Jesse McCartney - "How Do You Sleep" Music Video

Jesse McCartney -

Jesse McCartney took a long-enough break from his Jingle Ball tour to put together a special MySpace video for his fans

The 21-year-old performer compiled all of his performances and backstage adventures, including hanging with rocker Katy Perry, into a music video to share with everyone.

Jesse will soon be rocking out New’s Year Eve in New York’s City Times Square on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.

Jesse McCartney – “How Do You Sleep”
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  • chelsea


  • brinn


  • joeil4u

    it’s just alike jonas brothers’ when you look me in the eyes video!!!!!are we kidding???

  • d

    oh my gosh it is like when you look me in the eyes ha, the beginning i thought it was! oh well. heheit just proves JONAS BROTHERS ROCKS :]

  • Gabriela B.

    i loved (:

  • Antonella

    JUST A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!



  • francesca

    guys…these kind of video is fairly popular…the jonas didn’t invented anything!!!
    it’s a cool video and a cool song!!!

  • lilianna

    i love it!!
    hes amazing and ooohhhh sooo fine!
    it did remind me of the jobros music video but i love them both!!

  • riley

    is it jingle BELL tour or jingle BALL? :s

    and go JESSE!
    JB sucks, no offense :P

  • Amanda

    despite the comparison, he is sooooo much better than the Jonas Brothers and has much more experience on stage and stuff, since he has been doing this since he was what like 10 or 11? all the way back to his boy band, Dream Street!!! soo yeahh the video does look like the one for the JoBros song When You Look Me In The Eyes, and its a very cool idea cause it compiles lots of performances into one “music video” for the song, taylor swift does stuff like this too, where she takes a song that isnt even a single off of her album and then she makes her own “music video” for it w/ clips from performances and home videos. pretty awesome idea i think. she also takes her fav. songs of the moment (not her own songs) and puts them to a homemade music video with clips from her everyday life at home w/ her family and spending holidays with friends and fam and clips from her tour and life on the road on her tour bus. but anyway Jesse McCartney is sooo hot and talented and amazing!!! he seems like a really nice person too, in interviews at least, he is pretty well-spoken too, which kinda surprised me but what do i know i mean he has been in the business since he was pretty young and little. i dont usually listen to music like the kind he makes but he is good, sometimes i think he is trying alittle too hard though and it looks like he thinks he is sooooo cool like he has a huge ego, and not to sound racist but i think he sometimes thinks he is like black or something, but nontheless, he is very talented at what he does for a living!!!

  • =)

    yay jesse! he STILL has it.

    jonas brothers, no offense, have lost their charm. they were cool back in the beginning of 2008, but they’ve lost it. they’re just not appealing anymore.

    but jesse is still that ah-dorable blondie and he’s grown with his music. i mean, listen back to She’s No You and now listen to his music. you can really hear that he’s grown. so…

    rock on j-mac.

  • kmiila

    Jesse is soooo much better than JB !!! of course
    and JB sucks hehehe no offence….

  • Lynn

    Don’t EVER compare Jesse McCartney to the Jonas Brothers. No comparasion. As somebody said, Jesse has more experience, he’s been doing this since he was 7 years old. He also has a GREAT voice. Jesse’s still very appealing after all these years with his music while the Jonas Brothers have already gotten old within a year. Jesse knows what his fans want to hear from him. He brings it and does it very well, with something different, exciting, and sometimes shocking, everytime. Jesse is def. more talented and I love that’s he’s very personable with his fans.
    Jesse, you’re amazing! I love you and I’ve always been a huge devoted fan of yours.
    Keep it up. <3

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