Vanessa Hudgens is Starbucks Sweet

Vanessa Hudgens is Starbucks Sweet

After picking up a warm cup of Starbucks coffee, Vanessa Hudgens chats away on her phone in her favorite Victoria’s Secret PINK cardigan as she heads back to her Audi in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical hottie will celebrate her 20th birthday this Sunday. Wonder how she’s going to celebrate?

Vanessa and boyfriend Zac Efron are expected to travel overseas next month to do more promo work for HSM3. The twosome will travel to Japan!

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Credit: Gaz Shirley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ally

    i love her<3
    shes cool

  • reenuh

    finally! new nessa pix! wowwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!!!! she looks so pretty and the outfit i luv!

    missed nessa so much! thnx jjjr! ;o)

  • melissa

    we finally get to see vanessa again!
    havent seen her in a while!
    i miss looking at what she’s wearing

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    i love her cardigan..

  • Phi


  • reenuh

    and the hair….im noticing she’s done with the bangs for now. and i luv that new ‘wavy, not that curly’ hair…gorgeous…and the lipstick matches with her starbucks cup! hahahaha…. ;o)

  • marie

    she is sooooooo gorgeous!!!

  • pop86

    It looks like she put on weight which good because in the HSM 3 promos she was too thin. Her lipstick does match the coffee cup

  • zanessa/jashley

    omg, i missed her SO much !! she looks so fine here. Gorgeous, really.

    Hopefully we’ll get a Zac sighting ? Maybe even Zanessa when they go to Japan ? Can’t wait !!

  • Ivory

    Yeah, the bangs are long enough to sweep to the side!

    She looks good.

  • julia

    Love her!! she looks amazing…as always!!

  • http://ZacEfron Vanessa Hudgens’s Fan forever

    Vanessa looks Beautiful. she is wearing her Ring so Zanessa is still together.

  • ovverated.

    i can’t believe this talented one is turning 20 on Sunday !? …wow, where’d the time go ? Back then, when HSM came out she was only 16 or 17, now she’s 20..? The BIG 2-0…Unbelievable…but anyway, she looks so cute here, I love what she’s wearing, she always has style.

  • camilla

    looove her..
    she looks so beautiful.. !! :D

  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa Forever

    Vanessa looks Beautiful. no wounder Zac fall in love with her.

  • ryan

    she is beautiful as usual.

    i love vanessa~~~~

  • ana

    i love her and her outfit!
    n she is GorgeOus!

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    She looks Cute!

  • Tami

    Vanessa looks stunningly beautiful. But that’s nothing new. The girl sure know how to dress.

    Isn’t she going to be promoting “Bandslam” this summer in concerts. That would sure be fun to see.

  • Shannon

    thanx JJJ missed not seeing Vanessa around and as usual she looks great her fashion game is alwyas on point luvin the boots!

  • tina

    i hope she gets the role of leah in new moon…that would be great.

  • jenny

    I cant belive this I was talking to kayslee collins and yes it was really her because it was through her music myspace. So I was talking to her about vanessa and she said the vanessa was very scandalous and that she currupted her because she was only 14 and vanessa was 17. I dont belive it so stupid if anything kayslee currupted vanessa

  • bee

    she’s alive! lol she looks great.

  • Trina

    #21 jenny @ 12/08/2008 at 11:54 pm
    Really? And how many people in the world know who Kayslee Collins is? Probably TWO. So, why do you think she’s saying what she said?

    Think about it if you have a brain to think with.

    She’s a NOBODY aiming to get attention the only way she can. By putting someone else down. But you know what? That only makes the Kayslee person look small.

  • :] lovebug

    :) love her.


    Dude, finally some news about Vanessa, like I am so effing happy right now…………..and to think I wasnt going to check this site before I went to bed……….I was starting to lose hope and at some point I thought she died man

  • tia

    whats with the red lips? thats one thing she shouldnt do. her hair is too dark and her eyes are too light for her to pull it off without looking cheap

  • Rich

    Yay, she got rid of the bangs, I didn’t think they fit her well, love her.

  • Trina

    She looks awesome with the red lipstick. Perfect for her skin tone. Great sense of style, even with makeup.

  • Giz

    FINALLY! She looks great! Im in love with the red lipstick. work it girl!

  • reenuh

    I’d like her to be Leah in The New Moon..

  • curiosity

    Love Vanessa… missed her so much……

    Thanks JJJ….

  • http://http/ abigail

    finally we miss her
    she is the best

  • Malia

    Ah, good to see the lovely Ms. Hudgens looking so relaxed and happy. She looks amazing. Love the red lipstick. It really lights up her face.

  • Malia

    Can’t wait to see “Bandslam.”

    I read the script and loved it.

  • reenuh

    oopz, New Moon…not the new moon haha

  • http://http/ abigail

    thanks jjj i miss her dahhhhhhh

  • rom

    finally we have some pics! she looks so fabulous! she looks beautiful!

  • http://http/ abigail

    #25 what’s your problem with her go out to another site
    nobody ‘s want’s to see your stupids comments

  • http://http/ abigail

    i hope she have the perfect birthday and spend time with her family and hsm cast

  • http://http/ abigail

    eso es todo lo que tienen para decir vanessa te extrañabamos muchoooooo¡¡¡¡

  • Zanessa Freak

    Like Ten Years Later
    I Haven’t Seen Any Pictures Of Her Lately:(
    Its Great To See Her Again;)

  • kath

    ive missed seeing pics of her
    thanks jjj

  • Rissa

    yay! vanessa! she’s so pretty as always. i love her fashion sense. i want her boots. haha! mmm and starbuck’s ^-^

  • lola

    she looks great as allways

  • ashley

    yes finally thanku ive been waitin 4eva 4 her …more zanessa jared plz

  • http://http/ abigail

    i can’t believe zac and vanessa broke up and read that on myspace
    i don’t know if this is a truth but i hope that be the truth

  • kathy

    finally! i missed you v. she looks beautiful.

  • http://http/ abigail

    that’s all i wanna say about vanessa ihope the rumor was truth

  • Rose

    Abigail, she is wearing her ring, so I doubt they broke up.
    Anyways, she looks gorgeous and fashion forward as always, I love how her lipstick matches the cup:)
    Wonder what she’s going to do on her birthday