Ashley Tisdale is All Jingled Out

Ashley Tisdale is All Jingled Out

Ashley Tisdale holds on tight to boyfriend Jared Murillo as they make their way into JFK airport in New York City on Monday morning.

The High School Musical sweethearts spent the weekend in the Big Apple where Ashley, 23, co-hosted Z100′s Jingle Ball 2008 along with Australian singing sisters The Veronicas and Nick Lachey. Performers Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, Ne-Yo, Brandy, David Archuleta and Rihanna took the stage on Friday night to entertain the crowd of thousands of fans.

15+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo at JFK airport…

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ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 02
ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 03
ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 04
ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 05
ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 06
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ashley tisdale jared murillo jfk airport 15

Photos: INFDaily
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  • http://justjared selena fans!!!!!!!

    she luks pretty
    ashley rocks(:

  • http://justjared shamilah

    she looks really kool in these pic!

  • Juliette

    she looks so cute!
    and she look amazing last night!!! the dress was adorable!

  • Peggy

    At what point is she going to figure out she’s not Vanessa. Her hair keeps getting darker and now the red lipstck too. AShley needs to be Ashley

  • Peggy

    And that’s Vanessa’s hairdo most of the time.

  • Juliette

    OMG please!
    red lipstick is exclusively from vanessa??
    i’m tired of you guys, always trying to bring ashley down…
    she is great, and she doesn’t need be like vanessa, she has so much more than her, and she has gotten so much further!

  • reenuh

    ok now….to those of you ashley fans who were bashing Vanessa for wearing red lipstick…..well then….check out your girl Ashley, too much make up and the lipstick the lipstick the lipstick….look at the lipstick and now think of how you were bashing V for wearing red lipstick….

    ashley dear, you’re going down down down…stop being so fake and start being original by simply being yourself….you are soooo trashy!

  • teteu

    *—* she are amazing!

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    shut up # 7.
    ashley is the best and the only girl with talent and she is pretty.
    and people say ashley is boring well guess what your wrong wrong WRONG.
    ashley haters get lost.

  • nyna

    She looks so pretty, too much lipstick though
    I don’t like that on any celebrity, I don’t even like Aguilera’s red lips
    Anyways I think Ashley AND Vanessa are awesome and not boring at all…

  • super fan ashley

    Get a life #5 and #7, the lipstick is not red is rose!!!!!!!!!1
    So, stop comparing Ash and Vanessa, they are completely different!
    Ashley, for me and many people is better!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Ash!!! I want more pics about Ash!!!!!!!
    She looks amazing!!!
    JJJ why you didn’t put the pics of Ashley last night??
    She was on Q102 Jingle Ball.
    She was looking so adorable and gorgerous!!!!!!!

  • Amyyy

    ashley is amazing so shush up:)
    tbh i love ashley and vanessa bc i think their both gorgeous
    who cares if she wears red lipstick
    tbh its pathetic all of you’s saying she trying to be vanessa bc she’s not

  • super fan ashley

    Get a life #5 and #7, the lipstick is not red is rose!!!!!!!!!
    Stpo comparing Ashley and Vanessa are sooooooo different!!!!!
    For me and many people Ashley is better!!!!!!!!
    Go Ash!!!!!!!!! We love you so much!!!!!!!1
    JJJ why you didn’e put the pics about Ashley last night?
    She was at Q102 Jingle Ball.
    She was looking adorable and so sweet!!!!!!!

  • kara

    i’ve seen vanessa wear bright lipstick once and when she did she looked horrible, i dont think the look does well for anyone and christina aguilera is really the one who uses it all the time so is vanessa copying her? no so obviously ashley isnt copying vanessa and ashleys hair is naturally dark brown so her having dark hair is just being natural stop picking her apart it’s ridiculous

  • vanessajonas

    ashlye copying vanessa AGAIN!? i should get usea to it
    vanessa makes it clasyy and ashley makes it classy .. ew !
    she looks like a CLOWN

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    just like it doesn’t work with Vanessa, it also doesn’t work for Ashley…
    For me, red lipstick is just for a BIG event….

    Well, ……

  • amanda

    she looks ugly =(

  • Tizzyyy

    She looks so pretty (:

  • ash rockz

    Can’t Ashley wear this lipstick without everybody saying she tries to be like Vanessa?!
    Ash is Ash and she is really beautiful <3
    Let her turn her har dark and let her use lipstick!
    Get a life!
    She will never be like Vanessa! She’s so much better than her!!!!!

    Love you Girl!

  • teteu

    anyone know: she sing in the event from z100? =)
    i wanna see videos ;/

  • sabrina

    i love vanessa, but i like ashley too:) though i think she looked better when her hair was like brownish under and blond over like here

  • zanessafan

    her hair looks cute.

  • ariana

    dear ashley tisdale and vanessa hudgens,
    please stop wearing red lipstick. doesn’t work for many. including you.


  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She looks good!
    Jashley are cute ♥

  • Lacey

    She actually looks pretty here!
    Don’t think she’s copying V with the lipstick though, it’s a totally different colour. The red wouldn’t suit Ashley like it does Vanessa because they have totally different skin tones, so number 7… Get a life!!

    Wonder what she bought from Louis Vuitton????

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    so cult ♥ 4ever ashley (L)

  • nina caplan

    she looks really cute, love the hair

  • grace

    wow. if u people didn’t know that is ashley’s natural hair color and style. and her lipstick is pink not red and other people wear colored lipstick too not just vanessa like Christina Agulaira. #’s 7,6,and 4 wow.
    i love ashley she is a style icon and so pretty too.

  • grace

    i mean thanks #6!

  • aw

    nice clown make up. there’s a reason why natural is better.

  • http://foreveramt amt forever

    I will not play anyone, you always more Ashley will be the largest DIVA ♥

  • Tizzfan

    Stop comparing her to vanessa. They’re two totally differnt people. And how do you even know that that’s what she’s trying to do? Who says she wants to be anything like Vanessa? She’s her own person. And I think she looks really cute here. I love her and jared.

  • vicky!

    okey so some people are like eww ashley is fake this is so pissing me off so lets get it stright shall we!!

    1. She HAD to have the nose job because she couldnt breath and to save her LIFE. Im sure you haters or anybody out their would change the nose or that spectum thing she done to live… So haters yeah their you go incase you cant read!!

    2. Ashley said in most interview “beauty comes from within” She said she dosent belive in Plastic Surgery and that people should be confortable in their own skin!!! So haters their you go!

    3. Ashley again in a interview with vanessa said “We share a lot of clothes together” Vanessa said “I still have some boots and clothes that i got off ashley” And ashley said “Yeah i have some of your tops and shoes that i forgot to give back” So haters or “vanessa fans” says eww ashley looks awful some of the clothes that she is wearing might belong to Vanessa so their you go

    4. People are comparing Vanessa and ashley together vanessa said this in a magazine about what she thinks of it “I think people need to accept me and ashley are close freinds and that their is no compertitons between us. Ashley like my sister and people should see that” So haters if your a true Vanessa fan and dissing ashley i wonder what Vanessa will think??!

    5. Make-up: Most of you go round ashley puts loads of make-up duh its an event!! What do you expect for her to go out in her pg’s with no make-up either way shes beautiful with both?!?! And that BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK vanessa wears no one comments do they??

    6. Hair: Her hair goes long and short so damm wot??!!! Its her hair she does what she wonts with it, Its good shes trying new things instead of boring hair styles, She is a natural brunett, They dyed her hair for suite life of zack and cody she didnt wont to but she had to for her role as maddie. She does extentions hello so does VANESSA, LINDSAY LOHAN, MEGAN FOX, Even people who arnt celebritys do.

    7. Ugly: People come on the computer click on a ashley thing yeah she looks sooo ugly beauty isnt for her… Hello maybe before you type have a look at yourself??!! Your in a computer at home working as god knows what and theirs ashley getting loads of money becoming famous… And you?? Sitting their being jelous deep down. I wonder in your pretty please??!!

    8. Bangs: So their was some pics of vanessa with no bangs then the next day she had it. People where like yay glad to see her bangs back wtf??!! and theirs people going ashley should stop doing extentions blah blah blah. I think people really bumlick vanessa!

    9. And in my own personal opinion i think vanessa got “more famous” because shes dating zac efron!!! its so BATE its because of that??!!

    So yeah thats just to sum it up because people are really pissing me off now

    And #7- SHUT UP!! Omg i cant belive how dam stupid you are number 6 and 7 and 8, 9 goes to you hunny! I wonder what the hell you look like?!! So im a proud ashley tisdale fan and people can like her or not this isnt making me make you change your views about her its just to sum everything up cause im really pissed off atm.

    Vicky ashley supporter


  • RollingEyes

    did anyone think that maybe she has so much makeup on that she might have just come from a tv appearance? Her hair is styled and she has studio makeup on…

  • ashley fan

    she is not copying vanesa she just likes to try new things
    i love ashley tisdale
    no matter what!!!!!

  • ashley love

    vicky i agree with you
    ashley rocks

  • rom



  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    agree with you rom…
    and if it’s possible, sometime we the fans who is “well-minded” need to remind our fellow fans that sometimes ” crazy and bashing others “…..

  • Kat

    Thats Ashley’s natural hairstyle before she got it straightened and died thats what her hair was like so shes not copying Vanessa!!

  • stephy

    oh, dear god ! ashley is ugly in these photos, with this hear and the rose lipstick.

  • d

    toooo much make up
    now shes into taking back sunday?
    first was my chemical romance and now tbs
    ughhh lame.

  • .>.< at 33.

    at #33.

    Yes,she had to have a surgery.
    but only to fix something inside her noise.

    when you get that surgery,your nose does not have to change.
    how do i know that?
    I’ve had friends that have gone trough it,and there nose didn’t change.
    because when the doctor said “do you want me to change your nose at the same time i’m fixing ——?”,they said NO.

    so she didn’t HAVE to had it.
    she knew,and she choose it.

  • Sarah

    Please do not tell me Ashley bought a LV shopping bag to the airport.

    don’t tell me she bought it at the airport’s LV shop,because in the pictures, she haven’t checked in yet!

    new money, much?

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    sarah, please rewrite your comment
    I didn’t get it

    Ashley loves LV… she said this since 2006 on TRL…
    so what if she has more than one ?
    and of course she didn’t buy it in the airport shop.. beside in my experience anyway, wherever you buy it, the price is still same.. in the airport, it will be more expensive actually with the higher tax, etc…

  • Christine

    You think Ashley would have picked up on the fact that she is not Vanessa and quit trying to imitate her. First the red carpet mannerisms, then the clothes, then the hair color and now the lipstick. Could she be anymore fake? Lol to all her fans who called Vanessa trashy for wearing red lipstick. I suppose that would make Ashley equally trashy as well?

    Girl needs a personality, or at least a clue. It’s cute to copy when you’re in elementary school, not so cute when you’re 23, especially if the person you’re copying is 3 years your junior.


    She looks pretty! A little too much lipstick, not the right color BUT her hair is naturally brown and NATURALLY curly ppl, stop saying she is trying to be Vanessa, she’s not. Get over it! Vanessa gets her hair DONE for it to look that curly, if you see old pics of Ashley it is very curly, and it looks great like that. I think she should wear it like this often!

  • lola

    gee, couldn’t make it back for her BFF’s birthday? Hmmmm No wonder Vanessa looks bummed……

  • kelly

    i love ashley

  • ashleyfan

    ashley is cool

  • ashleyforever

    ashley rock
    ashley is the one