Vanessa Hudgens is Business Meeting Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens is Business Meeting Beautiful

Vanessa Hudgens clutches onto her Balenciaga bag as struggles to keep her black pea coat closed on her way to a business meeting in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty was out last night with boyfriend Zac Efron. Vanessa was really into the L.A. Lakers game and slipped in a hug from soccer star David Beckham. The Lakers won the game against the New York Knicks, 116 to 114.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens braving the rain…

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  • zanessa/jashley

    she’s just looking fabulous. Her hair is always amazing, I wish I had hair like hers !! She can do anything with it. I love her style, and her jacket.

  • http://ZacEfron Kevin

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • natasha

    3rd woohooo bt vanessa u look really beautiful i love her style nd her jacket

  • ayen

    awww, you look beautiful Vanessa. and I hope that business meeting entails some new movie roles in the coming future. ^^

  • Alexia

    Still beautiful.
    Vanessa you are so adorkable.
    Sportsfan!Vanessa FTW!!

  • nicoleloveszac

    sswweett!! haha shes pretty!.. i went to that game.. thelakers game!! i watched them the whole time!! they were cute though!!.. bahaha!! but it was a good game!
    love zanessa!

  • overated.

    Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful..she should get an award for being beautiful. Hm, wonder what business meeting she’s going to. I’m hoping for a new movie !

  • liz

    YAY! Nessa rocks =] She’s sooo gorgeous and talented! I love these pics. Ahhh! Idk what to say! LOL. I’m just really excited that there have been lots of Vanessa posts recently, don’t you guys agree?

  • zacefronlovee

    she looks gorgeous!!

  • Karissa

    omg im so happy that zanessa are staying close and that zac loves vanessa very much and vanessa loves zac very much……… shows too!!!! I LOVE YOU VANESSA…………………..AND ZAC!!!! lol no worries about zanessa breaking up AT ALL!! togetha 4eva

  • yeah

    sooooooo hermosa!!!

    hope that business meeting is all about a new movie!!!!

    i hope zac and her do a movie together that’s not involved Disney… how about a romantic drama movie :) cause they look cute together!!! :)

    hope it will happen…

  • keri

    i love her she is so talented and beautiful!


    yeah, i hope its for another movie. i’d like to see her in another film with zac efron, or maybe ashley tisdale.
    or maybe another record deal, shes an amazing singer
    but the coolest thing would be if she got offered a role on television series on abc or something, NOT disney -__- shes waay too good for disney

  • Mandy

    im so happy to have picks of V again–
    i miseed her soo much
    ZV for life

  • http://http/ abigail

    im back she is sooooooo beautifulll for you can you seee

    gooooo xvanesssssaaaaaa
    your are the best

  • Vfan

    She is so beautiful.

  • zanessa_luver

    she looks so beautiful as always i love her soo much! :)

  • Zaness4life!!

    SHe’s sooo pretty!!!
    Hey guys, did you know that Zanessa
    won for best couple of 2008??
    Topping Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie??
    How cool is that?! LOL…

  • Unknown

    She’s pretty. :]

  • Zanessa zashley french fan

    liz: I doooo agree! There have been soo much nesa posts lately!
    Each time I see new candids of her, im lile…i wanna die!
    Shes sooo beautiful and look at her style!! Isnt it to die for??

    Jared, God blesd you for posting us this! (and rachel bilson on jj)

  • zanessafan

    she looks gorgeous. i love her outfit.

  • Zanessa Freak

    She Look Beautiful As Alwayz:D

  • http://http/ abigail

    who is that guy?

  • Emily


  • Just Jill

    Abigail, that’s Vanessa’s manager, Evan Hainey

  • mhay

    I Hope its a new movie
    I love Zanesa and i always include them to my prayer.

  • kay

    so pretty
    we love you V.
    God Bless.

  • me

    shes soo short what is she like 5’2

  • vanessajonas

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Magical, mystical, irresistible, cosmical ! haha
    patrick nuo;)

  • http://http/ abigail

    vanessa is the most beatiful girls in hollywood yeah
    she rocks

  • http://http/ abigail

    thanks jus jill

  • maria

    Can’t wait to hear what Vanessa’s going to work on next!! She looks so cold, but gorgeous!!

  • http://http/ abigail

    thanks just jill

  • rom

    she looks gorgeous as always xd i love the pic of the game!

  • meme!!

    i love heer!
    she is soo cute!

  • Nora

    Fingers crossed she and zac do another movie together!!!! (but not with disney….no offence to the company at all)

    They are soooooo adorable!


  • zanessafan

    i hope they do another movie together. something more grown up so we could have extra zanessa cuteness/sexiness.
    although if they do decide to do another movie together, i thinkit’ll be a while like a few years.

  • curiosity

    She’s just beautiful …. Love Vanessa.

    Thanks JJJr

  • zacefronlovee

    i love her!!

  • daze

    i hope she does another movie

  • http://ZacEfron Kevin

    Vanessa is so beautiful.

  • Miss Cullen

    hope a new movie deal!! :)
    i´m dying to see her in the big screen soon!

    She looks fiiieeerce ^^

  • Sam


  • marie

    Gorgeous ♥

  • reenuh

    oh gosh! she’s so pretty with less make up on! and love the black ensemble, the stockings too!!! weeee!! im hoping that’s a script for New Moon, i really want her to be Leah. ;o)

  • reenuh

    & looks like she was having quite a conversation with that man, she was laughing with him..soo cute. ;o)

  • sarah

    she looks goregus as always
    she’s the BEST
    her style is killer LOVE IT

  • erihar

    I wanna know why For Real has all of a sudden quit posting here. We need him/her to despell a whole lot of rumors and stupid talk about Van and Zac right now. Wonder if he got tired of defending them becuase it continues to do nothing to stop the hate. I don’t blame him/her.

  • OSama

    hate her!!

  • kathy

    beautiful van <3

>>>>>>> staging1