Taylor Swift: I've Been To Three Proms!

Taylor Swift: I've Been To Three Proms!

Taylor Swift gets all prettied up in a strapless navy gown in the Spring 2009 issue of Your Prom magazine.

The 19-year-old country charmer opened up to the mag about song-writing, how she had her first kiss at 15 and who’d she love to go to prom with (Chace Crawford).

She shares with the mag, “I write songs about the things that happen to me, because it helps me figure them out. Writing songs is like breathing for me.”

Taylor also dishes on her own prom secrets. She should know — she’s been to three!

Be sure to pick up your own copy – on stands New Year’s Eve, December 30th.

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  • heather

    aww taylor is amazing,
    it wont come out in england will it :(
    i love her she writes amazing lyrics

  • zanessa_luver

    I love her! her hair is so pretty! :) 3 proms wow. im listening to Forever and Always right now! hehe.

  • Krissy

    3 proms?
    chace crawford?
    can this girl be nothing, or anything but desperate for looks? publicity? and guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I admit she’s gorgeous & beautiful
    and her lyrics to songs are amazing, minus what they stand for, by telling people her personal life.
    But it’s her right, not mine.
    Just pisses me off, when she goes on and on and on about things, she likes to share, that no one needs to hear! NO guy would want a song to be about him! that’s just mean and wrong.
    HER songs helps her figure them out?
    if figuring it out, later on and the singing it back again..just to humiliate someone is SO important to her- wow. There’s a thing called- keeping your mouth zip about stuff.
    im not surprised why she’s a 2 timer & a Bthz to get guys, like miley cyrus tries to do.
    Things that happen to her?
    all her songs are the same meanings.. GUYS and LOVE
    there I say again- desperate much?
    NO matter what you wish for- a happy ending doesn’t always COME true, IF you keep hoping and wishing it happens. KEEP doing what your doing- and you’ll have no guy in no time.

    I used to like Taylor as a person.
    Now i just hate her- what she represents and getting annoyed to what she used to do with Joe and the breakup.
    Her songs are good.
    I like those.

    JUST not her in general.
    TAY= get a life!
    stop fooling people and showing, your better than them.

  • allyyyy

    y is she every now that she broke up with joe?shes telling every mag about it like for publicity and for ppl to feel sorry for her like all her songs bout boys..just boys..


  • Amanda

    ^Nowhere in the summary of what she talked about in the magazine did it say she mentioned anything about her break-up with Joe, meaning she isn’t going around telling every magazine about it. Get over yourself.

  • .

    jared new years eve is december 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .

    not the 30th

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    EWWWW gross hate her she SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • bd

    Chase Crawford? I find that amusing, I remember hearing stories that when Taylor went to her prom, she asked Nascar driver David Ragen. David declined, since he had a girlfriend.

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