Kristen Stewart: Nikki Reed is My Best Friend!

Kristen Stewart: Nikki Reed is My Best Friend!

Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart is starting to settle down after a whirlwind press tour for her blockbuster movie and just squeezed in a Q&A session with BlackBook magazine.

The 18-year-old Los Angeles native talked everything from boys to books.

On working with Sean Penn: It definitely opened my eyes to a different creative process. His direction is very specific, but still, he lets things happen. He just wants you to go for it. Once he picks his characters, he gives you that confidence. Plus, I really enjoyed working with Emile [Hirsch]. He’s such a good friend of mine. That was like a little section of my life. It was very fruitful.

On her favorite book: I’m into classic literature. My favorite book is “East of Eden.” Steinbeck calls it “The Big Book.” It covers fundamental ideas of good and evil. Other favorite writers … oh, it’s so hard when you can only pick a couple of writers. It always seems like you are trying so hard to look like an intellectual.

On friends and free-time: My friends are actors. My best friend is Nikki Reed, who is also in Twilight. And my boyfriend, Michael Angarano, is also an actor. I never thought I would date an actor, but he’s my best friend. I’ve known him since I was 13 years old. I live in the Valley. I’m sort of a typical Valley Girl. We just sit around and play guitar and watch movies and hang out.

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  • kara

    too gross people being bffs how perfect

  • Karina

    They look like BFFs

  • angel

    East of Eden is made of win.
    Not a fan of this girl, though.

  • joss

    love kristen! nikki…meh..i can do without her…but i guess twilight really made them get to know each other…well its better than having your boyfriend as your only best friend

  • Diana

    So cute! I love those two!

  • trish

    woo kristen.

  • emmawatsonfan♥♥♥

    *cough* emm fake..

  • Alèxia

    pues hija, la verdad, yo no se que haces con oregano ¬¬
    un tipo que no tiene vida y se pasa el tiempo controlando lo que haces en el set de twilight porque está celoso de rob, es un poco tonto!
    dejalo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y vete con rob (:

  • trish

    how is it fake when they’re always together?

  • Skylar

    ohmygosh i love twilight!!! i have read all of the books, and I’ve only seen the movie twice…but I’m seeing it Christmas week!!

  • senecaa

    well…..they both seem alright.
    i’m not sure why but kristen stewart sortof scares me a little?

    nikki reed seems funny though, and i think she looks terrificc paired with kellan lutz.

    so maybe new moon wont be so bad [:

  • Kris

    it’s really refreshing to see such a young actress in this industry know what she’s talking about and be passionate about acting not because of fame or money but because of her love for it..
    Not to mention she’s incredibly smart.
    She’ll go far.
    I’m glad she’s not like all the other dumb Disney stars out there that are all bubbly and fake..She has her own mind and she’s not afraid to speak it which i love.

  • trish

    many people hate her because she’s not very bubbly but i love her.

  • Cris

    I love Kristen. She’s beautiful, smart, and incredibly talented. I can’t believe she’s only 18! It’s rare to find young actresses as real, honest, and raw as her.

  • bee

    I <3 Kristen and Nikki, im glad they get along so well.

    lol, how ironic, their characters don’t like each other, but kristen and nikki are best buddies ^_^

  • Kari

    I agree with you as well #12. She keeps to herself, and that’s what makes me like her so much. She doesn’t spend all of her time promoting herself by being photographed every flippin day

  • Tanda

    She’s the toke of the town, that one!

  • alex

    yea best friends as in lovers!

  • vanessajonas

    she and her boyfriend look like going strong=)
    i bet robert& kristen will NEVER BE TOGETHER

  • alex

    heck no.. michael angarano is very gay.

    can’t you see how happy Kristen and Nikki are together?
    And that there is no chemistry between Angarano and Stewart.

  • ladydog

    I just don’t understand why the media has focused so much on nikkie reed and not on ashely green (alice) she has a more important role in the books and in my opinion one of the most likable characters, and she is prettier than botha kristen and reed.

  • ange

    i love nikki and kristen but i hate michael, he is not for you kiks…

  • April chen

    nonono, nikki and kris have been long-time friends, they all both live in L.A. and knew each other well long time before.
    but they play as enemies in twilight, is it interesting?

  • Eileen

    they are smitten with each other. clearly. have you seen recent pictures. i mean kstew put her arm around nikki and make her smoke her cig that way. they can’t keep their hands off each other. they are adorable together though. and kstews “bf?” i’d like to say is a beard. They are never together anymore. and they never hold hand anymore. watch the body language. between both kstew and angarano and her and nikki. very different. with angarano she seems to stand leaning away from him. very reluctant like. and with nikki, shes very close. her body is normally leaning towards nikki and she tends to somehow be touching her. many people will say friends do this all of the time, but the ones who say this are normally in their teens. these two are in their early adult years and this is about the time that people figure out their sexuality. Nikki has admitted to being bi. Kristen has not said anything about her sexuality but chances are she may be finally figuring out who she is right about now with nikki. It is a strong possibility.
    I do believe there is love in the air around these two. I honestly think, if this is the case and they are together, they are keeping it secret because a. they don’t want the romance to translate on screen during the new twilight saga movies. and b. because kristen isn’t yet comfortable with letting people know. I’m sure if it was up to nikki she would tell everyone and be proud of her new girlfriend.

    but thats just one theory.

  • Miss Cullen

    wtf? are you saying that Nikki and Kris could be lovers?!
    that´s even funnier than Kris being with Rob.

    Jesus! Get a life, soon! and stay away from the Twilight saga because it´s starting to really disturb you.

>>>>>>> staging1