Miley Cyrus: A Porsche for Christmas!

Miley Cyrus: A Porsche for Christmas!

Miley Cyrus not only just got a Golden Globe nomination, but she’s putting that learner’s permit to good use too.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet got an early Christmas present from mom Tish. Sources tell People that, “Tish got a new car recently, so she’s giving Miley her old car. She’s so excited. Her mom lets her drive to work when she’s with her.”

So what type of car is it? A Porsche Cayenne, just like the one Hayden Panettiere has.

Miley spilled to Jay Leno recently that she was actually scared of her driving teacher. She shared, “My test person scares me. He says, ‘All right Miley, if you make a left turn, what’s going to happen?’ And I am like, ‘I don’t really know.’ And he goes, ‘THUMP. That’s what going to happen to your brand-new car.’ He just starts hitting things, and it really scared me.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miley’s new car?

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  • nicole anderson

    i think her driving teacher is so lame,,
    i mean threatening a popstar!!i guess he wanted 2 B in the news…
    but anyways miley roxxxx all the time

  • who said z&v breakup

    oooooooooooo cooooool nice car am the first soo cool

  • miley

    Miley´s new car is very very good!

  • Carolina

    #2 *——*

    I LOVE this car.
    my dad buy one, two years ago.

    Brazil sends a kiss to, JB’S and miley ;)

  • ranny

    carroo humildeeeee!!!!!

  • Rachel

    driving teachers *shakes head* nicole, he was doing that to scare her into driving well. he cant treat her like a perfect princess popstar because she will think she’s the best and crash. he just trying to scare her into being a great driver!

  • tralala


  • amy

    I love miley :) Her new car is awesome (:
    Pssh driving teachers *rolls eyes*

  • brazilian


  • Amanda

    woahh hahah a porshe???? damnnnn but yeahh thats cool i guess hahah she can definitely afford one, if anyone can!!!

  • rivivere. x3

    Mile you rocks! ^^


  • julia

    Well, AT LEAST it’s an “old” car.. I mean, her parents are not buying one EXCLUSIVE for her.. they’re not buying a brand new car…

    so that’s ok..

    and a cayenne is SOOOO pretty

  • xoxo

    i thought she was going to get a “green/eco-friendly” car

  • nathalia

    i loove cayenne, i sooo pretty!
    i love miley! happy holidays everyone


    My driving instruter did the exact same thingg.
    He was scaring the craap outta mme.
    I was like dudeee..shut up

  • Melanie

    I don’t know, Jared posted a thing about Kevin Jonas getting a Lambourgini, and that wasn’t true. So I’m going to wait and ask Miley what’s true or not. Thanks :]

  • Emily

    Aha. I’ll laugh if Miley gets her liscense before Selena does. xD

    Did Selena even pass on Nov. 4th? xD

  • mandy

    Melanie #15: it’s true, she said it on extra someday this past week! I saw it

  • Brittany

    umm ya a 16 year old shouldnt have a car if they cant even drive it by themselves. especially an expensive sports car. although mileys money bought mommys car so it was always technically hers

  • Floppy


  • Spoiled brat

    oh yea a porsche. No biggie.

  • Kar

    Why is she getting a hand me down when it’s HER money her mom is buying herself a new car with?

    Miley should be getting a new car and the mother a handme down.

  • Izabella

    cool, she deserves it :)
    but I wonder why they couldn’t but her a brand new car, it’s not like they can’t afford it!? but it is still a really nice car she’s getting :)

  • vanessajonas

    she’s 16 gosh! she should stick to her mom, she is living life too young, i love her but i think she should wait a little moree..

  • Lizzie, [:

    Miley’s mom seems like a douche :O

  • Grace

    Yea I heard about Miley getting the Porsche on E! News, because Miley texted Ryan Seacrest and told him about it. I’m so happy for her. She deserves it! And the car is a really nice too!

  • zanessa rox

    omg miley is soo lucky no fair too spoiled she gets whatever she wants omg wut a…boob! hah lol! jk love miley!

  • Massie

    Her driving teacher is rude.
    Thats the new Porsche Cayenne and her’s is the 2008 or the 2007 model. I’ve seen the car

  • Ella

    Wouw… It’s kinda funny to think that some persons get clothes or a videogame while other one get a Porsche Cayenne, lol. By the way, very nice car !

  • Ash

    one of my friends got a car for her 16 bday and she only had her learners permit and used it to practice in before she got her license.

  • Anna

    damnn that is a nicee car !!
    congrats miley !

  • gloriaaaaaaaaaa[:

    well, she deserves a porsche.
    shes been working really hard on hannah and her own career.
    shes awesome.
    and if u say its so expensive, then how come when the jonas brothers drive and get a WAYY more expensvie car, they DESERVE it ?
    helll no . miley deserves it too.
    ilike jb too but it isnt fair.

  • alexia

    koooool car! awsome

    p.s luv ya miey

  • brie2009

    Hey at least Miley gets a nice looking “old” car! It’s a freakin Porsche Cayenne!!!!!!!! I LOVE Cayenne Porsches. She is soo lucky. I don’t even have my own car and have to drive my dads car to work (drop him off) in the morning to take the car school and pick him up after work and its a ’05 Toyota Matrix, but hey at least I got something to drive with. I’m glad Miley doesn’t seem too upset about getting a handme down.

    I’m glad in a way Miley didn’t get her Mercedes cause this kinda teaches her lesson on she can’t get everything she wants but yet she should be greatful for the things she has. It also shows her parents know what they are doing too.

    My driving teacher wasn’t mean he was pretty cool and laid back. And if he was mean I would have either lost my temper and go to jail or be on probation (yes I do have a very big problem with anger management). But overall he was cool.

    BTW i’m very jealous of Miley cause she got her mom’s Porsche!

  • any

    i love miley’s car but i guess that if she had sportive one would be better for her age, rocking the way

  • princess

    i love miley’s new car!
    but i guess that if she have the sportive one would be cooler, because she is a millioner and she could affort a brand new one!
    but i love the cayenne anyway, so the same thing!

    love you miley!

  • Tiah

    What do I think of Miley’s new car?
    Its AWESOME!

    What do I think of Miley having that car?
    She’s freaking 16!
    No 16 year old in the WORLD would be allowed to have a car like that, especially when they are only on their learners permit!

  • Amanda

    yay!!! my daddy got me tht car last month when i got my temps!!! but its white


    whata spoild brat.

  • Unknown

    I thought shutting down Disney Land and charging $250 a person was being spoiled.

    Guess I’m wrong. :I


    Nice car but she could’ve gone with and eco – friendly one what a diva.
    Why would she buy a new car when she can fix her damn teeth already, seriously, GET YOUR DAMN TEETH FIXED!

  • DX

    as an avid car expert, getting a porsche is awesome! but if your getting an ugly lackluster shitbox like the Cayenne then you got yourself a problem i could go on but i wont

    but anyways despite how crappy it is, getting a porsche for your first car is pretty awesome, you go around the streets, so ppl go oh you got a car what kind, you say a porsche they say SICK what kind, and you say Cayenne, they laugh and walk

    miley is sexy as heck, and dont think ppl would think about car

  • andrea

    i can’t belive she just got this nice car and spent all that money putting her name and everything on the seats and less then 2 monthes later she gets a new car
    thats stuck up

  • sucker punch

    okay now demi lovato got a 2010 mercades ( and i dont care if i spelled it wrong). Now that is SUCKES MILEY TO THE PUNCH!!!! ppl if you still cant see wts do not good about it but its 2010. It probley costs around $75,000 or MORE!!!!!! Now miley cyruss is already paid (trust me) demi lovatos is so much better

>>>>>>> staging1