David Archuleta - “A Little Too Not Over You” Music Video

David Archuleta - “A Little Too Not Over You” Music Video

David Archuleta‘s “A Little Too Not Over You” music video is here!

This is the 17-year-old American Idol runner-up’s second single, off of his debut album and the video was shot by Scott Speer – the same guy who directed Ashley Tisdale‘s “He Said, She Said.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of David’s new music video?

David Archuleta – “A Little Too Not Over You” Music Video
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  • sarah

    first =]
    david cook owns archuleta’s face

  • victoria

    HAHA sarah you wish!
    were is cook any way hahaha! I dont think anyone cares acutally !hhhahaa

    so cute! and love the song!

  • Sami

    the song is so sweet!

  • Katie

    wow, finally! a music video for david archuleta!

  • Just Jono

    LOVE IT,
    love the song + the video is really good.
    great job david.

  • nia

    Awesome vid.
    I think its a greaat concept and awesome song.
    Its one of my favs.
    I love David Archuleta. I think he is super talented and genuinely humble. Which is a rarely seen combination in the entertainment world. :)

  • naee.


  • belllla

    i love his new video! &the song is so cute (:

    he’s so talented &adorable<3

  • zanessa_luver

    aww cute i liked it! :)

  • Lindy

    I LOVE IT <33333
    He is so talented & he looked so cute with the girl (:
    i can’t stop watching <3

    wayy to go archie, we loe yaaaaa !

  • Zeinab

    He looks so hotttt !!

  • jen

    love it!

  • tia

    he really does have an amazing voice. and his songs are pretty good! i mean, first ‘crush’ and now this. hmmm. maybe i will be swtiching which team david im on…

  • Lexi

    i love david, he is so talented and this video was simply amazing.

  • xoxofatima

    awww!! i love it!!
    his voice is so amazing and he is so HOT!!

  • Duyen

    LOVE this song and video!!! he did a great job acting

  • lisa

    omg he is so cute
    i love this music video and i cant get the song out of my head
    I LOVE HIM!!

  • Emily

    At first, I thought the girl in the picture was Miley.

  • alyssea

    i love him! great video!

  • lil

    i know right i thought it look like miley but it’s not for some strange reason this remind me of nick and miley weird right! i mean icecream guitars!

    i think david is an amazing singer i love this song as well as crush i love how a tiny guys can have such a powerful voice love it!
    i love the video i thought is about a relationship being lost for the guy letting the girl go instead of fighting for love it! it shows the memories!

  • Amy

    DUDE!!!! I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!! Since he calls his fans the “Arch Angels” I guess I’m the #1 Arch Angel!!!!!!! Me and my friend decided to have a Canadian theme day today so we were saying EH! alot and this song starts with a bunch of EHs!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!

  • DC

    Victoria, Cook is everywhere. Where have you been? LMAO.
    Anyway, the video is adorable. [:

  • blu

    Sarah you wish lmbo
    But the video is really cute and he looks amazing! He looks really mature and the lead girl is really pretty :D

  • marlene

    I love his new music video,i think its better than crush.the girl on the vid is pretty.

  • lesha

    aaww. he is absolutely adorable and so talented. i heard his rendition of ‘a thousand miles’ and fell in love with it. im pretty sure he wrote this song too which is even more awesome for him. his humbleness is absolutely endearing; i hope that is one thing fame never changes about him. well done david.

  • lesha

    ps. david totally needs to get with that girl in the vid. i don’t care if she’s just a really good actress, they look cute together. : )

  • addy

    anyway this thread is about David Archuleta not Cook.
    gah! i love this video!

  • tyra

    i love it

    i love this song
    when his album is out?

  • sv18

    wow i love it <3

  • ^^

    U RAWK !!
    Archie is SO cute !
    he is a TALENT

  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    The video and the song are amazing I love david

  • jackie

    love this song and video..He looks really mad…..good vid

  • Hallie

    love the video! even if i didnt think archuleta was using the right emotion in some parts…


    aww but i loved itttt<333333333333
    david you are the BEST<3:)

  • Nick

    TYRA: Is album is out now! It was released on November 11. Its almost gone Gold.

  • Carol

    What’s the girl’s name ?

  • Ava

    The girl’s name is Fernanda…i think

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