Vanessa Hudgens is a Christian Dior Darling

Vanessa Hudgens is a Christian Dior Darling

Vanessa Hudgens puts her best Christian Dior boot forward as she does a little bit of mattress shopping with her mom Gina on Monday afternoon in Glendale, Calif.

The 20-year-old Identified songstress celebrated her birthday yesterday with boyfriend Zac Efron. He took her to L.A. eatery, Stanley’s and brought her a big bouquet of her favorite flowers, pink lilies.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens testing out new beds…

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  • ugh.

    i’m sorry but those are the ugliest boots ive seen in my life. they are atrocious. it doesn’t get THAT cold in LA. and why are they so damn big? EW.

  • eww

    just one question: WHY???

  • hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    i’m confused… this some kind of joke? they are massive……

  • Rose

    Vanessa looks ah-mazing
    I want her outfit
    Hope she had an amazing b-day

  • bee

    she looks gorgeous. the red lipstick is workin this time.

    love her outfit sans the boots.

  • mhay

    i love her!!!!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    I wanted to say that last time she wear kinda revealing and now, she wears really COVERED up..
    i live in california and it so damn cold…. I am FREEZING….
    I can’t imagine those who live in east coast…..
    i don’t blame her at all

    she’s so cute and I love the dior boot ( definitely can’t afford it though )
    love the beanie too
    just hate the lipstick ( which don’t work on anybody for me )

  • Rose

    #1 it’s called fashion
    But you obviously wouldn’t no that

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    hrm, scratch my comment about the lipstick
    i must have seen the older still red bright but it’s not as WOW as last time so it’s great…
    it just like a natural lip gloss….
    I like it….

  • k

    wow i think that is for her new house.

  • Euge


  • gabby

    she look great
    for some reason red lip-stick work on her

  • Cassidy

    She must be getting ready to move soon. Hmm, I wonder if Zac is planning on moving in with her?… It’s a good question.

  • vanessajonas

    shee is great:)!
    keep vanessa posts coming!!
    haters go away please

  • Euge

    The first person everytime said something bad


  • zanessa4ever

    she looks great no matter what!
    that was really nice of zac to get her, her fav flowers….
    i ♥ the smell of pink lilies!!!

    and #13 it does look as though she is getting ready to move into her own house and i do wonder if zac is moving in too! there both in their 20′s now!!!

    ♥ zanessa

  • ayen

    She looks really beautiful. The red lipstick works. The whole outfit works.

  • zanessafan

    what else can say? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Katty

    Maybe her and Zac broke the bed… HA. Love her, and him. More him than her because he is FINE



  • aw

    Cute, the lipstick looks great.

  • maria

    I like the lipstick too….it’s a little softer this time, or maybe we’re getting used to it! I LOVE her boots……I guess you all don’t live here in New England, although it was 60 here today!! Who knows? Maybe Zac got them for her birthday!!

    She does look gorgeous though in whatever…’s amazing how different she can look from day to day!!

  • lele

    i dont want to get used to it!!!

  • joanne

    #19 LOL i’m with you. they probably worn out her old mattress. wink. wink.

  • tia

    LMFAO! thoose boots….HAHAHAHA! is she joking?!??!?!

    and lmao at number 23! haha

  • xxox

    if someone like rihanna wore these boots, i GUARANTEE you every single comment would be hatefull and bashing her for it…

  • giz

    I think the boots are frikkn badassss. I wish i had boots like those cause my area was flooded this morning. I had water seeping through my shoes.

  • ariana

    she’s adorable

  • zanessa/jashley

    lol..#19..oh gawd..hopefully it won’t break this time…lol..

    i love her outfit. #1, be jealous she has bigger boots than you. I love the hat too :D She’s always looking gorgeous. I think she’s going for a new look now :D Still can’t believe she’s 20’s hard to believe..she still looks young for her age. (which is GOOD.)

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    beautiful, beautiful
    every day she is better, smell your style
    about their future, I believe it will make them act, sing, shake
    and I would be here on the other side of the world rooting for his success
    I love you vanessa
    and of course next to zac

  • liz

    Ahh! I love her =] She’s sooo gorgeous! ♥

  • meme!!

    i love heeeR!!!
    she is sooo HOt and Cuteeee!! <3

  • christine

    i agree with #19
    when i read she was looking for a matress that was the first thing that popped in my head!

    i love her look, she is hot!

  • angela clarke

    no offence but whats with her and lipstick jeez.

    shopping for beds.

    I already got a double bed.

    her boots are HUGE i wont even wear them i’ll like fall every second LMAO.

  • bri

    love her outfit and her boots!!!!!!!
    she is just so pretty!!!!!!!

  • curiosity

    Beautiful and Gorgeous as always…

    Love Vanessa.

    Thanks JJJr

  • dont

    its funny. i checked the other jared site, and NOBODY had anything good to say about her boots (because they are obviously way too big dumb ). but here all the 10 year olds get on their knees and worship her. its really quite funny.

    and you talk about her bed breaking. but i can’t say her boots are ugly? weird.

  • vanessajonas


  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    i LOVED EVERYTHING FROM THE START! And then i got to the boots… but still ove her though!!!

  • tay

    I am in love with her boots!! those are amazing! i want them!

  • vancrazed

    The boots prove it. She can wear anything. I love those boots, I could never wear them and she puts them on and could probably sell a million pair. You look great V.

  • http://ZacEfron Kevin

    Vanessa looks beautiful and pretty. Zac is one lucky man.

  • V-loyalist

    She’s 20 and no longer a teen, if she wants to wear red lipstick it’s her choice and I say it looks good on her, besides she has sultry lips to pull it off.

    Anyway, she looks great and stylish as always. Love her to max!!

  • ashnessaluvr

    OMG V looks gorgeous!!!!
    I am luvin the cute beanie!!!
    This time….her red lipstick works with her whole outfit!!!
    She looks amazing….
    I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!!!
    I ♥ u V!

  • k

    i love JJ and jjr.
    thanks for putting vanessa in both thread.

  • Karen

    Before everyone starts saying stupid stuff about the bed just give this a thought. The girl is trying to furnish a new house—a house that has SIX bedrooms. I’m sure she may not be going to use all those rooms as bedrooms but I’m sure she will have 3-4 of them as bedrooms so you know what??? she’s going to have to buy some mattresses for those beds that will go into the bedrooms in her new house!

    Now see, isn’t that simple reasoning?

  • Jenni13

    umm shoes?!!? a bit muchh

  • khloe

    i love the shoes! van looks great =)

  • zacishoottt

    hahaha yah dude it is cold in hollywood!!! hahaha!! and zanessa is cute

  • mememe

    i love how in L.A. they think 55 degrees is cold enough for sweaters & boots.. not just her..alot of people out there.. in CT..20 degrees is cold! I was in C.A. near L.A in January once it was 50 degrees & people had huge north face’s on & gloves & scarves & I was ready to put shorts & a t-shirt on! lol