KayCee Stroh & Ben Higginson Engagement Pic!

KayCee Stroh & Ben Higginson Engagement Pic!

KayCee Stroh cuddles close to her fiance, producer Ben Higginson in their official engagement photo.

The 24-year-old actress told People just how her honey popped the question. She shared, “We shot [HSM3] from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., and Ben was waiting for me in my trailer. He was waiting for me with a single red rose. Then he took me up to the H Rock, a place at the top of a little mountain that overlooks Salt Lake City, and we watched the sunrise. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

KayCee and Ben will tie the knot early January 2009.

WHAT IS YOUR dream proposal like?

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Photos: Swenson Photography
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  • zanessafan

    aww. that is so cute.

    my dream proposal would probably be a quiet dinner on the beach, and walking along the beach and being proposed to right there of course with some romantic music playing and red and white roses everywhere.

  • ariana

    her fiancee looks like a good guy

  • Ashley

    my proposal dream is being on a sailboat in the middle of alaska and then he pops the question. haha or if he doesn’t propose like that, that will be where we will have our honeymoon.

  • zanessa/jashley

    aw..he’s so sweet. I wish them luck in the future !!

    hm…i don’t really mind about my dream proposal..as long as im with the guy that I truly love. <3 Wow, cheesy….lol…

  • Maddy_zanessa

    Zac should propose to Vanessa!!!!!!!


  • http://myspace.com/hsmgabriellamontez123 Victoria

    definately agree with Maddy_zanessa
    They definately should get married but maybe in 2 – 3 years ’cause KayCee is 24 & Vanessa is 20

  • mini m

    awww, thats so cute.

    i think my dream proposal would be at a park, maybe around Christmas, when lights are put up. Or during the countdown to bringing in the new year.

  • http://www.oi.com jones&tisdale

    ooooun *-* sorte pra eles no futuro :D

  • Emily

    awwww, sounds romantic!

    She’s very pretty.

    My dream proposal – The place where I met that person. sounds cheesey, but i like it. :D

  • Princess_candy

    My dream proposal would be, a weekend in New York City in the winter. We’d spend the day hanging out and ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Just having fun like always. Then going for a walk in Center Park while the sun is setting and once the sun is down we end up at a gazebo, COVERED with Christmas lights, music playing, he gets down on one knee and asks. (It could be snowing, if not that’s fine too)

  • aww

    mini m: your idea of the countdown to new years is an amazing one! at like a huge party, then the kiss at 12! :) i love it!!!!

  • b chick

    cute !!!! they look adorable together

    i hope they have a lifetime full of happiness!!

  • :] lovebug

    that is super cute!

    My dream proposal me looking amazing at a nice dinner in LA, the guy comes back from the bathroom or something gets on one knee does his shpiel and I look him in the face to see the man I’m going to marry and loandbehold… It’s Zac Efron

    Jared you said dream proposal :)

  • Carrie

    aww this picture is adorable!!!

  • Kelly

    aww they’re cutee hahaha

    my dream proposal would DEFINITELY be the way Jonathan Horton proposed to his girlfriend, seriously read this article it’s amazing! If my guy would propose to me like this I’d marry him in a heartbeat!

    Article on Horton’s engagement!!!!!!

  • Just Jono

    So cute, xD

    As long as my proposal is to Victoria Justice, I don’t mind how. =]

  • Mikayla

    Thats just soooooo sweet!!

    My dream proposal—Either at L.A, Hawaii,NYC, or Japan(where i wuz born).Hopefully @ the beach!!!

  • marisa

    my dream proposal would be either my man taking me for a walk on the beach when the sun sets, but before that he could take me to a nice dinner or something or propose around christmas t ime in nyc, go iceskating and propose somewhere cool there. i can’t wait til i get married..- zac start makin plans now

  • Ermaine

    That’s so nice! Congrats to her!

    I’m so tired of hearing about what’s-his-face and his relationship with “her”!

  • Cherry-Jean

    kaycee is cute!

  • Laura

    It just shows that lucks aren’t everything to some girls! He looks like a decent guy who will look after her and treat her as number one just like Zac does with Vanessa.

  • megar00

    Aww…they look so happy together!! im really happy for kaycee

  • shannon

    Awwwww I love Kaycee!

    My dream proposal would be if the guy I was dating remembered the date we had our first officail “date” and propsed on that date, and the place would be the Eiffle tower in Paris, France.

  • Ilovejustjaredjr

    My dream propoasal wood b in front of a large group of people tht i didnt know were there

>>>>>>> staging1