Nikki Reed is D&G Gorgeous

Nikki Reed is D&G Gorgeous

Nikki Reed keeps it classic in a little black dress at the grand opening of the D&G Flagship Boutique in Los Angeles on Monday night.

The 20-year-old Twilight vampiress recently dished about her and leading vampire Robert Pattinson‘s musical connection. She shared, “I have a big musical connection with Rob. Just for the sake of it I’m not going to say where he plays, but they are just little shows and he plays for us. He’s amazing. Jackson Rathbone is amazing as well. I play a little guitar, but I’m not as good as Rob is.”

Nikki also revealed that Rob introduced her to a whole new music world: “Rob and I went to see Kings of Leon and they were really good. He’s gotten me interested in that whole world.”

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Photos: Fayes Vision/WENN, Michael Buckner/Getty Images
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  • saletinha

    i love u

  • noelle

    gorgeous woman!

  • pup

    heh, funny.

  • Katie

    i think she looks pretty in pic 5. i have never heard of this woman before! (probably because i have never read or seen the movie twilight, but i’ve heard of it!)

  • vanessajonas

    she wants something with rob.. thats MORE THAN OBVIOUS!

  • julie

    they are just good

  • Vay Nay Nay

    She reminds me of a young Kate Winslet.

  • Maria

    I get the feeling she LIKES Rob.

    Actually I get the feeling they like each other.I still can’t get over the fact he took her out to dinner with his family….JUST her.I don’t know…I think there’s something there.

  • 2o0my

    YAY! Nikki is Amazing!! <3 the dress!!

  • KDdo

    He took her to meet his family! Just her? The tabloids would have a field day with that! LOL

  • michelle

    She’s amazingggg! I want to hear her sing! And I would love to see Jackson performing! He’s my favorite! My prom dress looked REALLY similar to the dress she’s wearing here!

  • Maria


    The tabloids DID have a field day…but for all the wrong reasons.

    He walked out of the restaurant with two blondes and Nikki Reed (and his parents who were waiting in a cab), and the paps were freaking out because he stayed back with one of the blondes because she didn’t want to be photographed.They made a huge deal about that asking WHO SHE WAS!? and WHERE THEY DATING?!…Turns out the two blonde girls with him were his two sisters…so the suspicious appearance that night…would be Nikki’s…but they didn’t catch on to that because they were too busy making up other stories,hahahahahaha!

  • Morgan

    How many times is she going to talk about their “musical connection”? It’s kinda getting old. She definitely likes him. Fortunately he’s to busy thinking about Kstew <3 ROBSTEN!

  • amelia

    it would be funny if they go out

    they kinda play siblings in the movie lol

  • Lelle

    How do you really know they are not dating? For all we know they are staying “single” for the promotion! She talk about him a lot! Or, she may just be a stalker.

  • steph

    I like her much more than that Stewart girl……Nikki seems like a really nice girl….. she and Rob make such a cute couple……Kristen Stewart seems always mad at everything ……too much press? Well, that`s part of your job kiddo, face it and try not to look as a spoiled child all the time!

  • d

    she always talks about him…
    obsessed much?

  • Brett

    OMG!! I thought that was just me thinking, but she totallly wants Rob, it’s soooooo obvious… Although it obviosly seems rob doesn’t want her.. I mean rob is a deep kind of guy, and Nikki is just your everyday american, always energetic and getting her tan on…

  • Team Nikki

    She’s ALOT better then Kristen Stewart.
    She’s got more talent in her fingertip then Kristen does
    in her entire body.
    Kristen is a little snob, & preferabley, I STRONGLY dislike her.
    For many reasons.
    & So what if she talks about Rob? There FRIENDS. I talk about my friends alot, I guess that means im dating them, doesn’t it?
    So yeah, just leave this whole ‘omg shes a stalker, shes in love with rob, shes dating him” thing because its stupid.

    she’s STUNNING :) btw.

  • kara

    She is very beautiful, but she looks so much older than 20.
    I mean I’m 27 and I look younger than her LOL.
    I thought she was around 30.

  • Lek

    Um. Yeah. Can we say…chameleon?? I don’t know how recent those comments were actually made cause I do remember reading something like that a while ago…and thinking no-so-nice things. Seriously too many girls mould their interests to “fit” a guy they are into. If she’s into him… be for the right reasons(like he already fits HER interests)…not just because you own a guitar and he plays one. Otherwise it’s a pretty open market for suitable dates for him. And Kings of Leon aren’t exactly like an entity of themselves – the way she describes them is kinda foolish. They are pretty decent and popular for their genre. I think she should date an unknown so it doesn’t look like she’s riding coat-tails, and so should Rob cause just maybe he’ll find someone who’ll hide out with him. That is ..once he’s finished “one-nighting” the LA populus. :) (oh I’m kidding….:P)

  • Jafe

    Blues singers don’t date bubblegum actresses! She’s got no chance.

  • adriana

    she looks sooo much older!
    but shes drop dead gorgeous

  • jen

    looks like a man…sorry but the only pretty thing about her are her eyes… like the dress though

  • marianne

    they went to see kings of leon?! my most favoritest band in the world?! ::sigh:: can the twilight cast be any cooler? geez these kids are just going to explode with awesomeness!

  • giselle pattinson

    come on!!!!!!!
    people stop being mean to her….and yea she might look older MAY BE ´COUSE SHE´S BEEN WORKING THE MOST PART OF HER LIFE come please being so mean I like her more than kstewart,kriss alwas looks like if she´s just mad ata someone….what ever is going on with her is wrogh…….like her dress for me id beatiful
    it looks alot my my 16 birthay partie dress

  • silly Rie

    oh plz… she looks like a mother bear =)) i dun like her :P

    kristen is the best ! RobSten <3 <3

  • sunny

    I relly don’t know the reason why people like her ??? she looks older than her age , she’s not talented , friendly and i think she’s not sincere when she makes friend with Kristen . Kristen is the best actor , robsten is a perfect couple on and off -screen

  • leigh

    nikki is incredibly talented. she co-wrote thirteen; she obviously is very gifted! not to mention she’s been legally emancipated from her family since fourteen. she’s grounded, responsible, beautiful… not average at all! she’s super intelligent too. I LOVE HER. as for all the speculation about nikki and rob… get a life you guys! you don’t know either of them. you have no idea if they’d be good as a couple, or if he would be better with kstew, or anything. nikki and kstew are best friends, i doubt she’s getting inbetween kstew and rpatz. deal with it.