Jennette McCurdy & Nathan Kress: iCarly Kisses!

Jennette McCurdy & Nathan Kress: iCarly Kisses!

iCarly stars Jennette Mccurdy and Nathan Kress are ready to take their bickering-friends relationship to a whole new level.

The duo (both 16) who star as Sam and Freddy on Nick’s hit show, iCarly, will welcome in the first new episode of the new year with a kiss. Jennette dished to Tiger Beat, “We did the scene four times! I was trying not to count how many times I kissed Nathan, because I knew the bigger deal I made out of it, the harder it would be. But after doing it four times, I just knew how to get it done. You do what you got to do.”

In the next new episode, Sam (McCurdy) overhears Freddy (Kress) make a confession that he’s never been kissed, and she reveals this secret on Carly’s Web show. The new episode of iCarly airs Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 @ 8PM ET/PT on Nick!

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LOVE iCarly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

ohyeah @ 6:51 pm on 12/15/2008


liz @ 6:55 pm on 12/15/2008

i love nathan!! hehe hes so cute

yaya @ 7:17 pm on 12/15/2008

i cant wait for this episode. and nathan is cute.

erika @ 7:42 pm on 12/15/2008

there both 16? i thought that they were like 12!

Katie @ 7:52 pm on 12/15/2008

they don’t look 16, and i don’t get why their characters would ever kiss! they hate each other!

Krissy Fantasy @ 8:14 pm on 12/15/2008


this is so un believable & WEIRD!
there characters are the opposite of each other plus they hate each other- more drama and funniness for I Carly.

But like some people say.
opposites attract.
i guess all that hate and torturing one another
was love all along:S
a kiss…
awww how cute^^
gotta admit they make a cute couple <3

i wonder what Carly will say about this..
since Freddy always liked her..;)

4 times rehearsing that scene:S
and first time he kissed someone.
i feel bad for both of them..
but for the right reasons :)

Natalie @ 10:32 pm on 12/15/2008

That girl is not pretty.

Emy @ 12:00 am on 12/16/2008

I thought they hated each other on the show?!?

jamie @ 12:10 am on 12/16/2008

YES! not like i haven’t known about this since the news first came out.. but i’m still freaking out. saw this coming from the beginning. :) love them, sam and freddie are THE cutest couple. ever. they so do not hate each other, i mean please. why else would sam be so mean to him?? wouldn’t you say ron and hermione hated each other in the first few books too? mhm. thats what i thought.

ammappa @ 2:13 am on 12/16/2008

eww LOL

Karina @ 9:21 am on 12/16/2008

That’s soo pretty !! (L’

Biaa @ 9:48 am on 12/16/2008

I love ICarly so much!!
I’m just thinking what Carly will say about this kiss
I can’t wait for this episode…But the worst thing is that I live in Brazil and this episode isn’t coming in January!!!


Melanie @ 9:51 am on 12/16/2008

OMG! I can’t believe they are going to kiss!
Can’t wait for the episode!!!!

*Pri* @ 12:32 pm on 12/16/2008

He is beautiful… she isn’t beautiful ! x:
she doesn’t know to kiss ! :O

♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥ @ 3:28 pm on 12/16/2008

Haha thats weird.
Their characters like hate each other and I thought Freddie like Carly…..Oh well. This should make a MUST-SEE episode :)

princesslizzy @ 5:52 am on 12/17/2008

they make a cute couple ! and to all you slow kids who thought they hated each other LMAO. you need to go look at all the bickering duos in books, movies, and TV that end up jumping each others bones or kissing at least. it’s the stuff that makes up sexual tension. geez, so many thickheaded people. turn off the disney, the mindless Internet drivel, and go to the library why don’t you.

I cant belive they kissed!

geena @ 12:23 am on 12/19/2008

Pri, I’d hate to be mean, but my old maid’s name was Pri.
And she doesn’t know how to kiss?
How do you know?

st @ 2:32 am on 12/19/2008

Sam is mean to everybody. Guess she loves Lewbert too? And Mrs. Benson? And don’t try to say that just because people don’t agree with you that they haven’t read any books. What bugs me is that Freddie HAS been kissed in the episode i Will Date Freddie. Plus there was a whole episode where Sam had a boyfriend. Even though it didn’t happen onscreen, they were probably supposed to have kissed. Also, it wasn’t Jennette’s first onscreen kiss. She kissed Zoey’s gross little brother on Zoey 101. Don’t blame her if she repressed the memory, but hey she agreed to do it so it counts.

st @ 2:33 am on 12/19/2008

I also don’t think they have romantic chemistry but slapstick comedy chemistry. Maybe because the actors are good friends in real life and like brother and sister it’s hard to generate that kind of thing.

lilli @ 6:15 pm on 12/20/2008

i love so much nathan he is so hot

lilli @ 6:18 pm on 12/20/2008

i love nathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is so cute i love everyone in I carly

lilli @ 6:19 pm on 12/20/2008

i love nathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is so cute and i love everyone in I carly

heather @ 2:32 am on 12/21/2008

OMG I SWARE I FREAKED OUT!!!! its lik 2:31am here & I found out lik at 2am & Im still freaking out Im so telling my friend & I think she might freak out also

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