Zac Efron On Drugs? Say It Ain't So!

Zac Efron On Drugs? Say It Ain't So!

It ain’t so.

But if Zac Efron signs on for the much-talked about sequel to the 2007 movie musical Hairspray, his character Link Larkin would!

Producer Marc Shaiman tells MTV that the sequel would be a true John Waters-type film. But what about the plot? He shares, “People hate Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) because she doesn’t lose weight. They ask ‘Now that you’re famous, why won’t you lose weight?’. And Link (Efron) experiments with drugs. Throughout half the movie, he has an ongoing dialogue with three pimples on his forehead. Edna (John Travolta) loses weight, but sees her husband (Christopher Walken) lusting after fat women. And so, she finally breaks down and runs over to a snack table. Just within one number, she gets fat again; gaining 20 pounds at a time. [Her fat] pops out, and by the end of the song she’s completely at her old weight again.”

WHAT YOU YOU THINK — would you go see Hairspray 2?

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  • mikaela

    no offense i L-O-V-E ZAC EFRON
    but i hate NIKKI!!
    and drugs?!?!?
    in MY opinion it sends a bad message if teenthrob zac efron is experimenting with drugs

  • bb

    has a weird plot…….i thot the 1st one was kinda gay.

  • mikaela


  • bb

    oh, and I HATE HATE HATE HATE nicki (sp?)

  • bb

    so i don’t want to see it.

  • Samantha

    zac is a great actor but hairspray sucks

  • ariana

    this is a joke right?

  • rockstar

    Ewh, if that’s how it’s going to be, I’m definitely NOT going to see it.
    I hope Zac doesn’t sign on…

  • anon

    dont do it Zac, dont sign on HS2.
    he needs to get away from musicals.

  • betinhaah

    that’s kind of weird. i didn’t like this plot.

  • R

    i doubt thats the plot of the movie…its probably just a joke

    but i do agree with the above poster…zac needs to move on

  • Zienna

    uggh, zac baby please dont do this, you can do way better and this plot SUCKS.

    Nikki’s all down for it right?
    No wonder, if Zac’s doing it, she would be.

  • qwerty

    That sounds like an incredibly stupid plot. No… I would not go see this movie. It’d be a wasted 15 bucks!

  • Lena

    I really liked the first Hairspray- I don’t think they should overdo it with a sequel… especially if it’s going to include that scene that Zac described. It would totally just be overkill. :/

  • zanessa/jashley

    your kidding right ? I agree with #9…he has to get away from musicals for a while…but then again, it’s his choice…and if he does sign onto it…I’ll watch it, just to see Zachary and support him !!

    …btw, i think someone else can come up with a better plot, because really..that is the dumbest plot I’ve ever heard..that’s like saying in a way, they hate fat people who are famous. That’s not cool…they might as well make rate this Hairspray as M…or R…

  • mini m

    personally, i absolutely loved Hairspray, but if this is the actual plot for the sequel, then i wouldn’t waste my money in order to go see it. when i first heard that there was going to be a sequel, i was excited. a sequel to one of your favorite movies, who wouldn’t be excited? but this plot just broke my double of excitement.

    first of all, people hate Tracy for being fat? isn’t that the reason why they liked her in the first place? because she brought something new to the table? technically she was already famous, at least in Baltimore, and no one hated her for it, except for the ‘villains’. so why would they hate her now?

    and Link experimenting with drugs? is the person who came up with this plot on drugs? (no offense even if the person is offended) why would he be experimenting with drugs? i mean, i know he isn’t going to always be a teen heartthrob. Zac wants to branch out and try new things, but why have his character Link do the drugs in the first place? and what’s with the pimples? seems kind of random.

    but the part of what the producer explained that really confuses me is why is Edna losing weight, when one: that’s what people love about her character. she is overweight and learns to live with it, not caring what others thought. and two: she, in the first movie, already learned that her husband loves, adores, and somewhat cherishes her, fat and all. that confuses me.

    im not trying to be rude, though it might seem that way. who knows the movie could be a good one, but from what i just read, it doesn’t seem like a sequel. it seems as if it’s a different movie, not one that will follow the first.

    –mini m

  • For Real

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but Zac Efron has NOT signed on to do this movie.

    Not so. Just another rumor.

  • ashley

    no the plot is so stupid…the 1 one was stupid to i only watched it cuz of zac …nikki is a fat ass n this movie only makes fat people happy n feel good bout themselves so stupid….y dont fat pple go lose some weight its so stupid it piisses me off they fuckin lazy thats y get on the fuckin treadmill nd run thats not hard theyre killing themselves ne way all that fat is clogging up their arteries this makes kids think being fat is ok which is not we re suppose to be encouragin kids to be healthy not stuff themselves to death ..nikki looks like shes about to explode soon how much does she weigh? 999999999999999 she sure as hell looks fater than a whale

  • Ashley

    NOOOOOOOO! i would not watch this! Zac efron doing drugs oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully he wont sign for this like no joke STOP WITH THE MUSICALS! i love Zac but please dont do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would deffenetly NOT see this movie!

  • aw

    It’s sad this seems to be becoming reality.

    He will probably have 17 Again & Me & Orson Wells come out by the time this happens, so doing this won’t completely typecast him as a musical lead, ruin him or stop people from taking him seriously as an actor just yet. But yeah to a certain extent there will be a bit more of typecasting for him to fight off, since there is also Footloose with his name on it. It’s also doing another sequel.

    But judging by preliminary details, it sounds like HS2 will be horrible, it’s sequel of a remake & except for the nutcase diehards (who have far more problems than just gong crazy wanting this) the vast majority of the public thinks it is a bad idea and do not want it.

    Most of the older cast refuses to be a part of this, so it gives Zac a bit of an out. He may think he owes director Adam, but Adam Shankman was one of the first & most vocal in telling Zac to not become the musical guy, so he’d understand. As for the younger crew of Brittany, Amanda, Elijah-I don’t follow their careers but they probably would do it… since they don’t seem to have anything lined up. But he (along with V) is already close friends with them in real life, it’s not like he needs this movie to have another fun experience, they are already in his life.

    There are probably a few reasons this could be a necessary or good thing for him to do but mostly it’s a bad move or so I think. I’ll support him in the end but I hope he considers his choices wisely. There is also a matter of working again with a specific someone who has shown disrespect in many ways.

    One thing that is true though-the studio etc. are going to fight for him. with no older audience appeal(for the general public I mean, not the crazies on the internet) they need Zac desperately to bring in the young people.

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    HS2.. FAIL!

  • marie

    Sounds pretty stupid plot :D

  • Trina

    Sounds like a three-syllable plot:


  • asher

    lol. these people clearly haven’t seen the awesomeness that is a real john waters film. this should be awesome, but i have a feeling a lot of this will get lost if they go mainstream.

  • sage

    The whole concept sounds completely lame. Hope Zac would never consider it…career suicide.

  • Sarah

    I love Zac Efron but HS2 sounds horrible. Not every movie can have a sequel so they need to stop making them. The plot sounds so stupid and plus I don’t like Nikki very much and I think that they should just not make HS2. If they make a HS2, I hope that Zac doesn’t sign on for it.

  • pop86

    I agree with For Real it sounds like a rumor. I hope Zac doesn’t do HS2.

  • joss

    the plot sounds boring…and i dont really like nikki anyways…

  • michelle

    very weird plot but id totally see it because i love everything that zac does but i dont approve of drugs at all. But hes growing up and im sure he wants to do different roles. Plus Brittany Snow and Amanda Bynes are in the movie and Brit is my hero so id have to go see it : )

  • http://http/ abigail

    where is VANESSA???????

  • Chelsey

    wow! um thats a really G.A.Y plot!!! haha i mean come on!

  • Nora

    Zac….please dont do HS2….the plot is terrible!

    Zikki = gross!

  • Krissy Fantasy



    Since HP was like the most – awesome – fun remake over the years, they suddenly come up with something crappy and un original :S
    loosing weight?
    that’s the main issue in the 60′s?

    ummm..people still worry about that now.
    NOT just back then.
    And i think that’s really stupid and gay to hate someone based on appearance. So tracy isn’t pretty, or skinny. BIG deal.
    Don’t have to make fun of her, just cuz shes’ different.

    AND they couldn’t come up with something better?
    why not make tracy do drugs instead:S

    SAY WorD.
    Zac= druggie?
    OVER my years, of knowing this man
    I know for A FACT 100% people, that he’s a great guy, who doesn’t swear, do drugs, drink while driving, and is complete jerk. Drinking on the other hand, is cool…he’s over the age limit, but drugs?
    what do they want to happen? kill zac efron for good?
    dude seriously.. that’s really low
    I would never expect the writers to come up with something completely out of control for a amazing actor like him=/

    All i can say is
    Zac’s 2 good
    I MEAN
    not worthy to be in HS2 over drugs
    that’s really insane
    i hope he doesn’t do it.
    No one’ s gonna watch it.
    And i don’t blame them.


    Maybe older actors
    but this is ridiculous.

  • ashley

    i really dont think zac efron should do it because the message he could be sending to fans is very wrong!!!

  • erika

    omg i totally agree with what you said ashley! fat people should just go snd lose weight and nikki is a big fat whale!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    i dun really care about zikki because if you fans scared or hate zikki, it just shows that you guys have no faith in zanessa at all..

    however, not only this news seem like a rumor, it actually seems more like a JOKE to me….

    her fat ? oK what does that mean ?
    gaining 20 pounds at a time ? LOL
    and fat pops out ? really how is that possible ? even in comedy it’s not funny……
    talking to his pimples ? LOL….

    April fool is still far away….

  • typical

    i’m praying that this should never happen.
    because, as much as i adored Hairspray and i love Zefron, there is no way i could watch something with such a twisted plot as that.

  • eEe


  • Alex

    please stop with the Hairspray thing. It was great the first time. But the second time around won’t be so good.

  • ZAshleyluver

    mksy no. if they had this as a squel it would ruin Hairspray forever!

  • Amanda

    omfg is this a joke??? thats the plot?? hahahhahaha yeahh not seeing it, loved the broadway musical (actually I kinda saw it on the offbroadway tour when it came to philadelphia but it was basically broadway in philly haha) and the movie was greattt, and the soundtrack was fantastic butt nooo haha it has absolutely no need for a sequel!!! pleaseee don’t ruin it for all the hairspray fans out there, including me!!! I’m pleading you no, Zac and Nikki don’t sign on (if u havent already) if thats the plot!!!!

  • zacefronlovee

    i hope he doesnt do it. i LOVE zac but i HATE nikki. like she acts like zac loves her but he doesnt, at least not like he loves vanessa. nikki is just so full of herself.
    i loved hairspray but i hope they dont make a hairspray 2, the sequal will just ruin it.
    and the title of this article made my heart skip a beat. i was like WHAT!

  • lex


  • zacfan2

    HS 2 would be awful. Don’t do it Zac!

  • MollY

    Like really? Come on people.
    You can’t do a second Hairspray. Its just one of those movies that you do one and don’t mess everything up with a second one.
    They’re going to screw it up. I’m pissed.

  • lauren

    i <3 zac efron but i dont really like the plot so idk

  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron’s # 1 fan

    I hope this is not True. because I want see Hairspary 2

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Zac Efron ON DRUGS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE SAY IT AINT SO people on drugs are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ignerant & stupid i HATE druggies & aucholhollics they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • missmem88


  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron’s # 1 fan

    I don’t think Zac will do hairspary 2 now.