David Archuleta Zooms Into Z100's Jingle Ball

David Archuleta Zooms Into Z100's Jingle Ball

David Archuleta is all smiles as he arrives at Z100′s Jingle Ball 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday night.

The 17-year-old American Idol alum will perform tonight alongside Brandy, Ne-Yo, former X-Factor winner Leona Lewis, Chris Brown and many others.

David shared how honored he is to be a part of Jingle Ball 2008. He said, “It’s pretty crazy and then to hear who you’re sharing the stage with is even more amazing because it’s Ne-Yo and Leona Lewis and it’s just amazing that I’m able to be a part of that.”

Check out more of David‘s interview with Z100 below and head on over to see him perform a bit of “Love Lockdown!”

David Archuleta – Z100 Interview

10+ pics inside of David Archuleta at Z100′s Jingle Ball…

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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  • michelle


    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3
    I LOVE HIM<3

  • victoria

    I love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
    can’t believe he is second to last!
    chris brown will close the show ans before him… DAVID!
    Im so proud!!

  • Rocky

    omgggggggg, he is so cute <3333
    i wish i was able to go,dang, he is so amazing live… <33

  • Lexi


  • jj

    OMG he is going to be amazing!! I can’t wait to see pictures of him performing!!

  • victoria

    the pctures are amzing!

  • ^^

    sooooo cute

  • central 81

    The birth of a pop superstar… David my dear – you have arrived…. and we love you! You rocked Madison Square Garden, and you rock our world!!!!

  • gloria

    david dont ever change please!! i love ya so much

  • gaylynn

    David is such an amazing performer,singer and he did a spectacular job tonight, so happy for him he deserves this moment, he has worked so hard to get here.

  • Maddielynn

    I love David in scarves. He is the best! David and Madison Square Garden. What a thrill for him! Thanks to Z100 for helping to make David’s dream come true. Love him!

  • grace

    David is so adorable and he can really SING! He is so photogenic. As he grows, he looks better and better every day. What a beautiful guy inside and out !

  • JEneva

    Gahhh <3333

  • jeneva

    Love him

  • Maria

    So humble…yet so worthy. That’s what I love about him. Hope he stays that way…his sweet and down-to-earth attitude is what makes him so very special.

  • Maryam

    he is such an amazing performer
    and he is cute with his scarf

  • Tess

    He looks really goofy, especially when he smiles.

  • Nancy

    He is an amazing artist….I could just listen to his cd all day long and never tire of it. He has actually spoiled me listening to anyone else lol

  • lesha

    aaww. he is so adorable and amazingly talented. i hope he always has that humbleness about him. it is quite endearing.

  • A.


  • sweetonda

    Thanks for these amazing pics of David. He did so fantastic tonight. I’m so proud of him.

  • cinny

    WOWWWW he is soooo hot and extremely gorgeous!!!!! OMG. love how humble he is too & how amazing that he rocked MSG tonight, how I wish I coulda been there!!!!! I LOVE DAVID!!!!!

  • jeneva


  • cmom

    I think he wears scarves sometimes to keep his neck (vocal cords) warm. Since he really sings and has a big vocal range, if he gets hot/cold/hot/cold, it impacts his ability to really sing (just like a runner runs around getting his muscles warm and keeping them warm before a race.

  • Maddielynn

    goofy is in. And if I had a smile like that I’d love loooking goofy.

  • addy

    love lockdown! haha. you rock david!

  • amber

    ahh boys like girls were also there but you didn’t mention them…….put more boys like girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kait

    You said it, Grace. David is beautiful inside and out. Love him. Hope he impacts the music world in a big way with his talent and class.

  • sv18

    i love him <3 he looked so hot

  • http://deleted regina

    I hate Love Lockdown, but it’s now one of the songs that David has made me like. I guess Randy was right. “If you can sing, you can sing anything.”

    This kid is a guilty pleasure. Adorkable guy…

  • http://justjareddJR Jenny

    he was amazing!

  • Lucy

    I love his 5 sec rendition of love lockdown <3

  • kristan

    he was so adorable i almost melted last night (:

  • Amb18

    He’s too sweet. Love that little “Love Lock Down” clip too…he’s amazing even in these little spontaneous bursts of unexpected song!
    I agree with Regina here…I was thinking the same thing, all the times Randy said “You can sing ANYthing” (including the phone book) and make it sound Awesome! David– You Rock, You Rock, You Rock …keep on keepin’ on! :)

  • Jamie

    The 4th picture is soooooo hot, he is so into it.

  • aimee

    Aww, adorable young David performing with all the big stars in MSG!
    His voice is amazing and he’s getting even better and more gorgeous! What a year it has been for this beautiful boy!

  • Saviss

    gosh he is so cute n i love him!

  • David

    Him and Kevin Jonas would make a cute couple!!!!!!

  • ian

    Thanks for the pics and interview. Hope David can soon realize that he really belongs with and is actually more talented than the singers he’s awed by now. I just want him to realize his own worth as a singer and performer. Limitless.

  • jeneva

    Ian: AMEN!

  • Becca

    Adorkable is in!! haha!
    David is a cutie patootie!

    He says he’s a nerd but I’ve never met a nerd as gorgeous as him!

  • KAsey

    # 38 ; wtfff ?

    i was suppose to go to the camden jingle ball, tonight. but i’m not able to and im really pissed :(

  • Duyen

    David is awesome. great voice, great energy .
    he’s amazing live

  • kAIT

    I’m in the midwest and didn’t get to see david on the jingle circuit, so I’m really anticipating his tour. If he gets within a 5 hour drive, I’m there. And if he gets within a 5 hour drive four times, I’m there four times.

    he is amazing live. (saw the idol tour.)