Emma Watson is a $20 Million Girl

Emma Watson is a $20 Million Girl

Emma Watson is sitting on a small $20 million dollar fortune thanks to Hermione Granger and yet she still manages to keep herself grounded.

The 18-year-old British actress, who stars voices Princess Pea in the upcoming The Tale of Despereaux, opens up to USA Today in a new interview. Check it!

On having a normal life: “I have a more normal life than people expect. When I take public transport, people are like, ‘That girl looks like the girl from Harry Potter, but it can’t be her on the tube.’”

On wealth: “The wealth side of it hasn’t hit me yet because I have no need for money in my life. I still live at home. I eat meals with my family every night. I don’t go out a huge amount. I don’t really travel a lot. My life will not be motivated by money. I will never do a film because they’re going to pay me a certain amount of money. It’s liberating,” she says. “It means that I can hopefully make great choices.”

On being a princess: “I felt really sorry for (her character, Princess Pea). I can’t imagine anything more lonely, just not being able to be part of the real world and being trapped and locked in hotel rooms and cars.”

On animated movies: “I loved The Little Mermaid. I really loved Pocahontas — she’s a free spirit, wild and bohemian. I’m a massive animated film fan. And now I have my own.”

Emma‘s new film, The Tale of Despereaux, hits theaters this Friday, December 19th. Go see it!

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  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2008/11/30/vanessa-hudgens-katsu-ya/#comments zanessa 4 ……. i dunno

    wt eva i hate this girl

    peace out

  • Karina

    She is good ! Harry Potter is greatt !

  • carol

    love her

  • emmawatsonfan♥♥♥

    zanessa 4 ……. i dunno @ 12/18/2008 at 4:41 pm

    wt eva i hate this girl

    peace out



  • patrick

    she is gorgeous i love her

  • Truth

    Lol, Pocahontas was my favorite movie growing up. I’m loving this girl more and more. She really does seem sincre and down-to-earth. People like her were born to do well.

  • m

    She is really grounded, wish some of the other stars would be also.

  • selena lover!!!!!

    First! I love Emma Watson! She’s a great actress and is very pretty!

  • Kaitlin j.

    she seems real. not like other people like miley or alyson. i like her. shes gourgeous

  • selena lover!!!!!

    I love Emma Watson! Go Harry Potter!

  • hititquitit

    i love her
    she’s a sweetheart
    and idk if i’ll see the movie theres like this huge storm coming
    and i may not even have school so yea
    but really i’ll try :)

  • Someone

    she is awesoem and so pretty

  • patrick

    i love her

  • Emmawatson

    How can you hate her? Shes so smart beautiful mature and everything! I swear shes the nicest celebrity girl ever.. Emma is amazing and fantastic, she deserves the best!:)

  • mina

    She totally has a lovely public presentation and appearance. Refreshing!

  • emmawatsonfan♥♥♥

    she ROCKS!! :)

  • alex

    where did you get that she has 20 mil?

  • Michelle

    I love her!!!! She’s so down to earth and normal. It’s rare to find actresses like Emma who still live the same life before they were famous.

  • scorpius07

    She’s great…she really is.

    And that’s genius. People wouldn’t expect her to be taking the subway (or whatever it’s called across the pond), so they’d just assume it was someone who looked like her.

    And last I heard, it was 10 million pounds, then 16 million. I guess she’s now worth $20,000,000. No problem with college now! And speaking of, I actually think it’s great that she doesn’t feel the need to choose between her acting career and college.

    Here’s to her successful career in the future!

  • twilightaddict =)

    I love her…shes soooo awsum…n shes a flipen good actress!!!!

  • Emmahary

    she gets ÂŁ2.5 million which is about $5 million per harry potter movie
    she done ballet shoes (dont no the pay)
    she done the animated film (dont no the pay)
    and “rumors is” she is the new face for chanel

    so i guess it all adds up!

    love her!!!

  • dicha maharani

    emma your perfect,,,,,,,,I LOVE YOU EMMA

>>>>>>> staging1