Vanessa Hudgens is a Christian Dior Darling

Vanessa Hudgens is a Christian Dior Darling

Vanessa Hudgens puts her best Christian Dior boot forward as she does a little bit of mattress shopping with her mom Gina on Monday afternoon in Glendale, Calif.

The 20-year-old Identified songstress celebrated her birthday yesterday with boyfriend Zac Efron. He took her to L.A. eatery, Stanley’s and brought her a big bouquet of her favorite flowers, pink lilies.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens testing out new beds…

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  • Boji

    Karen, yeah probably more than one mattress. She will be having guest rooms as well for entertaining.

    Still loving her lip colour and those boots, cute. I would wear them and I ain’t no tweeny that’s for sure.

  • vicky!

    iv seen that hat on ashley before, But i aint complaing she looks awsome in it though. I bet you guys the next time ashley wears that hat people are going to be like shes try to be vanessa, I saw ashley wear it fist but im not that sad and jelous to comment on it like other haters and i dont like vanessa.

    But she looks cute, I hope she gives us an MTV Cribs tour hehe! x

  • Boji

    For crying out loud, it is pretty obvious the weather was cold on the day these pics were taken even though it is California. Gina was all wrapped up as well. Go ask a Californian.

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    yeah, Californian here
    and today was COLD….
    literally freezing
    we used to the Hot weather
    so when we suddenly get rain and it didn’t stop by the way for the whole day….
    I for once, was in misery..
    I was really cold… I put on everything I can to make me feel warm.

  • joy

    has anyone seen her dior boots before?
    i kind of thought its from zac :)

    when i saw yesterdays pics i thought it could be
    shoes, cause v love shoes :)

    anyway she looks good as always and i kind of like how the red
    goes with her. looks great !!! it nver works for me :(

  • Angelika in poland


  • zanessafan4ever18

    she looks nice,
    hope she had a nice birthday

  • suzy

    lol. she is so cute.

  • carol


  • Annonymous

    She looks very sexy with the lipstick color, the boots……. I honestly believe it’s too big for her cute petite body.

  • Katie

    yay, another vanessa post! she looks beautiful no matter where she is!

  • babyG


  • fyrah

    she looks hot whatever she wears…….i love her boots,love ya. .

  • fyrah

    wow..i love her boots,she looks hot whatever she wears…love ya!!

  • witchygirl

    she looks great

  • maria

    Californians and Floridians are NOT used to cool weather. They’re cold blooded. We up here in New England or the northern states, think 50 degrees is warm!! In the spring, as soon as it hits 50, people are in shorts!! It just feels good to us after a cold winter.

    But since they are used to much warmer weather in CA and FL, they DO get cold with a temp drop like that! So what? I think it’s cool when I see people there dress warm and cozy like us!! I LOVE the boots!!

  • AnniLupo

    I love her style……. But these boot…. horrible! I hope she doesn’t really thing they look cool

  • love

    She looks really beautiful
    The red lipstick works
    love u vanessa :)

  • sarah

    she looks goregus
    she’s the BEST
    and oh stop the hate ur just jelouse xP

  • vanessahudgensfaaan!


    Her outfit is soo cute.
    and ILOVE her boots.

    AND she hase the same JACKED as me!

    i’m from holland and my englische is not that verry good.


  • sweetnessa

    awww i love her she look gorgeous <333333

  • sweetnessa

    awww i love her
    she looks gorgeous <333333

  • nathalia

    i love her!
    she’s gorgeous!
    but i’m not a big fan of those boots.. she looks great anyways.

  • reenuh

    i luv this look…and the dior boots, she’s definitely rockin’ it! ;o)

  • enigma

    oh gosh people and their worries^^
    i live in austria and i would be happy if we had 50 degrees… but we ain’t. it’s 23 degrees out there and i think, THAT’s the right temperature to put on those ugly boots.
    they’re really huge.
    but love her, though

  • piola

    Ooh I love her outfit and the red lipstick. Check out this gallery of the HSM cast at Jingle Ball:

  • yuri nogueira

    vanessa, i love you ♥
    you rocks

  • VanessaFan4ever

    wow !!!!!!!! the boots are great all her outfit is coll a love her style so much she is my idol for everything sings and act great she is so awsome

  • zanfan4Eva

    she looks gorgeoussss…..
    i wonder if zac got those for v!
    maybe there going on a skiing trip!!!!
    that would be nice:)

  • lacey

    She looks fabulous :)
    Always does and the red lipstick looks cool too. I just love almost every outfit she wears!!

    #19 probs the best comment on JJJ so far ;)

    and i wonder if zac bought her those boots for her birthday? ya know, in that box he had for her?

  • sara

    I love her outfit

  • http://deleted zanessahsmxoxo

    she is so hot!! i love her so much,i hope she had an awesome b-day(i think she did,because she spent the day with the best man ever,her bf,zac,haha)…the lipstick really work on her and she is always beautifull

    vanessa fan forever!! zac fan forever = ZANESSA LUVER 4-EVER!

  • ashleylover

    im not really a vanessa fan but wow she looks totally pretty there (:

  • laura daniela

    jar, you’re smart, you post vanessa’s thread hera and in the main board to get hits in both of two sites hahahhaa

  • maria

    Gwen Stefani has the same boots in red…..check out this week’s People magazine. I think they’re cool.

  • ellie

    omg the boots it’s like shes a goth oh well I love her its just OMG they just stand out when I try to ignore them lol anyway everyone has their unfashionable days but OMG someone call the fashion police all she needs now is a beard and a motorbike and she’ll be in the the motorbike gang

  • Meltem

    paparazzi video of this day

  • vancrazed

    Yeah…her boots are going to be the new thing. She is always a step ahead in fashion.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She looks awesome!
    Haha I ♥ the comments about Zanessa breaking the bed :]
    Hopefully maybe Zac moves in with her, they have been dating for 3 years, and they’re so cute. They’ll make it till the end!
    ZANESSA = ♥

  • chris

    she’s soo pretty she looks different with lipstick…

    visit: /matthewprokop

  • zacefronlovee

    awww shes so prettyy!

  • ilovezanessaxo
  • mj

    While you were freaking out over her boots did you notice she has on Zac’s shirt again? its the one she wore with shorts before, Or can she claim it as hers because she wears it so much?

  • kiarita´sKiss

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    oh do anyone know what the boot called ?
    snow boot or what ?
    because I’ve been trying to find one just like her but well not that big and definitely not dior..
    anyone know the name ?

  • maria

    I saw the boots on the Bergdorf-Goodman website. They’re Dior snow boots. And I mentioned earlier, I saw them on Gwen Stefani in red in People Magazine’s new issue.

  • k

    #92 thanks for that.

  • talita

    Linda demaais!

  • melu

    i have to say i dont like those boots at all, but anyway i like her outfit end love that hat, it lookss really nice on her.

  • Massie

    pretty nice pretty nice [[: