Zac Efron is a One-Woman Man

Zac Efron is a One-Woman Man

Zac Efron was one of many young celebrities featured on tonight’s E! True Hollywood Story: From A to Zac.

The 21-year-old High School Musical hunk’s career was highlighted as well as his relationship relationship with girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

Zac‘s former Summerland co-star Lori Loughlin had this to say about the couple: “The fact that he and Vanessa have been together for so long speaks to who he is also as a person. He tends to be that one woman guy and just focus on that; again not a player, not somebody’s who’s taking advantage of this new found fame or I’m sure the many girls that are throwing themselves at him. He seems to very level headed about the whole thing.”

Zac Efron – E! True Hollywood Story, part 1, 12/19

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Zac Efron – E! True Hollywood Story, part 3, 12/19
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  • lala


    cute couple so happy for them :]

  • Tiptoes

    and that is why I admire Zac…

    and that is why their relationship has lasted this long …

    and Van is also a one-man woman….

  • marie

    I’m happy they have such a great relationship :)

  • zanessa_luver

    First!!? :)
    i just watched this on TV!
    zanessa forever! :)

  • Cherry-Jean

    such a cute guy!

  • Alexia

    And i admire that about him


    Le sigh

  • bettybaby

    Oh i missed 1/2 the segment. but what i did see was adorable.

    not that he should only be known for his relationship with vanessa, but i gotta admit the way it was presented was a testament to their relationship. and what lori Loughlin said really gives insight into how close zac and vanessa are.

    reminds me of a quote of Vanessa’s i heard recently, she said…

    “The people that know us, that we love, they know what’s real, and that’s all we care about.”

    Seems lori falls into that category, and i’m glad they got someone who knows them well to speak about their relationship!

  • julia

    Oh! ZANESSA 4ever..

    though i just think vanessa is kinda rude sometimes…

  • Alexia

    IA betty..:D

    His costars only has praises for him….

    Love it

  • kathy

    they have a great relationship. zan <3

  • Alexia

    Vanessa may come off as that sometimes..
    Anyway, she’s only human.
    I’m sure all of us have moments especially when we are exhausted.

  • rissa

    omg! soooo cute! i’m so glad they showed their relationship in that light.

  • Alexia

    Vanessa may come off as that sometimes.
    Anyway, she’s only human.
    All of us have moments especially when we are exhausted.
    But I’ve only heard good words about her so far.
    Just because they are celebrities doesnt mean they would have to plaster their smile 24/7

  • zanessa4ever

    Oh my gosh,I love this video.Its so cool specially that some people said that he is gonna have an amazing career! And the fact that Zac is like not a player he stuck with Vanessa for so long, And im so happy*feeling really emotional*that Zac stuck with Vanessa for this many years i love him for that i love him more than anyone for doing that and not that only for also being the best of boyfriend to Vanessa as possible hes just the best and if i ever saw him (i hope i do) i would like omg……i dont no but yea.

  • zanessa/jashley

    so glad that their relationship is so tight. That’s why I love Zachary :D And Vanessa, better known as Zanessa :D

    Ok seriously, you can see them getting married in the future !!! Well, at least I can…and others who believe that they will last a lifetime :D Zanessa IS FOREVER.

  • liz

    Yeah, I think it really gives us an insight on the couple Zanessa actually is. People may think, “Oh, they’re just for publicity.”

    They’re not. It’s easy to see the chemistry they have. As Kenny stated, “They had chemistry right from the beginning. They just clicked.”

    Zanessa is adorable <3
    Zanessa suporters for life ♥ :)

  • lia

    Love them, wait till’ Perez posts about this, lol!

  • nicoleloveszac

    swweeett.. i cant wait for this to come on tv.. i am gonna watch it in 6 mins… ad i am recording it woaa hoaa… i love them and there eallly cute together.. aaww zacccyyy!! so hot and i love him! he is the bet boyfriend!!

  • rom

    #17 lia xd ahahaha you make me laught

    oh i hope that they still together for a long time. they really make a great couple!

  • liz

    i just saw this on tv!!
    aww i love zac and vanessa! they r so cute together!

  • sara

    They are the best couple

  • jo

    aww they’re a great couple. On and off screen. they’ve been together for more than 3 years. only a few can say that in hollywood

  • athena

    Yes, they are a lovely and adorable couple. Zac’s parents have done such a great job…after all, his folks are still together and seem to help him stay grounded. Hooray for Hollywood…they have a keeper of Honorability on the acting front too.

  • V-loyalist

    I haven’t seen the segment yet but way to go Lori Laughlin for telling the truth for all the doubters to know. A clear indication that what this couple has is pure, sacred and very admirable. They are just lucky to have each others back.

    So happy for them!!

  • mhay

    behind a man success is a woman
    love them together.

  • mishyB

    STAY STRONG ZANESSA! These two inspire me with my current relationship. The way he looks at her like she’s the only one is how my bf… looks at me.

  • k

    I LOve You Zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    They are a great couple. Why did they have to interview Nikki B.?

  • mac

    pop86, tell me about it. *rolls eyes*. But since she was a former co-star I guess she has the right to talk about him? But then again, doesn’t really matter seeing the boy is a one woman man and only has eyes for V. Any other girl like Nikki can talk and gush all she likes and dream on. Her obsession errrrr admiration for the guy is obviously one sided.

  • azalea

    AH! i never noticed this before but in that top pic it looks like zac’s staring at vanessa lips wanting to kiss them. AAAAAAAH! I LUV ZANESSA!

  • Truth

    I’ve never really liked Zac, or understood why he’s so special, but I do have to respect him for staying loyal to Vanessa for years now. I have a lot of respect for both of them actually, since they started dating when they were so young and have remained faithful ever since. I wouldn’t start picking out flowers for the wedding just yet, but they’re very lucky to have something so special.

  • zac is a rat

    If Zac is such a one woman man then he wants to stop flirting with so many other girls and keep his attention and his affections for his gf of 3 year’s.

    Every man is capableof being a play and Zac is no different, as are some women, but Zac gives off more indications of him being a player.

    Why of all peopl;e did they have to include Nikki on the clip there were planty of other people from HS that they could have asked.

  • Boji

    Always knew that Zac was a one woman man. He was very candid about himself on room raiders and bless him, he meant what he said.

  • kathy

    ^ because she like to talk about him. and is obsessed/crazy about him!

  • kathy


  • http://ayeaye Lilly

    #32 geeez ur so annoying, not to mention pathetic. Don’t u get sick of repeating the same thing. Zac in person is actually quite a shy thing, but he’s a nice guy so he’s nice to people. He doesn’t flirt he’s just a kind hearted guy. It has nothing to do with us how he and V are, we only see glimpses, but if the laker game is anything to go by they are incredibly happy. Zac is not a player, and that’s comng from someone who knows him, not someone as stupid as you who thinks they do! He has been faithful, he stuck by her during a difficult time when not many would, he makes her happy and she him. It’s lovely to see them so strong. I know they don’t listen to detractors, they know what they have, as do their friends and family, and that’s all that matters!

    Zac has proved time and time again what a normal and amazing guy he is. It was lovely to see people who have met him speak so highly of him and his talent and character. Hollywood is full of fickle people but Zac has always been real, still that same kid from Cali. He has what it takes, the determination and the work ethic to go far in whatever he chooses to do. I wish him all the luck and happiness for the future, and just hope he enjoys it to!

  • http://ayeaye Rachel

    Always knew he was something special. He is truly an amazing and talented guy.

  • jo

    #32 stop being so immature. just cos he has a girlfriend doesn’t mean he can’t talk to other girls. i would think Vanessa would be a insecure girlfriend if she didn’t let him talk to other girls. they’ve been together for over 3 years so they are commited to each other

  • zacefronlovee

    omg i watched this on tv!!
    its too cute!

  • http://ayeaye Martha

    I’ve liked Zac since Summerland. I think he is incredible, a real force to be reckoned with if you will. I hope he makes choices for himself and not for others and he will be fine. There is a lot of people in the industry taking notice of this kid, he’s not just a pretty face.

    It was also good to see people saying positive things about him, and about V, they are just normal kids, best friends who fell in love, u have to be blind not to see it. It’s a true testiment to their characters that they have managed to stay so strong and grounded. They don’t let their relationship morph into their job, and people respect that, not many adults can do that, never mind two people so young. Their relationship is private and work is work, a distinction that is often needed, yet realized by so few. I have much respect for Zac and Vanessa for being able to do that.

  • sweetnessa

    awwwwwwwwwww it ‘s true
    they couple cute

  • nicole

    AWW , i love them ! hey does anyone know if vanessa was featured too ?

  • mia!

    i really admire zac!

    i agree, he’s going to be the next brad pitt

  • rosilee9

    While reading these comments I’m listhening to a cd and the song that’s on is called ‘Magic Moments’ and it so reminds me of Zac and Vanessa from the Laker’s Game, her recent birthday they seem to spend many magic moments and things like I’ve just mentioned are only a few of the times we as fans see that and it’s so refreshing to see a young couple who are formost best friends that has obvioulsy deepened to what they contiune to share as they both head into a adult relactionship that I for one hope they contiune to enjoy as much if not more than their so far 3 years together, that’s a big thing for a coupel that started dating at 16 and 17 they just prove it can and does happen when you find that someone you work hard to keep it going and make sure that no outisde influences get into it.

    Good luck to Z and V and long may they contiune to be happy in their personal and professional lives.

  • Cathi

    Can you put miley cyrus part to !

  • Rosa

    and Vanessa is a one man woman ..
    that’s why they are the cutest couple ever ^_^

  • beebya

    Heeelowz!!!(AA) can i ask u humans a question…why r u guyz so obsesed with Zanessa !! There ONLY humanz…there not GODZ….there ONLY doing there Jobs….and ppl stop… i dont think they like it they want to enjoy there lives …I am sorry for being rude…but i was just saying the truth..if u need anything add me in:

  • witchygirl

    Nice comment

  • Naomi


    Hello Alien, if you stay away from where humans convene, you wouldn’t know about their obsessions and it wouldn’t bother you.
    Just a word of advice, in the human world, it’s not really safe to give out your email on the internet. You might want to be careful. you might get added somewhere where aliens don’t survive.

  • Naomi

    This was a really good E THS for Zac. It was sweet to see the childhood clips and hear about him from people who knew him from SLO.
    It’s clear that he worked hard to get to where he is and he knows what it is like to be rejected a number of times before finally hitting it big.
    I loved that it has been clearly recognized and acknowledged that his relationship with Van is unique and real and has lasted from HSM auditions before they became famous.
    I liked when the lady from said that even though they are both hugely famous, they understand each other and keep each other grounded and she attributed the strength of their relationship to the fact that they started off as friends.
    The fact is that people can sprout ‘opinions’ left, right and center on the internet. Finally, the truth prevails and industry insiders get it.