form

    2) edward just lost his hotness to be plastic :S

    i don’t think, anyone would want to buy that…
    there facial expression scare me=/
    bella looks so serious as always..than relife
    and edward looks mad as a hot vampire & a pretty cool guy o.o

    totally rule :)

  • Abbie

    Hahaa oh woww.

  • brie2009

    I believe Kristen and Robert are better in human begin form!

  • m

    Got to say, the hair on the doll looks better than how Rob keeps his hair.

  • faiza

    the dolls look exactly like the kristen stewart and bob……ugly……

  • shelby


  • amber

    do teenagers still buy dolls?

  • amelia

    why does the edward doll look disgusted??

    probably saw his own reflection HAAAAA

    hahaha that’s as lame as it’s going to get people

  • d


  • ariana

    that doll does not rob pattinson justice

  • Julie

    I would have to agree they don’t look exactly like the actors…but Kristen’s doll looks a lot closer than the Edward one….but both dolls are nice looking..

  • liz

    thats just creepy!! it doesnt even look like them!

  • Meepo


  • maryann

    it’s…hm…..that’s…kind of….hmmm…can somebody hel me finish that?

  • LIndsey

    Although this sounds like a RETARTED idea, I bet they would sell a lot. There are a lot of really creeper twilight fans.

  • Dee

    ahh wow. that’s just wrong.

  • nicole tan

    ermmmmm? not a very good idea indeed!

  • Lauren

    I loved the movie!

  • cindy

    yuck!… that’s all

  • gia

    do girls interested in the books and movies still play with dolls?! marketing madness.

  • Mrs.Rob pattinson

    the dolls are cool but the edward one has no resemblance and a doll at140$?Ya gotta be kidding me i might get them though..

  • Angiie]

    The dolls are ugly!:S
    IloveKIKS&ROB ! Forever

  • Angiie]

    I don’t like the dolls
    -Twilight fan.

  • Olivia

    wow the dolls are freaky but Rob and Kristen are awesome!

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