Debby Ryan: Good Morning, Texas!

Debby Ryan: Good Morning, Texas!

The Suite Life on Deck star Debby Ryan stopped by Good Morning Texas during her Thanksgiving break late last month.

The 15-year-old actress, who hails from north Texas, dished about her show, what she misses about her hometown and how the transition to L.A. life was like. She shared, “I was with Brenda Song and Dylan and Cole [at my audition] and I just went in there. I was reading against two other girls and I went in there and I was the only one who got called back. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I thought that that was a good sign.”

Check out the rest of Debby‘s interview below!

Debby Ryan – Good Morning Texas, 12/1

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  • Chocolate amber

    I so dislike her and Suite Life on Deck(they should had stayed at the hotel)

  • Sarah

    she’s very pretty with wavy hair

  • Katie

    i think debbie is perfect for her role on the suite life on deck! she is an awesome actress and role model!

  • ChristinaRenee

    i love her. she seems so down to earth I just hope she stays that way.

  • bbgood2me

    I LOVE DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bbgood2me

    and when is her bday?????????? does anyone know

  • WEHI

    I love debby and dylan!!!!!!!!! deylan FOREVER

  • jorenda

    DEBBY ROX love ya to death deb ryan!!!!! shes rocks my world.

  • DH ROX

    Debby is very cute and down to earth! LOVE HER!!!!! :D

  • DH ROX

    This is really really cute. Is she living near Brenda and Sprouse twins. Debby is tooo good for Dylan. I think that Dylan is the player. Anyway i LOVE LOVE LOVE DEBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DH ROX

    i am kinda retarted, i have short memory, i wanted to comment on baby v’s b day too. he he.

  • B

    I love Debby. She is my idol, i love her style, her clothes, her show and everything about Deb! Love ya Deb.

  • SLOD

    It seems like all of da disney stars are from texas, demi, selena and the beautiful debby ryan. i looooooooooov e her character, debby rcosk.

  • SLOD

    Debby Ryan is amazing. I love debby 2 death. THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK ROCKS. And 4 all the ppl who thinkk that Debby and Dylan are stilll together. They aren’t i have proof. Dylan was spotted by the papz with another girl ON A DATE.

  • bfan

    she is so annoying can’t stand her.

  • brenda song’s number 1 fan

    DEBBYYYYYY ROCKS!!!!! DYLAN AND DEBBY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suite debby

    very cute deb rocks.

  • dizney

    debby is really sweet and down to earth! i love her :D

  • circus

    Brenda hates Debby, i think?…. umm

  • jorenda/nelena fan

    DEBBY is so cute! :D :D :D I love her to death!!!! Deb rocks.

  • sel

    Dylan is too good for Debby not Debby too good for Dylan. Dylan deserves that beautiful girl he was with.

  • hit joke

    i think that Debby doesn’t want Dylan. It may be over. YAY YAY Dylan is mine suckers. I love Debby R!!!! Shes gorgeous and sooo cute.

  • calli

    well dylan isnt debbys first bf, and debby is very pretty she is hot, she can move on when ever she wants to.

    anyways, Debby u are so amazing i love you, debby u are my idol!!!!!!

  • sushi

    debby ryan rocks like hard rock. =P)

  • sushi

    and Debby is way too talented for Disney.

  • dose

    Debby rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Love ya Deb

  • erika

    dont like her

  • stephanie

    she’s so adorable! i love her!

  • mrs sprouse

    When is Debby going to admit she likes Dylan?||

  • Hales

    Debby, i love you. YOU ROCK MY WORLD

  • =baby gal

    debby is awesomne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ura fever

    i love her style :D she is very perky and cute love her =)

  • GG

    Debby rocks!!!! Love deb on The Suite Life on Deck. She is very cute and GORGEOUS!!!

  • wendywu


  • brit is back

    Debby is kinda hot. like so hot i love her!

  • leyton

    I love Debby, she is one of the sober, clean sweet and down-to-earth kind of girl on Disney. She is absolutely amaazing. I love her show. Deb rox

  • shine

    She is really pretty, she kinda sounds like Selena and she kinda looks like Miley. Debby is really cute i love her and Bailey rocks;.

  • Leyton

    I wonder when she is getting her 15 mins.

  • dylan and cole love

    I think that Debby is very gorgeous.

  • debryan

    Debby RYAN ROOOOOCKS !!!!!!!!!!


  • jonas norway

    debby is beautiful and talented she inspires me to be a actress sorry 4 my bad english im from norway, norway loves you debby!!!!

  • e


  • shayna

    huh i don’t understand. where is the part about dylan?

  • Shana
  • Lisa

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping for many season of Suite life on deck, its an awesome show!!!

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