Debby Ryan Dreams of Christmas in Keller

Debby Ryan Dreams of Christmas in Keller

The Suite Life on Deck sweetheart Debby Ryan is ready for the holidays and is even more excited about going back to Texas to celebrate.

The 15-year-old actress dished to JJJ on her favorite time of year:

On her plans for the holidays: Every year is slightly different, but it usually involves having people over. Some years we all feast or play in the snow, or go caroling or watch a movie. This year, we plan to do our usual Christmas traditions and somehow fit in moving our furniture and everything from our home in Texas to our new house in California!

On her holiday destination: I love the way I spend the holidays. It’s a warm combination of my family, friends, familiar houses and my home and I am so thankful for it!

On where she’ll be celebrating: At home in Keller, TX and visiting a lot of extended family in San Antonio, TX.

On her favorite holiday movie: We have watched either Miracle on 34th Street or The Little Drummer Boy every year and a lot of times we go out to see a new one together and with friends.

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On family traditions: We always try to do something to benefit less fortunate kids on Christmas like Operation Christmas Child, Teddy Bear Drives, and Angel Tree. At home, Chris [my brother] and my parents and I usually open a present or two, watch a movie, then drive around the neighborhood to look at the lights while eating hot cookies and singing Christmas songs. On Christmas Eve at my grandma and grandpa’s house, my Aunt takes me shopping, we go to Christmas service and then we each get to open a present. My mom always makes monkey bread shaped like a tree with red-hots as ornaments and we all go in to open the rest of the presents. The date isn’t that important. Depending on if it snows and who is home, we like having kids hang out in the yard, building snowmen, setting up forts and snowball fighting, and going caroling.

On her favorite holiday treat: I always look forward to my grandpa Skip’s special cranberry relish. Ooh! And on Christmas Day, my grandma makes AMAZING stuffing that we usually end up eating in multiple dishes a day for the next two weeks!

On her favorite decorations: We have several boxes full decorations so I have no idea what my favorite is! Ohkay, it’s probably our tree. We usually start to put it up in November and it’s 10 feet tall and has at least 100 ornaments! They coolest part is that as we unpack them we see ornaments celebrating our first winters, cool places we’ve been, gifts from each other. Putting our tree up is a fun event, we reminisce, tell stories and we always learn something new about each other or our past.

On her favorite holiday memories: My favorite holiday memory is probably from our last year in Germany. My parents took my brother and I to the long, fun hill next to our house there and we sledded down and met them at the bottom. Afterwards, when we opened the door to our house to go inside and warm up, our dog got out and my brother and I chased her all around our backyard through the waist high snow. When we caught up to her, she was shivering so we all went inside to defrost and drank hot chocolate around the fire. It was like a movie.

On what she wants for Christmas: I honestly can’t think of anything! I have everything I’ve wanted and worked for and dreamed of. Plus, I get to spend the holidays with my family and close friends! Maybe a new yo-yo.

On the best gift she’s ever received: When we lived in Germany, my brother and I begged and begged for a puppy, promising to feed and walk her ourselves, but we couldn’t afford one. They finally took us one day to pick out puppies and this frisky, tiny thing ran right up to my brother and I. She chose us and we named her Daisy, after my grandma’s favorite flower. Well, I found out that it was my grandparents that bought the Daisy for us!! It was so amazing of them and she is definitely the best gift they could’ve gotten us!

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  • Zanessa_luver

    First! maybe? lol kool shes cute!! :)

  • Zanessa_luver

    First! maybe? lol kool shes cute! :)

  • ashlee

    i love being 4rm texas n i’m glad people r starting to notice the talent thats here
    mitchel musso
    that guy 4rm as the bell rings etc

  • b chick

    no way she is fifteen!
    she looks like she is 11 max.

  • Karina

    She’s cutee !

    She and Dylan could be a great couple !! (L’

  • .

    my fave holiday movie is the polar express!!! i loveeeeeeeee that movie soooo much

  • kt

    I cant stand her. i feel like she tries so hard to be cool in her little video blogs. Sorry to hate but shes not funny on the show either. This is just my opinion no one has to agree!

  • Krissy

    I don’t know what your saying.
    DEBBY is awesome!
    AND she can So act.
    THEY didn’t put her on the show, for no reason.

    Tries to hard?
    - she tries to be herself.
    That’s the only thing, i see her state about going back home and spending time with people she loves and helped her get this far.
    IF people keep trashing and hating her- then all your really doing, is stopping her, from being the person, she is now.
    AND in her blogs- that’s just a way, so she can talk to her fans, and tell them how much she loves them. EVERY celeb expresses themselves differently..just to have fun& be themselves.
    Nothing’s wrong with people living their life’s, they want it 2 be.
    IF you had watched them- you would realize that, instead of spending your time hating on her, when you really don’t know her! [ personally]

    not funny on the show?
    that may be so.
    but you can’t blame her for not acting that properly.
    maybe the lines weren’t supposed to be funny.
    her character is mostly serious and smart 247.

    DEBBY is really cute & adorable.
    She’s funny in her own way… doesn’t have to be a clown to amuse people, all the time.
    But i do miss Maddie tho.
    Ashley’s been there 4ever.
    AND debby hasn’t.
    Just give it time.

    that’s a long interview.
    but really amazing!
    you can really see through the real Debby Ryan and not a phony.

    Love her

  • Someone

    She is awesome, I love that she loves animals (:
    This girl is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  • jenna

    She seems really cool and nice! And I think it’s awesome that she’s so close to her family.

  • Emily

    I agree with #7… It seems that a lot of Disney stars are doing that now..

    I miss the old Suite Life..

  • kt

    wow number 8. I clearly said this was only my opinion that no one had to agree. if you like her than good for you. i personally don’t. im sorry if that offends you. im not gonna bash what you said even though i dont agree with some of it, but its a free country and you can say whatever you want. debbie ryan just rubs me the wrong way. btw you dont know her personally either so why are throwing that in my face?

  • debby ryen luver

    Debby ryan is the cutest

  • 1hoody

    I LOVE DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lizzie


    GO NUMBER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lizzie

    oh and KT, PLZ get a life. Go comment on that trashy Vanessa. Go Debby fans!!!!!!!!

  • GG

    Debby rox!!!!!! She is really down to earth and sweet, i wish her all the best in her carere, i am a huge fan of her show. Love you Debby. Please come to Nashville, she does alot of promo tours. yay.

  • b

    I love DEBBY!!!!!!!!! Dylan is with that blonde girl from la. I hate him 4 that, Dylan and Debby were the best couple. Anyway i love Debby she is the best. I love her shows and cant wait for her new projects.

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    I absolutely love debby ryan :)

  • leyton

    Because she is ma rolemodel :D :D

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    Deb rocks,Brazil love yo debby


  • GG

    Does anyone know when Debby’s birthday is i go on IMDB and its all like weird.

  • bauke

    WTF why aree people judging her so quickly get a life debby haters.

  • supergal

    U ARE the most pathetic person i have ever seen, Debby Ryan is the most talented, kind, sweet, big hearted and loving disney channel star of all time. Get the f out of here.

    i love debby :D

  • Haley

    I love DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!1 huge fan she rocks my world. love u debby.

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  • baby

    I love debby ryan, she is really amazing love her
    oh and KT shut the hell up, idiot.

  • Haley

    I just really love Debby. She is very down-to-earth and not super official. I love her, always will and i will always support her even in breakdowns. On the other hand, #7, Please i advise to you stay away from Debby Ryan posts because it seems like you hate her. Oh and you are obvisouly jealous of Disney’s new teen queen. I love Debby and people love Debby. When you bash her online, you will end up getting bashed a million times more. Hypocrite. I tend to ignore people like that but this is getting way out of control.

  • dance

    Debby is fantastic, so pretty :D

    I LOVE DEBBY!!!!!!!!!

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  • brit

    + She is really cute, who does the artwork for JJJ??? The X-Mas tree is cute.

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    She is hot. I am a scrooge.

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    Debby Ryan fan 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!

    I love evrything about debby, her hair, her syle, her show and her personality is just very refreshing and charming. Love u DEB.

    07, U suck like hell, get a stupid life Debby is nice and kind, do u even know her u idiot. You are only jealous because she is 15, she has alot of fans, and is a rising starlet. Oh JJJ she made the cover of Tiger Beat again, i think that she keeps her first mag covers in frames. So inspiring.

  • x mAS

    debby is amazing !!!!!!!

  • Justin Fan

    I wish tha Dylan was like Nick Jonas, so kind and a gentlemen, Dylan is like super hot and super gorgeous but he is a player, and he is with that girl he was seen with at the pizza place. Poor Debby. I hate how things end up.

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    And, Debby should be on JJ not the junior site with all the tweenies.

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    She is seriously hot. Wow that is one long interview. Any wyas i love her.

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    debby u look so cute and u are the best actually u are my romodel sooo i juist wanted to tell u that i love ur show and u are the best romode and u are the best

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    hey debby u look so cute and u are the best i think ur my romodel and i just love u. u have the cutest hair eva so thanks for the time of reading this bye

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    MY IDOL? YESSSS!!!!!!!

  • Selina

    hey debby what your email……… did u audition for the suite life on deck its my dreams to be an actor

  • Shoshana Bitbol

    I just wanted to say that debby is my idol and I have three youtube


    CraziePeoplz123, ShoshanaBitbol, and IHeartDebbyRyan!

    I also auditioned for the show suite life on deck! I really hope I get to

    be on it! Anyway, love you debby! Love the show! And if anybody has

    questions about auditions and what websites are legit… Message

    me on one of my youtube accounts! I would be more than happy to

    help you out! Okay, well best of luck to everyone in their lives!


    -Shoshana Bitbol

  • Shoshana Bitbol

    Oh and by the way… Haley #29. I think u rock for standing up to #7. I can tell u are really nice already! I would be ur friend in a heartbeat! Best of luck!


    -Shoshana Bitbol

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>>>>>>> staging1