Nick Jonas: I Love Mom's Christmas Dinner!

Nick Jonas: I Love Mom's Christmas Dinner!

Nick Jonas loves the holidays, especially because he has so much to be thankful for!

The 16-year-old musician took to his blog on Nick’s Simple Wins to write about the upcoming holiday and what he’s looking forward to the most. He writes, “This will be Elvis‘ first Christmas with me. It is going to be hilarious to watch him on Christmas morning. I wonder if the presents under the tree will survive until then. Watching what you eat is probably even more important with all the Holiday Parties and Festivities happening this month. I use my Contour meter, and its meal markers to help me daily but especially during the holidays. Those meal markers help me know where I stand and stay in control, so I don’t have to slow down when it comes to eating Mom’s Christmas Dinner.”

Nick also wishes everyone a very happy holiday season. He shares, “I wish nothing but health and happiness to all of you throughout this Holiday Season and the New Year.”

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  • Sabreen

    such a polite mamas boy……awwwwwwwwwww

  • Sabreen

    such a polite mamas boy………….awwwwwwwww

  • sk8brit

    Nick Jonas is actually 16, not 15

  • blahhhh

    he is such a sweetheart :)

  • maria luiza

    he is so cute!!!
    but i luv my Mom’s Christmas Dinner too!!!
    and nick..i luv you!!!

  • ariana


  • tiffany

    nick is an amazing boyyy,
    and a great role model!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    Awww Nicks such a sweetie i loooooooove him sooooooo much he deserves EVERYTHING hes getting i also think its soooooooo CUTE how big of a mamas boy he is i cant resist curly headed diabetic boys ;) you gotta love em’ haha HAPPY HOLIDAYS NICK I LOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • Helen

    loooove him to death

  • Emy

    AWWWWW lol I love how he mentioned it will be Elvis’ Chritmas with him!!!! How cute!!!! Nick you are HOT!!! and so talented! I love you! and merry christmas!

  • tay

    marry me, please? <3

  • Lexi alexaca Woodruff

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to Nick and Joe and Kevin and their Famliy
    may their CHRISTMAS be merry and Brite and filled with Joy.

  • Holly♥

    I think he is such a good rolemodel for kids eveywhere.
    I also think that he is so respectfull towards his mum and family.
    I also am glad he is a christian , inspiring for me.

    Merry Christmas the Jonas Family

    -From Holly ;)

  • tabitha


    he is such a sweetheart

    the jonas brothers should come to australia for christmas, it is nice and hot LOL

  • nathalia

    i love him to death!
    seriously, he’s such an amazing boy! and he’s SOOOOOO cute!
    happy holidays!

  • lacey

    Awww isnt he just lovely?
    He’s just gorgeous!!!
    i LOVE nick jonas :)


    Its things like that that make all off his fans love him sooo much just like me he has been able to get people’s love an admiration
    he inspires those who have nothing to belive in and has also gained respect from the people who used to insult or make fun of his band

    Everyone loves their mothers cooking I am one of those people
    and i am happy to see that Nick is enjoying the time he is spending with his dog Elivis.
    He is very cautious and takes good care of himself

    I wish all of the Jonas Brothers and their family happy holidays and i hope they really enjoy the time they spend together!!!!

  • florencia

    I’ve responded to Nick’s Blog, I wish the best to him and to his family because they deserve THE BEST :D
    I love JB with all my heart :D

  • aaldi

    aaaaawww nick nick ! you are so cute you are the best so sexy i love u

  • molly

    who’s elvis????

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