Taylor Lautner: I'm Still Jacob Black!

Taylor Lautner: I'm Still Jacob Black!

Twilight-ers Nikki Reed and Taylor Lautner press cheek-to-cheek at the HFPA Salute to Young Hollywood party at Nobu restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening.

Taylor, 16, recently told MTV that he’s still gunning to be Jacob Black in Twilight‘s sequel, New Moon, set to start filming in March. He shared, “”I have been working out. I’ve been working out since the day we finished filming Twilight. I just weighed myself today; I’ve put on 19 pounds. I’m guaranteeing Weitz 10 more [pounds] by filming.”

Michael Copon has been rumored to take over the part.

10+ pics inside of Nikki and Taylor saluting Hollywood…

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Photos: Charley Gallay/John Shearer/Getty Images
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  • julie

    This is just perfect, Taylor is perfect as Jacob, he has that smile…
    Nikki is beautiful, it’s just ironic they get along so well. Their characters hate each other.

  • ihateidiots

    We’re rooting for you, Taylor!! You ROCK!

  • joss

    taylor is the perfect jacob black!

  • aly

    yeii!!!!….this just made my day
    i love taylor!:)

  • reenuh

    yes i see he’s gained some weight, give it a few more weeks and i thinks he’ll be the buff that New Moon ‘requires’. yes, to me taylor deserves to still be jacob black. ;o0

  • Candy


  • vanessajonas

    he looks hotter=) ..
    yeeii taylor as jacob 4ever!
    hee looks very cozy with nikki

  • tiff

    YAYY! go taylor!

  • rosalia

    OMG This kid is desperate… When I read the books I always pictures Felix from one tree hill as Jacob and since Michael Coupon is Felix from OTH Im not complaining. It’s Hollywood things like this happen all the time. If he stays its because Summit’s afraid of millions of teenage girls… just sayin!

  • Stefanie

    yesss i hate jacob black the chaatcer BUT I THINK TAYLOR IS PERFECT FOR THE PART

  • http://www.myspace.com/swedishemily Emily

    wow, great news. i was a bit worried.

    taylor for jacob!

  • Someone

    I think he is perfect for Jacob Black, I mean, he has that kid face(Lovely) and the smile!

  • L

    He’s absolutely adorable!! OK, I haven’t watched Twilight yet because it’s not coming out until tomorrow in the UK (bunking school for that!! lol) but after I watch the movie, I don’t think I’ll be able to imagine or accept anyone else playing Jacob Black.

  • sdjka

    awww poor kid. hes trying so hard.
    i hope he stilll gets the part.

  • sdjka

    awww taylor and nikki are so cute in that picture.
    how adorable

  • b chick

    he gained 19 pounds in such a short period of time? thats not healthy!!

    i love him as jacob though….so…YOU GO TAYLOR! :)

  • kathy

    i hope he remains as jacob black for all the twilight series

  • Kel

    I lyk picture 3!

  • http://www.myspace.com/minimountie Kari

    Michael Copon is WAAAAAY to old! Hello, Jacob is supposed to be 2 years younger than Bella, not 8 years OLDER! Taylor Lautner for Jacob Black or I’m NOT seeing anymore of the movies.

  • kenzie

    he’ll get the part ;]

    if summit knows whats good for them, then he will get the part.

    we’re rooting for you taylor.
    TEAM TAYLOR! x33

  • Lila

    It seems a little bit pathetic that he tries so hard it may be bad for his health, I mean I know this role can change his life but still. THE TRUTH HEART AND SOUL OF THIS MOVIE ARE ROBERT AND KRISTEN as long as Summit don’t touch them I’m OK with everything

  • Thatgirlx

    they CANT replace him…so yay :D

  • emmawatsonfan♥♥♥

    YEAH TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.justjared.com ana lorena

    i love taylor and nikki. on twilight they hate each other, but on breaking dawn they are friends. can you believe that?

    is good that taylor is jacob black because i hate michael copon

  • taylor effin lautner!!


    taylor effin lutner!!!!

  • amanda


    taylor as jacob is the


    omg, i hope he keeps it, i really do.

  • Maritza


  • caitlin


  • Jenna

    We’re all rooting for you because you’re the only person that can bring our Jacob Black to life!
    Getting rid of such a devoted actor would be a terrible idea, anyway.
    If Summit replaces Taylor I honestly doubt I’ll see New Moon.

  • kelsie

    he better get the part
    or i will be pissed.
    taylor is my ideal jacob :)


    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love taylorrrrr:):)! he as to be jacob, no one could do it better.
    and yes, i noticed that he’d gained weight!!!! he looks SOOOO HOT!

  • Lil

    Hey, his chubby cheeks are gone…

  • stef

    go TAYLOR!
    We’re rooting 4 u!
    ur the perfect jacob black..

  • jenny

    we’re rooting 4 you taylor.
    your perfect as jacob black
    and i heard that rob and the rest of the cast told the director that they want you still to be the jacob black.

  • Sarah

    oh my god. i’m so happy.

    *does dance and squeals with delight*

  • Alexandra

    omg yay taylor they better not replace him or i will refuse to see New moon witch will suck cuz i really liked the book!

  • Tatiana

    Picture 3 is sooo adorable. He takes some great pics with the female cast of twilight! There;s this one pic that was posted of him and Kristen. Sooo cute!

  • Liviosa

    Taylor IS Jacob! Summit BETTER not mess this up…

  • roya

    who is this nikki?
    i dont remember her in the book?/
    but yYAYY taylor will get back his role +)

  • Samantha

    TAYLOR LAUTNER SERIOUSLY HAS TO BE JACOB BLACK IN NEW MOON! i dont think i would watch it if hes not in it. hes perfect for a werewolf ;)

  • rockstar

    Thank God! I want Taylor in New Moon. I won’t be totally bummed if they put Michael in as Jacob, but I don’t think it would be the same without Taylor.

  • http://www.yahoo.com teamtaylorlatnerasjacobblack21

    I am so happy everyone helping Taylor I am also going for Team Taylor I will never see The new moon or the rest of them if he is not in them I will only buy Twilight


  • chair

    *trying to sound like bella when edward told her she should leave*
    no nono what no nooo you cant! replace taylor


  • Bluewolf

    Those two look great together, can’t wait to see them fighting in Breaking dawn. “You got FOOD in my hair dog!”

  • Jenniferxjacob

    OMG! he has a mustache!! well, hes growing one!! :O

  • Vìtto;

    taylor ♥

  • Savannah

    Taylor IS Jacob!
    *throws tomatoes at Michael Copon*
    **throws a chair…*


  • MArley aka mars

    He better be Jacob Black! That’s ridiculous if they replace him! If they do I’m NOT gonna enjoy New Moon.

  • Eva

    YES!!!!!!!! I’ve like been waiting 4EVER 4 this news. I’m SO HAPPY!!!!! He’s sill Jacob for New Moon!