Michael Copon: I'm Not Jacob Black...Yet

Michael Copon: I'm Not Jacob Black...Yet

Hoping for the role of a lifetime, Michael Copon opened up to PopStar.com and dished about becoming a part of the Twilight empire.

The 26-year-old former One Tree Hill bad boy cleared up all the rumors floating around the internet about filling Taylor Lautner‘s shoes in the role of Jacob Black. He shared, “I think that it is pretty clear that there are huge rumors going around the Internet about me up for the role as Jacob Black. At this point, they are only rumors. There are a lot of opinions going around on the Internet about this role. It is definitely a role of a lifetime and I would love to have that chance.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Michael taking over as Jacob Black?

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  • anon

    he’s cute but id rather have taylor play jacob black.
    i hate replacements.

  • hannah


    but he’s cute


    PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’d completely ruin the movie.

  • christina

    i think he’s like too old to play jacob
    i rather taylor lautner

  • syerah

    his cute …
    he should play jacob

  • zoey

    i’d be pretty upset if he replaced taylor lautner. i hate it when movies change actors in the sequel.

  • joanne

    omg i love me some michael copon he’s way hott

  • Ivy

    HELL NO!!!! taylor lautner is just perfect as jacob…. btw michael is too old for the role of jacob

  • Sarah

    YES !
    we need Michael.
    Taylor was horrible as Jacob Black.

    Im a HUGE Twilight fan, but Taylor just didnt do it for me.
    It just wasnt how i pictured Jacob.

    whatever happens though, New Moon will be great.
    as long as we get enough Robert Pattinson in the movie (:

  • maria

    I really hope they dont. Taylor is amazing for the role.
    If not, there are gonna have ALOTTT of jacob/taylor fans pissed.

  • twilightfreakx3

    I think he would be a good Jacob Black, even though I hate Jacob. I mean Jacob is supposted to get built in New Moon && lets face it, Taylor is scrony. Tiny compared to what Jacob is supposed to be. I hate replacement just as much as everyone else but idk. It’s trieing to go by the book and in the book remember…Jacob is supposed to be huge for his age and all. What are they supposed to do? Put Taylor in high heels?

  • spotlight

    WHAT? Who the hell is this dude? He’s old, and extremely ugly.
    Let Taylor be, and if the replacement is REALLY needed then find someone better.
    My God, this guy’s old and horrible I repeat.

  • ohyeah

    well, they definitely shouldn’t change. that would suck. i don’t like it one they change. but I wouldn’t mind if they made a totally different twilight movie..

  • Genevieve

    What does he mean “He would love to have the chance” he shouldn’t even be thinking about it because Taylor is going to keep the role. He doesn’t even look Native American. He looks more like hes Asian if anything. This is really getting out of hand. They need to just keep Taylor and end this.

  • caitlin


    if they replace him i swear we should boycott the movie!

  • http://www.myspace.com/disneyglamgirls steph

    i love himm
    thing is if the casting directors knew that twilight was going to be huge why did they cast taylor in the first place knowing that he phases in new moon.
    It makes no sence
    and Taylor played Jacob amazingly and everyone grew to love him..or hate him as Jacob…They shouldf change Kirsten if anything, she had noo personality in twilight and shes an horrible actress
    shes suppost to be a girl madly in love with a vampire yet she acts like shes about to die whenever shes around him.
    Thats just my opignon but alot of people already agree with me..

  • gen


  • Monique

    No, they need to keep Taylor Lautner as Jacob. He deserves this role more than anything. This Michael can go back to “Bring It On:Ten Thousandth Edition”. hahaha.

  • jo

    i think he can play jacob black. he looks like an older version of taylor.

  • Michelle




  • Jess

    i would be really mad,
    taylor is the ORIGINAL and ONLY jacob.
    you can’t just do that.
    people are already used to him being the role,
    it’d be a dangerous move removing him.

  • Ashleigh

    Keep taylor. I hate it when they replace people!

  • http://www.fotolog.com/rockingselena Jose

    NOO !!
    keep taylor PLEASEEEEEE !

  • anya layne.

    hmm what do i think?
    well i find it sorta kinda maybe just a little DISGUSTING and REVOLTING and i want to BARF at the thought of it.
    heLLL to the NAWW!
    thats about as bad as robert pattinson being edward cull– oh wait. that shiz already happened.

  • alison b :)

    no way.

    i know that summit wants it, but ALL of the fans want taylor.
    and if you upset the fans, then the movie will do poorly.

    well i take that back, its twilight, it’ll do amazing.

    but we all want to see taylor come back and i think that its the right move.

  • vanessajonas


  • Lalala


  • lauren

    i dont know when summit is going to realize that


    jeez people..

  • Jennifer w.

    i love michael really he is so hot but i do have to say no just because taylor started this whole thing and they should let him finish what he started. if they don’t keep taylor though then yes 100% michael would be awesome for playing jacob black. i love watching michael play in “bring it on: in it to win it” as penn.

  • Denzii

    It’s ridiculous
    They HAVE to keep Taylor!!!!

  • savvyjonass


  • Courtney

    i DO NOT think he’s better than Taylor… but I do think Taylor should be replaced. It was perfect for the young looking version of Jacob, but they need an older, bigger guy…. like STEVEN STRAIT.

    I hate replacements too, but I’m use to characters aging and having a different actor. That’s normal. It’d be diff if Michael was the first and then he got replaced. They’re replacing a kid with an adult… understandable.

    But, I’m deff “NOPE on COPON”.

  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    I have nothing against him, it’s just that he looks really old for Jacob’s age, and he does NOT look good with Kristen or Kirsten or watever the girl with the bad – ass attitude is.

  • taylor effin lautner!!


    me and my friend juss had this convo in school, that if they replace Taylor, we will pretest!!!!!!

    sure people will watch it, but they’re not gonna enjoy it like as if Taylor was in it.

  • tonya

    HELL NO.

    they need to keep taylors sexxy ass in the movie…

    not some random 26 year old guyy

  • aly

    i dont like him at all
    i love TAYLOR!!!!…
    and if they take him out, im totally not going to see new moon at the theaters for sure!!

  • Amy

    he looks to old for jacob. Taylor laughtner is better and why change him anyways?

  • taylor loverrrr

    NOOOO taylor lautner IS jacob blackkkk!!

  • MINN


  • PardyHardy

    I liked the rumor about Taylor’s people meeting with Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button people. I think if Taylor had good makeup people to make up buffer, and perhaps acting lessons, then he would BE Jacob. Physically though, I see him entirely as Jacob. When I saw his face, I was like, ‘Woah, that dude is totally Jacob.’ But, if they do replace Taylor, I don’t think it should be with this guy. He does not scream Jacob Black to me. He’s too pretty and not Native enough. I mean, if you’re going to have a Native American character, hire an effin Native American!

  • Noelani

    darn the economy and summit not having much money for effects. i still think that they’ll pull through for taylor!! well i’m praying they do. taylor is such a hottie that’s why. darn darn the economy!!!!

  • zanessa_luver

    Taylor! i hate replacements too! BUT IF he HAD to get replaced this dude seems good.


    he looks just like taylor!

  • Kristi


  • wandeela

    Sorry…but the movie needs a Jacob that looks older than Taylor and has great chemistry with Kristen…and Taylor is NOT the guy…

  • Miley

    wow they look really similar.


    NOOOOOOOOO!! so i think mike is really really hot and would have made a great jacob but come on they kew what the description of him was from the biggining and still decided to cast TAYLOR LAUNTER for the role. I personally grew to love Taylor in the movie even tho the book said he was like huge. I dont think they should change Taylor, hes hot and they should let him continue with his role. also # 16 i agree i hate Kristen she is so blah and boring and ugly plus she is a horrible actress and did a horrible job portraying love.. she looked more like she was retarded ad confussed =(


  • andietee

    Taylor is perfect as Jacob
    and it’ll be so weird if they use a different guy to play the same person..

  • Becky

    hm i think they do look alike but i think the best thing to do is keep taylor but who really cares cause instead you should be posting more on rob pattinson ;)