Demi Lovato: I Want To Skydive!

Demi Lovato: I Want To Skydive!

Demi Lovato takes a quick break before her performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with famed YouTube interviewers Katie and Karleigh.

The 16-year-old pop princess told the brunette duo about how she’s determined to skydive. She shared, “I want to skydive. I’m going to the day I turn 18. Every time I get on a plane and I can see where it gets between 5 and 10,000 feet, I keep thinking that that’s where I’m going to jump one day.”

Oh, and Demi also spilled she’s Team Edward. Check out the rest of the interview below!

Demi Lovato – Katie & Karleigh Show, 11/30
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  • Ruby

    FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COOL. FOR HER I WANT TO DO THAT TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heather

    i love demi.
    shes amazing :D

  • nathalia

    she’s sooo pretty, so fuuny and so sweet!
    demi all the way

  • twilight obsession X3

    o yeaah team edward all the way ;]
    #3rd :)
    that ‘conversation’ was funny lol

  • gokevinurthesexistbrother

    ha thaTs cool she’s on team Edward so am I

  • Gracie

    If anyone isn’t Team Edward in the sense of being with Bella I don’t understand, ha. I love Jacob but seriously.

  • tina


  • jess

    i love her…but i would never skydive…damn she seriously likes dangerous things! haha shes cool!

  • nicola

    What does she say and then she says she read it in twilight?

  • cc27

    hmm was her favourite joe or nick? i wanna know x]

  • Cals

    umm why the heck do those two girls get to interview her? they sucked! but demi was stunning.

  • amelia

    haha this interview was hilarious!

    and im team edward AND jacob =)

  • amber

    those two interviewers are freaking disney kids obsessed weirdos.

  • LIndsey

    Hah, I felt kinda bad for Demi cause that interview had quite a few awkward pauses… but oh well, and I thought it was funny when she said that when she’s in a plane she looks out and wants to jump… That only sounds a little suicidal.. NOT SAYING SHE IS.. just the way she worded it…

  • me and cici

    i heard she cuts herself
    other attempt at suicide?

  • katelyn lovato :)

    i love her, and i think that katie & karleigh are seriously… the luckiest girls on earth : )

  • angel

    Weren’t Selena and Demi going to do that once?
    Or was that bungee jumping? They said they were
    going to do it but the people told them they had to
    be 18.
    Or am I thinking of other people? lol.

  • pearl!!! :3

    OMG THATS SOOO COOL!!!!! that is one of the things i want to do toooo!!! other than fighting a bull.

  • Emy

    haha! I love Demi!


    Gawd those girls are sososo lucky and they’ve interviewed the Jonas Brothers before like how much would i pay to be them oh ALOT of money! but Yeah EDWARD all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dALENA

    it looks like she cut her hair

  • abby

    I LOVE DEMI . hate katie and karleigh

  • LOVEato

    Oooh man she’s team Edward, that’s one thing different about us ahah. But at least she loves Taylor =P

    I LOVEEEEEEE you Demi :D

  • amanda

    Don’t hate on katie and karleigh cause your jealous. They are awesome. Love demi!

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