Ashley Tisdale: From JFK to Jingle Ball

Ashley Tisdale: From JFK to Jingle Ball

Ashley Tisdale wraps herself in her Chanel leather jacket as she and boyfriend Jared Murillo escape JFK airport in New York City on Thursday night.

The 23-year-old actress will be taking part in Z100 FM’s 2008 Jingle Ball held in Madison Square Garden this year. The event will feature recording artists Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, David Archuleta, Paramore, Rihanna, Jesse McCartney, Brandy, Leona Lewis and Lady GaGa.

Festivities for the Jingle Ball 2008 start @ 7:30PM ET/PT tonight!

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Credit: Justin Campbell; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    yayy more ashleyyy
    jjj your amazing i looove ashley and im obsessed with jashley =)
    i looooooooove ashleyy im sooo excited to see her at the jingle ball =)
    loove u ashley ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Brnd

    omigosh, jared is hot :O , FIRST!

  • Rogier

    that jacket of Ashley is so awesome!
    I love her

  • MJ

    yay 1st
    go ash
    zanessa fan MJ

  • Camille

    OMG ashley is just awesome!!!
    I love her, i’m sure she’s going to look incredible tonight!

  • victoria caplan

    OMG, ashleys jacket is soo cool!!!!
    i love this chick shes soo awesome

  • gracie

    yay ashley ! OMG I LOVE her jacket! i want it. cant wait for jareds album . WOOP thanks for posting

  • super fan ashley

    She has a good style, I love her!!!!!!!!!1

  • XBlondeeeeX

    wow they both look amazing! jashley 4 eva! =]
    jared look so hot and i cant wait for v factorys new album!!! =]

  • erihar

    Does anyone know what she is going to do? Is she performing…because thereis not a single sight that lists her as a performer…just curious.

  • Tasha

    I’m kind of getting sick of her…
    I do love her but everytime I click on this site all I see is her.
    Need more vanessa hudgens! :]

  • ash rockz

    ASH <3333
    I love ya girl (:

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    OMG Jashleyyyy ♥♥♥
    Love jared<3Love Tizzy<3
    She is the besttt !!! ♥♥♥

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley tisdale’s #1 fan

    Yay More Ashley pics. Ashley is so beautiful and pretty.

  • vanessajonas

    again this fat bragger?
    her emo boyfriend and she bragging every chanel thing she owns is really annoying

  • Camille

    vanessajonas you’re just jealous cuz ashley is attending to all the great events and vanessa is doing nothing.
    please shut up

  • gigi

    own so cute *——-*

  • gracie


    why post ur trash? fans of ash dont want to hear your hatred for ashley. who is such a nice person.

    what kind of world is this where people can yell abuse and horrible things at people who young people look up to. people like you really make me sick. Dont think i’m havening a go at u. i’m ranting how there is no respect for people today.

    what ever happened to the saying “if u haven’t got anything nice to say then dont say anthing at all?” i guess it died along with Unconditional love!!!

    Love you Ashley



  • vanessajonas

    # 15 you stupid, it’s not about vanessa is about this fake girl and #16 this blog is to comment, so if you dont like my comment sorry! but thats what i think and ill keep saying WHATEVER i want about this mediocre “teen stars”

  • Ashley rocks

    vanessajonas get the out of here
    Ashley looks so cute i wanna bite her LOL!!

  • Rachel

    I not against ashley or antying but did you have to post virtually the same article about them being at the airport again? couldn’t you have made one giant article instead?

  • teteu

    ash is so amazing, love her forever *—*

  • teteu

    love her, she rocks!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    RACHEL, maybe because the airport was coast to coast…

    one in LA and one in NY the next day….
    well :-)

  • hannah

    arr i love all things jashley and zanessa because you can tell it is actually true love!

  • julia


    I LOVE her! but the only thing that annoys me is that her short hair is almost BURN! because she want it to be straight…


    i lover her so much!!!!!!!!!!! she is my idol

    Iheart that she is anorexic. but i am sure that´s not true.


    love you 4ever

  • jashley

    her hair is beautiful !!
    what are you talking about!?

  • eww

    she is such a spoiled brat. everything she wears has to have the name of the brand on it. stupid barbie. HATE HER!!!

  • liz

    yay =] love ashley! she’s so pretty and talented. ♥ and i love her outfit!
    oh, and jashley rocks!

  • katie

    Jared <3 i’d marry that guy

  • iloveashleytisdale♥

    awesome!! love her and love them togheter !!
    soo cute and ashley is soo beautiful!!

    more jashley and ashley (;

  • Jared is sooooooo hot . they are great together .

  • mandy

    I have the same jacket!! It was a little expensive but it was love at first sight i love it!!!!
    And She’s so ugly, look at her face omg eww

  • OMG

    prettyyyyy <3

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #15(vanessajonas) are you kidding me ? Jared is emo?? ……And is she bragger?hah please.ash loves her fans and she think them everytime.and look at vanessa..hahaha she lives her love on CAMERAS.She is kissing zac everytime on cameras.and she know that too.and Miss Tisdale is so capable.She is a really good actress and singer.please don’t envy her..

    All ash haters if you don’t love her,please don’t comment here …

    Ashley is the BEST.We always support her!

  • Janelle

    My god why does she look so weird now? She used to look pretty before the nose job now she just looks gross and plain.

  • ashleyfan

    #37 i agree
    Ashley works really hard and deserves the Best !!!
    all haters could go get a life!!
    Ashley Tisdale So RoCks!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    #37 i agree

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Love her jacket!
    (Wil she be back for Vanessa’s 20th Birthday?)

  • zeva!

    # 37
    vanessa is always hiding her face from paparazzis, you moron!
    and she kisses zac because she wants and never in front of cameraas,,
    they have been missing for a while because they want p´rivacy and ashley is always out there enjoying the attention..
    zanessa is always doing the possible to stay away from the cameras..

  • zeva!

    # 37
    vanessa doesnt love cameeraas , you moron! dont you see she is awlays hidign her face and running away from them? and besides she kisses zac because she wants ! and they dont know they are being photographed, what i know is that all people is asking for zanessa pics but they keep hiding from the paps because they dont like the attention and cameras.. ASHLEY IS ALWAYS LOVING THE PAPARAZZI AND DOESN’T DO ANYTHING TO AVOID IT!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    ok to the haters :

    BOTH Ashley and Vanessa dislike paparazzi….
    I found it amusing that V always smiling ONLY when Zac so thank God that Zac is there to at least cheer her up when paps around….

    You might be true saying that now.
    But years before, Vanessa is almost like Miley Cryus now, she used to love papz until well, the papz became rude and more rude each day..which I don’t blame her at all..

    again, BOTH do not love paparazzi….
    oh also, if you want to count how many pictures of ” doing nothing ” in this site, you’ll find lots more of her..

    I like Ashley because with or without papz, she just being herself. She doesn’t care about them. She dresses all she wants. She knows that going to the gym or getting your coffee bean do not require a great outfit, just a simple one will do…

    I like Vanessa because I simply can’t wait to see what she wears next.. That girl can pull off anything and luckily, we have the same taste ( sadly not the same price level… lol )

  • miriam

    poor jared look no happy

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    Ashley is loving paparazzies??? hahaaa please. she is not showing her love so you don’t love her. but ashley is an amazing person okey? she is not kissing jared on cameras and she is not smiling cameras when she is with jared. because she doesn’t like live her love on cameras. but when wanessa see a camera,she is kissing zac and she is smiling…look at caribbean pictures !!!! [ Note:sorry my english is not good because i'm a Turkish person and i'm living in Turkey ]

  • V fan!

    Gosh!! Stop the fighting!! I dun like Ashley that much either, but she’s V’s bff, so for all Vanessa fans and Ashley fans who are fighting, grow up!! They’re bffs for heaven’s sake!! If someone trashed your bff what would you do?

    VANESSA HUDGENS forever!! Love her ♥♥♥


    yeah the ashley fans are always so agresive, VANESAA ROCKS BTW=)

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    i’m obsessed with jashley ♥

  • rosmery

    i love ashely