Is Justin Gaston Using Miley Cyrus?

Is Justin Gaston Using Miley Cyrus?
  • Is Justin Gaston using Miley Cyrus for fame?
  • Cast your Twilight dream cast
  • Julianne Hough is going on tour with George Strait
  • Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron enjoy their basketball games
  • Julianne Hough sings “Jingle Bell Rock” on Christmas in Washington
  • The Jonas Brothers will be going back to the Bahamas for three more concerts — in March, April and May 2009.
  • Dylan Sprouse was seen getting cozy with a female friend out at California Pizza Kitchen in Los Angeles in recent months.
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  • Annie..!

    i think he is!!! Ge goes everywhere with her and he wants his singing carrear to begin… isn’t it right?!

  • yaya

    ive been saying that all along.

  • yaya

    also honestly not to be rude or disrespectful but i think her mother uses her too. it seems like she wants to be the next dina lohan its ridiculous.

  • http://youtubecom/priincessaiisha Aisha

    I agree with Yaya. Her Mom is with her ALL the time. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just more attention-seeking. Her Mom more likely nags Miley to borrow her $5000 to buy designer clothes and bags. Her Dad is a scrounger, too.

  • Carol

    I agree completely with #1

  • Lola

    I agree with with #1 and Yaya.

  • Floppy


  • Karina

    Yeah, Justin is using Miley for fame !

    Before they start dating, nobody knew him , and now he’s a model.

    That’s wrong ! I don’t think her mother is using her too, but can be.

  • julie

    i think he is using Miley! Omg,

  • cc27

    I think he’s using miley cyrus 100% if miley could just see that… she should dump him.. he’s just gonna break her heart!

  • joeil4u

    i said he was doing it since I saw them togheter for the first time…he just wants fame!!!!!!!!

  • joeil4u

    ..Nick was so perfect to her!!!i’m just crazy for the jonasbrothers, but when I think that nick broke up with Miley, i hate him!!!It’s insane they were such a sweet couple!!!
    at least we have still zanessXDXD

  • shut it

    you morons. her mom HAS to be with her. she’s always in the background though. the girl is a minor. she usually has her mother, her grandmother, or her teacher with her. tish is never in the spotlight. yes, she is protective..but that’s because she’s trying to protect miley. not promote herself. not to mention she’s her manager. she has to okay everything miley does because she knows whats best.

    and did you ever stop to think that maybe justin actually LIKES miley for who she is? why is that so hard to believe? sure he’s been getting more gigs, but could that because miley WANTS him to? girlfriends help boyfriends all the time. he’s always in the background too. when paps follow him, he doesn’t really have much to say to them. watch the videos. he looks uncomfortable.

    haters always look at the worst. they don’t see it any other way than from a negative point of view. miley’s just laughing it off. hate all you want, she doesn’t care.

  • vanessajonas

    she is being used by her boyfriend and by her own mom!

  • fefe

    Yes, I believe he’s using her for fame and publicity! A loser and a user!

  • b chick

    ive been saying this all along.
    i hate justin gaston

  • nicoleloveszac

    well at least zanessa is strong hahahah!!!.. but i think he is using her.. miley.. watch out..
    go zanessa!

  • Rachel

    i’ve pretty much guessed this for a while now. i’m not suprised one bit.

  • brinn

    haa! he so doesnt loove her, like come on….

  • Milaisatwilightfan .

    YES ! oh please ! is later, but you guys see the real !

  • ASH

    Dylan was seen with a female friend, A GIRL FRIEND

    He may be cheating

    I HATE DYLAN FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hannahhhhh

    but when you date someone you do go everywhere with them….it isnt that ridiculous…

  • lizzie

    Dylan S and an unknown female friend umm i wonder…….
    Does JJJ have pics???? I saw candids pap pics of that in Tiger Beat. Dylan is such a player. Disney’s later womenizer Dylan Sprouse, why cant he be like Cole. And yeah DUH justine is def using Miley. DUHHH. Anyway where are the pics. I want proof.

  • GG

    dylan and ….. who is this girl


    yea I do think he’s using her but only time will tell. and I don’t think her mom is anything like dina lohan!lol HE SHOULD B MORE LIKE A BIG BROTHER TO HER THEN A BF! like its kinda weird 2 me but watev

  • baby

    DYLAN ROX!!!!
    I think that he isnt with that blonde girl
    He is probably with Debby
    PPL sttop hating on Dylan
    That girl is his friend
    The paparazzi are bugging Dylan’s personal life
    AND so are Tiger Beat, Popstar Mag
    Yea that thing with Miley is real
    Love u Dylan :D

  • baby

    So ppl dont believe EVERYTHING u read.

  • Lolo

    WOW, Mr Dylan Sprouse, you have finally grown up. No more dating 12 year olds. I saw those pics, making out. How much do those candid pics cost now. Woah. Mr Sprouse, nice job. P.s. Debby and Dylan were never together. It has always been Ryan and Debby, and then Debby with Cole.

  • brit

    i love dylan :D he isn’t with that girl i promise debby/dylan lovers that he isnt dating that girl. poor dylan, he cant even hang out with a girl anymore. i hate the people who got those images, i hate the people who are talking pictures of dylan and that girl every month.

  • joss

    justin is using miley! as much as i don’t like miley, she should dump him already! he just wants a boost in his career

  • cherry-jean

    Dylan and Cole r cute. :3 wish i could date them…..xD Jk.

  • Lucy

    i don’t think he is using her. I know it seems that wayh and all of a sudden paps are all over him and he is everywhere with her, but maybe he actually cares for her. When Zac and Vanessa got together i remember seeing a lot of discourging messages on youtube, and now look at them 3 years later everyone think ‘cute’ or knows what you are talking about when you say zanessa.
    I also don’t think age should matter, and it is not as though she is gonna get married to him, lol.

  • Someone

    Okay seriously i do sorta belive his is..but saying her mother is that is just wrooonnnggggg….its her mother i mean come on..

  • Bree

    ehh probaly not her mom but HE IS DEFINATELY USING HER…man ive been wishing for nick and miley to get back together since JAN.08..LOL



  • In love

    I agree w/ Shut it. Momager should be there. Miley’s a minor. Miley obviously cares a great deal for jg. They enjoy hangin out. If Miley wants to help him, thats her right. And, she has helped others she cares for as well. Thats Miley. Luv her =D

  • Annie..!

    Don’t think I’m a hater!!! I am Miley’s #1 fan!! the thing is i think that Justin is just a 20 yr old boy that didn’t get his fame when he was as Mile’s age and he wants it now!

    As for her mom i think she ISN’T using her!!! She’s a MOM!! She wants to keep her daughter save and because of all the papz, miley has always someone with her!! u don’t know what kind of ppl there r!

  • Truth

    Of course Justin is using her. Be reasonable people, he’s a 20 year old man following around a 16 year old girl. Miley claims to be as pure as the virgin Mary, so what else could he possibly be sticking around for? Because he actually likes her? As if.

    Rarely are you ever with somebody simply because you like them at age 20. So either he’s getting some, or he’s riding on the coattails of her fame, like the rest of her family.

  • Krissy

    of course he’s using her.
    it took awhile for everyone to see that.
    # 38 i agree along with 1/ and 4
    THIS guy is older than her- wich seems like he’s using her.
    MILEY could have seen that and not state he was a good guy.
    But she was just 2 distracted by love.
    NO way in miley’s world is he interested..cuz he doesn’t look like it!
    come on
    a 20 year old guy, being with someone who’s still a teen and a child?
    for all i could predict is that he might take advantage of her, break her heart, and move on with another girl.
    HE deserves to be with some one older and wiser – a girl who’s right for him.MUST i say, he’s done a pretty good job, controlling miley, by being near her, getting her all happy and piped up. ALSO it ruined her image.
    AND she should learn too and take advice from her parents.
    ALL they’ve done, was help her in to the right path..
    instead of living her life her way- SHE’S NOT old enough to make that decision till she’s married atleast!
    HER and NICK are over.
    IF you knew what happened to them, you wouldn’t be wishing for them to be back together.
    FACE IT- they weren’t right for each other.
    PLUS miley hates nick.
    NICK’s with selena- a girl who can treat a guy right and not be so judge mental.

    NO ONE can compare womanzier to dylan S and Cole S.
    sure the guys are ” hot and sexy” just like zac efron
    but you don’t see zac, running after girl to girl.
    HE has vanessa.
    AND just becuz looks is a main priority to a younger teen’s new image- doesn’t mean there gonna be a lady’s man 4ever!
    IMAGINE how hard it was for guys like them, just to find the right girl..w/o breaking up! AND not only taking interest into their looks- they’ve worked hard to get where they are- so shut the hell up , if you don’t have nothing good to say.
    OBVIOUSLY you don’t know them personally.
    SO why bother say it.

    OVER all
    i don’t get why this boy is wasting his time with “miley” a low life, when he has a career of his own!
    he wrote a song for taylor swift
    what does that say, about justin now?


  • hititquitit

    i think he’s using her
    i mean look at the facts.
    besides their relationship is illegal for another two years
    and i doubt they’ll stay friends that long
    no one knew who he was before they started hanging out
    after things about miley died down
    they need press…keeps people asking and wanting to interview her
    and all of that other stuff.
    but then again miley does have a thing with older people i mean look at mandy she’s older…
    i don’t know if it’s sad that miley doesn’t hang with more people her own age [in public]
    or that people who are into their 20s are hanging out wtih her
    on a regular basis and aren’t related to her.

    but i may be reading way too into the situation
    so ignore me that’s just my weird thought so idk
    we’ll see if they’re still hanging out this time next year i guess

    time will tell.

  • sierra

    i hate to say it cos he seems like such a sweetie but yeah, i’d say so!
    aw poor miles!

  • sue

    somebody should open miley’s eyes WIDE it is totally true that guy’s a skank

  • riley

    in a way.

    but what if justin really likes her?

    i just hope miley chose the right decison :)

    go MILEY! :D

  • Bella

    I agree with #13
    Miley’s mom isn’t using her. That’s stupid. How is she turning into the next Dina Lohan. I don’t see Tish (Miley’s mom) talking to the tabloids or making her own public interviews dishing about Miley. Tish is always in the background and she has to go to events with Miley since she was only 15 when she went to all those events. It’s good for her to be there with her as a mom and supervisor. People quit talking trash about her family. They didn’t do anything wrong. They actually seem like they care about her unlike Dina and Britney’s mom.

    I don’t like Justin though. Go away! I think they will be over next year though.

  • Kami


  • Stephanie

    it doesn’t take a genious to figure out that he is..
    I mean, c’mon he’s 20 & hot . He can get almost any girl.
    But, he picks a kid? she’s only 16.
    That’s A: Rape! B: Rape! C: Rape!
    Are the we the only people that see something wrong with the
    picture? I mean do her parents even care?

  • emily

    I dont hate miley but i dont love her. But this whole boyfriend thing is sick! her parents are horrible for letting her date that guy!!!!

  • me-love-miley

    yup !!! i think justin using miley
    pity Miley

  • ana


  • ana

    miley if you wanted an older guy cause of sex so be it.
    i think thats the reason why niley broke up.
    cause nick (<3) wears a PURITY RING