Miley Cyrus: A Porsche for Christmas!

Miley Cyrus: A Porsche for Christmas!

Miley Cyrus not only just got a Golden Globe nomination, but she’s putting that learner’s permit to good use too.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet got an early Christmas present from mom Tish. Sources tell People that, “Tish got a new car recently, so she’s giving Miley her old car. She’s so excited. Her mom lets her drive to work when she’s with her.”

So what type of car is it? A Porsche Cayenne, just like the one Hayden Panettiere has.

Miley spilled to Jay Leno recently that she was actually scared of her driving teacher. She shared, “My test person scares me. He says, ‘All right Miley, if you make a left turn, what’s going to happen?’ And I am like, ‘I don’t really know.’ And he goes, ‘THUMP. That’s what going to happen to your brand-new car.’ He just starts hitting things, and it really scared me.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miley’s new car?

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nicole anderson @ 8:25 am on 12/13/2008

i think her driving teacher is so lame,,
i mean threatening a popstar!!i guess he wanted 2 B in the news…
but anyways miley roxxxx all the time

oooooooooooo cooooool nice car am the first soo cool

miley @ 8:30 am on 12/13/2008

Miley´s new car is very very good!

Carolina @ 8:43 am on 12/13/2008

#2 *——*

I LOVE this car.
my dad buy one, two years ago.

Brazil sends a kiss to, JB’S and miley ;)

ranny @ 8:46 am on 12/13/2008

carroo humildeeeee!!!!!

Rachel @ 8:46 am on 12/13/2008

driving teachers *shakes head* nicole, he was doing that to scare her into driving well. he cant treat her like a perfect princess popstar because she will think she’s the best and crash. he just trying to scare her into being a great driver!

tralala @ 8:49 am on 12/13/2008


amy @ 8:53 am on 12/13/2008

I love miley :) Her new car is awesome (:
Pssh driving teachers *rolls eyes*

brazilian @ 8:58 am on 12/13/2008


Amanda @ 9:12 am on 12/13/2008

woahh hahah a porshe???? damnnnn but yeahh thats cool i guess hahah she can definitely afford one, if anyone can!!!

rivivere. x3 @ 9:12 am on 12/13/2008

Mile you rocks! ^^


julia @ 9:17 am on 12/13/2008

Well, AT LEAST it’s an “old” car.. I mean, her parents are not buying one EXCLUSIVE for her.. they’re not buying a brand new car…

so that’s ok..

and a cayenne is SOOOO pretty

xoxo @ 9:45 am on 12/13/2008

i thought she was going to get a “green/eco-friendly” car

nathalia @ 10:02 am on 12/13/2008

i loove cayenne, i sooo pretty!
i love miley! happy holidays everyone

HAHA OMMGG @ 11:19 am on 12/13/2008

My driving instruter did the exact same thingg.
He was scaring the craap outta mme.
I was like dudeee..shut up

Melanie @ 11:20 am on 12/13/2008

I don’t know, Jared posted a thing about Kevin Jonas getting a Lambourgini, and that wasn’t true. So I’m going to wait and ask Miley what’s true or not. Thanks :]

Emily @ 11:49 am on 12/13/2008

Aha. I’ll laugh if Miley gets her liscense before Selena does. xD

Did Selena even pass on Nov. 4th? xD

mandy @ 11:51 am on 12/13/2008

Melanie #15: it’s true, she said it on extra someday this past week! I saw it

Brittany @ 11:59 am on 12/13/2008

umm ya a 16 year old shouldnt have a car if they cant even drive it by themselves. especially an expensive sports car. although mileys money bought mommys car so it was always technically hers

Floppy @ 12:47 pm on 12/13/2008


Spoiled brat @ 1:24 pm on 12/13/2008

oh yea a porsche. No biggie.

Kar @ 1:29 pm on 12/13/2008

Why is she getting a hand me down when it’s HER money her mom is buying herself a new car with?

Miley should be getting a new car and the mother a handme down.

Izabella @ 1:44 pm on 12/13/2008

cool, she deserves it :)
but I wonder why they couldn’t but her a brand new car, it’s not like they can’t afford it!? but it is still a really nice car she’s getting :)

vanessajonas @ 1:45 pm on 12/13/2008

she’s 16 gosh! she should stick to her mom, she is living life too young, i love her but i think she should wait a little moree..

Lizzie, [: @ 2:08 pm on 12/13/2008

Miley’s mom seems like a douche :O

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