Demi Lovato: I've Never Kissed a Jonas Brother

Demi Lovato: I've Never Kissed a Jonas Brother

Demi Lovato gets dolled up in a gorgeous purple gown on the cover of Seventeen‘s special prom issue, on stands in January.

The 16-year-old pop star dished to the mag about working with the Jonas Brothers, dating them and BFF Selena Gomez. Here’s what she had to say:

On dating a JoBro: “We’re all friends. But they’re not the type of guys that I’d be into dating ” or else I’d be dating one!”

On Joe Jonas: “I can definitely call Joe a best friend. On one of the first nights of filming Camp Rock, we sat there and spilled everything, and I talked about how I was bullied in school when I was younger. It was emotional, but it brought us close. I’m able to go to all of them with my problems.”

On BFF Selena Gomez: “I’ll meet other actors who are like, ‘Let’s go to a party.’ But Selena and I would rather rent a horror movie and just eat pickles. That’s our ideal sleepover. … It’s just crazy to realize that Selena and I have known each other almost our entire lives.”

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  • Jessica

    Love her! she is awesome!

  • joeil4u

    poor demi!!!why are you selena’s friend????????’

  • b chick

    she looks like a clown with so much make up.
    and her eyebrows look gross!

  • cc27

    i soo want demi and joe 2gether o.O i just think they match well… lol

  • miley

    omg she looks so ugly!

  • Yenny

    She looks gorgeous… i’m Joemi and i want demi and joe together they look so cute awww

  • demilvr

    she looks gorgeous!! shes so cool . i love demi! :)

  • Gabi

    love her!!

  • sarah

    does it matter how she looks???
    gawsh people are so mean

  • sarah

    I think Selena, Demi and I coould be best friends. They’re so real, like me.

  • Missy

    I don’t get why Seventeen feels the need to go photoshop crazy with all their covers. They do it everyone. Demi is a naturally pretty girl. They should have gone easy on the makeup and the airbrushing.

    The dress looks gorgeous on her though.

  • jen

    ew she looks rele ugly….shes so annyoying “I know the jonas brothers and selena is my bff” STUF NO ONE CARES…they are the reason for her “career” if u can even call it that.

  • PAU!

    I like more the “dark” demi than this girly one haha, but she look gorgeous (L)

  • Katie

    i think they should have a girl on the cover of the prom issue who is actually old enough to have been to a PROM!

  • zanessalovesyou

    love demi, hate how she looks in here.
    They made her all plastic. She’s a natural beauty, she doens’t have to hide it.

  • Ash

    the whole selena/jb thing is getting annoying, i mean its not that i dont like demi but seriously every interview has to mention them. I just wish they would ask different questions.

  • um.

    I hate how Seventeen always jacks up the celebrities for their covers. I don’t think they’ve ever had a decent looking cover..
    oh and the light eye shadow combined with the dark lip and blush overload looks horrible..

  • shela

    I agree with # 12 and #16 plus demi looks like a clown.

  • Emily

    I can not wait to see the day when the Jonas Brothers dump Selena and Demi[Like they did to Miley] for the next big thing.

  • demilovatosbff

    everyone shut the hell up.
    demi is absolutely gorgeous. :)
    she looks amazing.
    i can’t wait to get this issue in the mail.
    i’m so framing this cover. xD

  • me

    i LOVE that they (demi and selena) are not the typical hollywood doomed-4-failure party girls. they are real, they are talented, they are amazing….they are such role models! <3

  • dothy

    I think that joe and demi are so pretty together! he’s hot and she’s beautiful! I love them! together forever!

  • ryanevansluver

    I agree with 18 and 19. jobros will do the same to her that they did to miley then we’ll see what happens. plus it’s her career not selena’s or jonas brothers! so stop talking about them!

  • erika

    omg she looks so pretty! love BFFS and fellow disney srars selena and demi!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    ewwwwwwwwww she looks AWFUL it looks like she got botox she has WAAAAAAAAAY to much makeup on for her age I agree with #19 thats EXACTLY whats going to happen a girl is gonna work with them then end up dating one of them then they breakup and the girl is on talk shows and radio stations saying Oh he broke up with me I’m sooooo heart broken about it then they write songs about it its soooooo gross and thats EXACTLY what Selena is going to do ya’ll just wait and see its GONNA happen she hunts them boys down EVERYWERE they go i cant stand Selena and NOW Demi they’re both UGLY and they SUCK they wish they were as BIG as Miley Miley ROCKS so does Jonas Brothers i looooooooooooove them Demi,Selena & Taylor Swift SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • amelia

    ^ you need help.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    all of you
    are clowns and fools yourselves.
    clearly, you can’t accept this girl for who SHE is and what she wears.
    I think she looks stunning.
    purple suits her.
    looks don’t matter.
    It’s what on the inside that counts.
    So what if she has too much make up on?
    she has that same style, with a darker look?
    and you say, she still looks gorgeous and good?
    arrogant much?
    so self critical.
    I never doubted her on what she does.
    CUZ everything SHE HAS done- looks amazing on her.
    SHE hasn’t failed one bit.

    AND leave her alone with Sel AND JBROS.
    these 4 people mean alot to her
    AND they’ve helped her throughout her life, to be exactly where she is.
    AND if you can’t help that- screw off, and find something else to do.
    you guys are seriously not fans one bit.
    it’s not annoying to hear sel and nick, kev and joe.
    ALOT of posts about them..with tons of fans.
    why not complain about that?
    ;) exactly.
    AND again with miley?
    just bcuz jobros ditched miley, cuz of niley breakup, doesn’t mean there going to do the same thing with DEMI.
    DEMI came to them. Not the other way around.
    AND she stated she’s not dating any of them…
    AND AS for Selena, even if she & nick are dating- it’s none of yur business to critic it. There lifes not yours.

    So leave them all alone.
    Don’t bother to comment if you have nothing good to say.
    FANS or haters
    get a life still!

  • candy

    I saw this on oceanup and every single girl had rude comments to say.
    1. she doesn’t choose what to talk about the interviewers ask her. Magazines think that JB will sell so they always ask her about them
    2. I think she looks gorgeous here and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous. Lets face it, thats the way girls are. The dress looks hot and her makeup and hair is cute.
    3. she has an amazing carrer and she can sing (shes doesn’t scream listen to her in any of her concerts with slow songs)

    People are just jalous of her and her career

    p.s I really want Joe and Demi to get together like BADLY!

  • dulce

    she looks horrible!
    she looks like a crown.

  • Shannon

    The poor joBros they have to deal with all these chicks spreading thier buiness other than that she looks good

  • ..

    okay #27 they dressed her and did her make up i know who demi is and this isnt her she is darker not so clowny girly and nobody said she failed so stfu

  • Whitney

    Aw her and Selena remind me SOOO much of me and my BFFLAD =)
    ily Anna Banana!! =)


    i lovee her
    she is awesome .

    personally i like her better then sel
    ( tare me part i dont care, thats right i said it)

    joe + demz = LOVEE .

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    #26 HELLO I’m the girl that needs help huh? haha you’re sooo ignerent why do you even bother its so sad to see dumb retards like you think you know EVERYTHING you MUST have problems so YOU get some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • brie2009

    Aww man I gotta get ready for Prom! I gotta get this issue for dress ideas. But Demi is normally a pretty girl but the cover is wack! Seventeen did too much make up on her.

  • Karina

    Demi and Joe foreverr !! (L’

  • jo…jo..

    she looks ugly at the cover ;D

  • jo…jo..

    she looks ugly ;D

  • Nicole

    What I don’t understand about her is why she must always talk about JB. We get it your friends but in every interview she has to talk about joe or one of them. Selena too. It’s so annoying. She needs to make a name for herself and stop depending on her connection with JB to carry her through her career.

  • jess

    they ask her those questions and thats not all the interview theres more where she does talk about herself so everybody stfu if u dont like her dont comment if ur sick of her talking about jb or selena dont read it its as simple as that u guys are such losers GET A LIFE! on the other hand demi looks gorgeous!

  • sarah

    joe and demi should date, demi is beautiful!

  • Ash

    actually her agent or management or whatever looks over the questions before they ask her anything. They choose which questions she answers or else they would be asking her absolutely anything. Its just not fair to her if they keep her talking about JB and/or selena cuz obviously it turns people off.

  • jen



    its true, why should she be on the cover of Seventeen Prom if she’s not even old enough to go to one yet! thats ironic! and she does look like a clown with all that makeup and i dont get why she has to smile like that… doesnt she know how to model properly? stars like selena and demi really have no clue about the industry. it annoys me how people like them get famous when clearly, there are much more talented people out there who work hard and deserve the spotlight for once.
    and yeah, all she talks about is JONAS BROTHERS JONAS BROTHERS, MY BFFL SELENA, SHES MY BFFL! omg, she never shuts ut about selena! no one cares! we all know they’re friends geez! i was hoping a better person would be on this cover. victoria justice or vanessa hudgens would look good in a prom dress. unlike toothpick demi

  • wayt

    AS IF SHE COULD EVER DATE A JOBRO! On dating a JoBro: “We’re all friends. But they’re not the type of guys that I’d be into dating – or else I’d be dating one!” does she think she can get any guy she wants just b/c of her being famous? this girl is starting to get a HUGE ego problem- you can tell. She is obsessed over herself.


    Oh Great, another ” I was bullied in school” story. shouldn’t she still be IN school? Demi Lovato cannot sing guys. Why dont you guys listen to On the Line, my first thoughts were ” is that singing, or just really loud yelling?”

  • christmasissosoon!


  • christmasissosoon!

    p.s JOYCE,
    i highly doubt selena gomez would appreciate you dissing her bff.

  • Tara

    Selena, Demi, and miley should be best friends…
    they make an album 2gether right??
    that’s my idea

  • Maya (:

    OMG I luv Demi (:
    she is so cute, and she is friends with the JoBros so here’s another reason to like her XD

>>>>>>> staging1