Demi Lovato - "La La Land" Official Music Video

Demi Lovato -

Demi Lovato lets us take a walk through her life in her music video for her second single, “La La Land”.

The 16-year-old performer starts off on a talk-show with co-star Doug Brochu and ends up walking through the streets of Hollywood, where you can spot all the rest of the Sonny With A Chance gang. Can you spot Demi‘s older sister, Dallas Lovato anywhere?

Take a peek below!

Demi Lovato – “La La Land” Official Music Video
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  • danyyy


  • danyyy

    omg ive never be fist before

    soooo i love the video but is kind of boring


  • hannah

    yay demi!

  • Ami

    Demi Lovato is mad awesome!
    I love this music vid it’s actually really good
    I liked her last one for Get Back but this one is way better

  • sarah

    i wonder why she changed the “i still eat mcdonalds” line of this song

    i thought that line was cute!

  • Emy

    hahaha!!! I love this song!!

  • Steph

    cute song, cute vid! i love demi! whoo!

  • christina

    she rocks, enough said, love the video!

  • Lindsey mulcahy

    Demi is amazingly talented and her hair looks great!!!! She is the only person who could pull off bangs with any hair style!!!! Love her<3

  • Krissy Fantasy

    MACHINE.( 8)

    It was really cool and wicked awesome all at the same time!
    filmed 3 different aspects to her life- how IT’S supposed to be seen and heard..
    is incredible!
    THIS girl is awesome!
    her bangs with curls was simply beautiful
    the cast members of Sonny with a Chance was talented and really into character:P
    funny hilarious moments with the wig ( lol pink)
    cameo with the plain out car
    the pap’s
    premieres and showing to wear a dress with converse shoes
    = ALL perfect!!!

    THE only thing that made me upset..was disney taking control, over another of demi’s songs.
    AND the fact, the video was not to hard hitting as some others would hoped for.
    Personally to me, i thought, she could have added dance moves or something..or going to Mac Donald’s, and having the jonas brothers there would be nice to sing back up :) :O
    and selena..

    over all
    love the song & her
    keep it up demi!
    you rock!!!!

  • cc27

    i loved it :D demi ur awsome !

  • demilovatosbff

    i’m marrying her.

    oh, and this is the best music video ever.
    *fappity fap fap*

  • Phi

    I LOVE DEMI!!!
    I SPOT DALLAS!!!! Lovato sisters are gourgeous ..:)

  • swe3t23


  • bd

    they always seem to change the lyrics in her videos… anyway. It was okay, I liked Get Back a lot and this one to me just didn’t match up as even being close in greatness. It will take some time to grow on me. However, loved her truck haha.

  • Alexis

    Cool MV, but where’s Dallas?

  • :)

    She’s so sexy and adorable at the same time.

  • super fan ashley

    It awesome, and it transmites a good message for every star!!!
    good demi!

    keep going!!


  • Emily

    seems like miley’s new video.

  • deb

    It’s okay. I like her though.

  • Charlene

    FINALLY!!!! I have been waiting for this to come on the internet, cause I don’t have Disney Channel!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

  • fabulous

    disney probably had to change the mcdonald’s part because of copyright infringements just for the music video on disney channel purposes. Like how in get back they changed kiss me to hold me..
    they always change something :/

  • rivivere. x3

    ohh. please,
    demi lovato is ugly. ;/

  • baybee.

    LMFAO,loved it.

  • Andy

    Great voice!

  • Lily

    I like it but ‘Get Back’ was way better, + I like the ” I still eat McDonalds ” part more than this new one… :S
    Still good..

  • Ann

    She’s gorgeous. Her hair is perfect.

  • karolina

    i love this video <3

  • Lil Mil;

    OMG stupid demi;

  • JO

    I loved this video. and I love the song.

  • celine

    I think it’s quite a fun video… I mean I love the song, the whole meaning of it…
    anyhow the guy who bumps into Demi is wayyy cute :D
    and btw I was really surprised by the cast of Sonny, they’re quite good actually!

  • JB’+'DEMI

    i think dallas was one of the ones wearing those tracksuits and it was like the mother then the teen then the little girl and dallas was in the middle but im not enitrly sure

  • Emma

    What is she sining instead of ” i still eat McDonalds ?

  • Katkout

    its awesome. i loved it.

  • Katkout

    plus, her sis Dallas is super cute. she kinda reminds me of megan fox =P Lol.

  • Amanda

    I think it’s cute :)

  • Cristy

    didn’t you see the ladies in the pink sweat suit holding hands with the little girl? is she implying something there? like gay marriage…..

  • sarah

    loved it!

  • Selgomezfan

    omg loved it
    the best but get back was a little better

  • Karina

    Too cool !!

  • lil*princess*

    omj i loved it
    i think this song is about disney
    “some may say i need to be afraid because of where i had my start and where i made my name”
    sounds like disney to me
    but i lovey the song and the video
    demi rox

  • MoJo

    Demi Lovato rocks and so does this song! Yea, it stinks how disney changes stuff tho….. And for all Demi haters– DEMI OWNS!!! Thank You.

  • justme

    Cool! Demi’s awesome! Love her and Miley!



    That was rubbish !

  • michelle

    I love this video! It turned out better then I thought it would! I wasn’t really into this song before but it’s a lot better when it’s put with a music video.


    it was kind of boring. its just her face singing with people in the background. and we all know she’s not like that in real life. ive seen her get in limos and eat at fancy restaurants and wear high heels and get pampered.
    and shes not such a great singer

  • Selena>demi

    She’s UGLY!!!!!!! Idk why everyone’s saying Selena’s fake when this girls’ fake level is as big as her mouth. Selena can really act and she’s hot at the same time. Miley’s still the queen cuz she can sing and act and she’s smokin’ sexy. But “Dummy” Lovato? PLEASE! Constantly talking about the Jonas Bros. and screamin’ your songs will get you NOWHERE! Especially with that face and attitude. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savannah

    Her sister is @ 3:14. I guess that’s her. anyways, cool song

  • Cristy

    didn’t you see the ladies in the pink sweat suit holding hands with the little girl? is she implying something there? like gay marriage…..

  • Truth

    For a 16 year old, she has a very strong voice. It’s a shame that the tweeny-boppers are so sucked in by mediocre “stars” like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers that they can’t see true talent. Apparently she even writes her own songs. Disney needs to better prioritize. They spend all their money over-promoting a few select stars, that the really good ones never actually get heard.

>>>>>>> staging1