David Archuleta: Jingle Ball is a Big Deal

David Archuleta: Jingle Ball is a Big Deal

David Archuleta takes a break from his Jingle Ball tour to update his MySpace and and tells his fans all about his experiences!

The 17-year-old Crush crooner wrote about each and every one of the Jingle Balls he’s been a part of. He writes, “So along comes Friday… dun dun dun.. haha… For the big Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. This was a really intense one, and I was pretty dang jittery throughout the day. Z100 Jingle Ball is a big big deal, and I couldn’t believe I was one of the acts. I don’t think I can explain (not like me being unable to explain something is anything new) how intimidating and nerve wracking it was to be sandwiched between Kanye West and Chris Brown in the lineup, and being 2nd to last lol. but hijole!! Coming after Kanye just felt so wrong for me to do, but man I had a blast! Never thought in a million billion kajillion years I’d be performing at Madison Square Garden with Brandy, Leona Lewis, right after Kanye West (even though I felt like a loser going after someone as amazing as that lol) and then Chris Brown and Rihanna. It was just sooo amazing!!”

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  • Katie

    i would have been nervous to!

  • corina

    I understand his emotions. It was such a hard position, but he prooved that he is a pro and he is ready to perform with this big names.
    His voice is so pure, so clear an so pwerful.
    My favorite word “hijole” which I understand is Gosh in spanish.
    Dn Dun Dun…hahaha
    his blogs are so funny. I feel like he is writing for his friends.

  • gRACIE

    David was the MOST appreciated one there!

  • sweetnessa4ever

    i don’t like him that much
    but he is good (:

  • Grace

    Wow, second to the last performance! He is such a good singer with a powerful and pitchy perfect voice who doesn’t need auto-tune. He is a rising star !!

  • sdb

    David can’t be compared to anybody! he is one of a kind!! he is beyond amazing! not only as an artist but also as a human being. This is only the beginning of an incredible, successful, incomparable music career for David.

  • :)

    David Archuleta, you definetely deserve being with those big names.
    You’re awesome.

  • addy

    hijole! haha! he’s too cute!

  • addy

    aww David.. you’re wonderful too! and i can’t wait for his new music video for A Little Too Not Over You which premiers tomorrow! woot woot!

  • nathalia

    aww david!
    he’s awesome

  • Kait

    Love that David keeps it humble. Love that David is soaring anyway. Can’t wait for the new music video!

  • Lynn

    OMG! David is suuuuch a cutie! Have you seen this? http://video.msg.com/Videos/MSG-Networks/t1i6ol8WSJ30jPvQuMZDzHqQL7A5GC8U

    I want to marry him!!!

  • Stacey


  • lettucegirl

    David’s such an amazing and gifted singer and truly deserving to be sharing the stage with those singers. and what’s amazing is that he doesnt think he deserves to be there. his humiliy and total lack of airs just make me admire and love him more!

  • maria

    david!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!this amazing!!!youshould winnnnnnnn!! you you!!

  • gloria

    i love him so much!! i’m so proud of him!! dont ever change david!! oh myg gosh the altnoy vid is amazing!!

  • victoria


  • victoria


  • Re

    Anyone that can sing Acapella like you do which I have heard on all the you tube video’s doesn’t have to worry about the other performers because most of them cannot sing. They just perform and try to sing. Big difference. It’s refreshing to hear someone with a voice who can sing live and not have to use autotune to have their voice sound good. I will be one of the people who will buy your albums and tickets to see you perform again. I saw you in Philly @ the Idol tour and Philly people know acapella. Your’re awesome David James Archuleta.

  • kristan

    lmao kanye west WAS a hard act to follow, because he did AMAZINGGG.
    (three days later and my eyes still tear when i think of kanye’s performance)
    but considering david archuletta is only like 17 he did a pretty good job!

  • Duyen

    Aww David is the cutest

  • http://deleted regina

    I agree with Re.

  • Violet

    David always amazes me with his boldness in singing. No matter how anxious he is, he always goes out on stage and delivers. It’s too bad he didn’t have time to sing an acapella Christmas song at MSG because he would have done that too. He’s a champ and the nicest guy ever.