Joe Jonas & Brenda Song are Soulmates

Joe Jonas & Brenda Song are Soulmates

The Suite Life on Deck‘s sweetheart Brenda Song and teen heartthrob Joe Jonas are soulmates!

According TigerBeat mag, Brenda, 21 and Joe, 19, are meant to be together. This scan from the upcoming January 2009 issue reads, “Great at making the first move, Aries girls like Brenda Song are confident enough to go for a challenge. That’s why they go for Leos like Joe Jonas, who is confident and charming.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK — are Joe and Brenda meant to be?

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  • sarah

    uh no
    joe and demi =]

  • ohplease

    this does not mean they r soulmates. its basically saying that any aries is his soulmate. and aly is an aries and um…i think we know what happened to them…

  • nima

    sorry jared but brenda are 20 years old no 21 she was born in march 1988

  • fabulous

    no, stupid.
    i agree with #1

  • kay

    joe and a.j. actually!

  • giu

    hahahaha NO. i like him with demi better although she tries hard to resist him.

  • Jorun

    HAHAHA NO! :D but it’s funny, though. yeah, I agree with #1 too..

  • kenzie

    Funny joke tiger beat.

    Jemi forever x33

  • suzanne

    I think they would make a good couple. I think it’s hilarious how people are shocked that Miley is dating a 20 year old yet they want Demi to date a 19 year old.

  • someone

    umm…… definitely not! i might like them separately but not together! Joe and Demi all the way!!!

  • Bruce Lee

    Ha Ha No!!! Brenda’s my Soul Mate Joe and No bodys gonna take her away from me!!! Will have a Fencing Duel like in the Foiled Again Episode of the Suite Life!!!

  • mary


    thats all i have to say.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    actually i honestly dont think theres ever a “Jemi” or “Jorenda” i think its a bunch of bull i think they’re all just friends on Disney channel working together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • Krissy

    i can’t believe ppl who said jorenda to be together..actually came true to be right!
    aries and leos..
    it can happen to just about anyone, who has the same signs.
    doesn’t mean a thing.
    no one should pay attention to signs of your horoscope, then the real thing..
    like the fact, joe and brenda don’t know each other..
    and brenda is a fighter – like really a fighter. She’s beautiful, gorgeous, funny, a good friend, and perfect in her own way.
    AND joe well.. he’s just being joe :P
    They don’t match. I’m sorry to say so.. but yea..
    But they would make a cute couple :)
    …..still this is sorta like a “jaylor” phase all over again…

    BUT i personally think..
    joe and demi would be better MUCH BETTER
    they had the chemistry and everything ever since camp rock :)
    now what does that tell you?
    JEMI <3\

  • .

    jemi is neverrrrrrrrr gonna happen so shut uppppppp

  • pearl!!! :3

    okayyy?…………………………… first TV shows are matching people up (who do not like each other) and now magazines are deciding whether or not So and So are soul mates! this is very stupid

  • vanessajonas

    are they dating? =|

  • katie

    ummmm weird couple i think miley and joe or demi and joe will make a cute couple butttt joe is still mineeee!!!!

  • flowers.

    i heard they are dating, or was dating.
    anyways, i think they’d be cute <3

  • heheeh

    im sorry but i think brenda is too good for joe jonas

  • wow.

    rofl, i just realized me and brenda have the same birthday.
    i could be soulmates with him too. :D

  • kristen


  • reen-xoxo

    i rekon they should give it a go! They look like they’d be a great couple :)

  • Jonasfanatic

    there WAS a Jorenda, brenda admitted it, but now they broke up and Jemi doesnt exist and poor demi is trying to show that to the fans, in any case this really does mean dat a aries can go for a leo, any aries or leo

  • Krissy

    # 15
    I don’t know what your talking about..
    JEMI can happen in the future …
    believe it
    instead of not hoping for it!
    stranger things can happen unexpectedly.
    i give it a few more years, before this comes true!
    they still have Camp Rock 2/3 to make this such a new” zanessa” moment :)

    # 20
    i agree.
    Brenda is better than joe . ( sorry to say)
    She shows she’s a major contribution to disney..and has more talent for many years. WHICH she does has.
    There’s alot going with that girl..that’ everyone wants.
    BUT seeing her personality wise..
    and joe as well..
    i don’t see a jorenda going on there.

    # 16
    so what if tv shows are hooking people together?
    it happened to one couple..NO tons of couples that made it through.
    Face it.
    the media or writers know and can predict when celebs are gonna hook up.
    BUT there are some, who don’t believe it can happen..and just act it out.
    Mag’s on the other hand..
    are stupid.
    cuz most of the stuff they say aren’t accurate.. unless it’s real info. or completely made up!
    wich this shows to be ;)

  • mr song/hudgens

    JORENDA can happen. They did HAPPEN




  • jorenda

    I love Brenda and Joe. I knew it, i knew it. Soulmates so hot. I knew it. Iknew it. They are great soulmates. Brenda and Joe for ever. Jorenda rock.

  • Lolo

    I love Brenda Song. She is too good for Joe Jonas. Its great trhat they are like soulmates.

  • GG

    Umm YES all the way,. Joe and Brenda all the way

  • Hanni

    Very very cute…..

  • cute

    Cute couple :D

  • Haley

    I love JORENDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, shut up Jorenda haters. Jorenda rocks aas always. I knew it. They dates during the DC Games, and know Tiger Beat are telling us that they are soulmates destined to be together. This is the best week ever., Hail Queen B. And Jorenda forever and always.

  • dance

    They are a really hot couple. They would be the best power couple, Krissy no one cares about Zanessa. Jorenda are amazing. I love Jorenda. Be quite, Anti-Jorenda activists, Jemi sucks and is never going to happen in real life. While Jorenda did happen and may happen again. And JJJ, Brenda is 20. Joe is 19. Between then is less than one year.

  • lizzie

    Awww…… The cutest and hottest couple on the Disney Channel. Definitely a perfect match. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krissy

    all you lovers.
    so believing complete lies off a magazine!
    who knew you were that gullible over a soul mate horoscope?
    tons of girls are aries..and over all they choosed brenda?
    this whole mag scam means nothing. MAGS can’t predict lifes for celebs..expect horescopes for other people.. that they either make up or get in fortune cookies ok?

    first of all.
    there is no proof they were together.
    EVEN if you state it.. doesn’t mean it’s true.
    No one’s gonna believe you anyways.
    it amazes me, how little a fantasy can turn into reality..that’s so false and untrue. IF there was a jorenda..why aren’t they spending time together and getting opposite headlines. Like the fact.. joe is seen with other girls..but not brenda. AND brenda is busy with making movies?

    I don’t hate them together. I just don’t believe one little thing, can turn into something big and untrue!
    you seen the news. you seen the mags. you seen them in real life.
    where’s the proof now?
    THEY weren’t together.
    people are witnesses.. and haven’t seen a thing.
    don’t know why your making this all up!
    pointless anyways.

    AND who ever said jemi won’t happen.
    screw off!
    you don’t see a good couple with chemistry, if it hitted you over and over again.
    stop repeating the same thing over and over again?
    how bout the fact, your posting complete lies over and over again..
    more annoying much..or your trying to make a point?
    just pathetic.

    I have nothing against joe or brenda.
    But i don’t see it happening..
    cuz besides looking good together.
    there has to be more there, besides looks.
    Im gonna say this once:
    what makes you think, there good together..personality wise?
    explain that.

  • smiley

    I think that brenda and joe are perfect for eachother. i knew it. they did date back then. jorenda forever. they are truly perfect, like detined to be with eacother for the rest of their lives. its destiny.

  • leyton

    I only love Brenda. The other sucks. Especially that womenizer/cheater Joe. Go to ugly Camilla. I hate thefact that they dated, then little Joe left Brenda to be with grooosss Taylor. EWW. Jorenda were amaazing back then. Now Joe ruined it.

  • leyton

    Just curious. How old are Jorenda fans???? Between 9-16 or younger.

  • destiny

    I lov e Brenda, hate Demi. Jorenda rocks. Jemi is never ever going to ever happen and doesn’t exist while Jorenda does exist and will happen again. It’s destiny.

  • Krissy


    who asked for your opinion anyways?
    you don’t know what’s right.
    so why say it.
    no one cares for zanessa.
    well no one cares what yours, and other peoples opinions are..on jorenda.
    zanessa is actual love.
    all your believing is a complete and total fantasy..over one magazine.
    NOW that’s not real love.
    that’s words put together, to make love seem real.

    try asking them what’s up.
    see what happens.

    I admit they would make a cute couple.
    Nothing against that.
    BUT in real life.
    it wouldn’t happen.
    try wishing all you want.
    Still wouldn’t happen.

    i know jemi will happen.
    it’s been all over the world.. in a movie once.
    there was proof for that.
    SO HA!
    anti jemi haters much?
    pretty lame and pathetic.

    JEMI= both are leos. good friends. good singers. actors. did a tour together? see where im getting here?
    adorable ^^
    that’s real chemistry.

  • bbgood2me


    JORENDA ARE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Krissy

    # 32

    Just curious.
    is everyone gonna trust a book, to predict celeb’s futures?

    # 36
    learn your lesson already!
    where are you getting this from?
    all you lovers are so gay!
    and i believe your all lame 14 year old’s who need a life and reality check.

    # 37
    if you love brenda only..go to her post… not with joe’s name in it.
    keep your comments to yourself already.. got nothing to say..keep it 2 yourself.
    Camilla and joe didn’t date. There not together.. just a little fling connection or something, for love bug music video. and he didn’t cheat. He never was serious with taylor..that’s why he broke up with her. She went too fast with the whole thing. for the last time..HE never dated Brenda.
    he’s not a womanizer. you try … finding someone, while working, then couldn’t work out right? gosh >.>

  • giu

    NOOOO gross Joe is way too good for her

  • bbgood2me

    Krissy, I am not going to argue with you because it seem like you are a decent person who has not idea what she’s talking about, here is 7 pages of proof:
    Giu, Brenda is too good for Joe

    [[cute pic: 993288157_b59e04e5b9_o.jpg]]

    Not long after Joe & Taylor Swift break up that there are new articles connecting him to a new girl.
    Here are some dating rumor articles on Joe Jonas & Brenda Song:
    - ts

    Yeah yeah, we all know that Joe is now with Camilla Belle. So in 2008, Joe first dated Brenda Song (the media are too slow, they brought Jorenda rumors when Joe broke up with Taylor, when all the evidience clearly states Joe was with Brenda during the DC Games before Taylor and Joe, NOT after), then Joe broke up with Brenda and dated Taylor Swift then broke up with Tayor and dates Camilla. He’s not a womenizer. He dated Brenda way before any of these girls. Evidience proves that they are more ”than friends”.
    Now I love Brenda Song but if she was to get with any of the Jonas Brothers I was thinking Kevin Jonas. They’re the same age & he has admitted to crushing on her (IE: Nick also mentioned Brenda as one of his celebrity crushes).
    I 1st heard and saw the potential of Joenda after watching Sabrina Bryan’s video of “The Cheetah Girls With Disney Friends At Tower Of Terrors”:
    And it got me thinking after viewing the videos and seeing quite a lot of subtle hints & not so subtle.

    -The way they walked together along the hall & if you watched the video you could feel a little attraction there: lcsnap-2713849.png
    -The way he looked at her in the elevator for a moment: -1.png & levator.png
    -The way he let her walked out of the elevator before him.
    -The way they sat next to each other on the roller coaster: .png
    -The way they held hands: .png
    -They way they joked while waiting: .png

    If some of you think Brenda & Joe maybe only held hands because Brenda could of just been afraid of the ride then check out this video: You can obviously tell that Brenda isn’t afraid. At the end she talked about how she was the only one who posed for the roller picture at the end while the rest forgot to do it. She obviously wasn’t scare.
    Oh, and some of you are probably thinking, “They’re probably just holding the seat’s handle. So what.” Well, here’s a picture of what it would look like if they were holding the handles: andles1.png & andles.png. Their hands wouldn’t even come close to looking like they’re “holding hands”. Trust me, everything you thought of, I have too.

    BRENDA & NICK: &'s cute how Frankie is into her too, lol)

    After the DC Games aired there were some parts where the two of them stayed close: HQDCG050165.jpg HQDCG050160.jpg HQDCG050130.jpg c.png 12.jpg

    Brenda even danced alongside Joe, Kevin, & the Cheetah Girls at the DC Games after party: hqdcap_05.jpg hqdcap_04.jpg hqdcap_03.jpg
    Part 2/3/4 /5next

  • bbgood2me

    Though if you actually watch all the videos very closely you can always sport Brenda with KEVIN though, hehe. It’s like even when Kevin walked away for couple of seconds he always come back right next to Brenda. AAAWWW:

    (SIDENOTE: Brenda hangs with Selena at Pinkberry “Sightings: Selena & Brenda (May/16/2008): rlize_mr_big.html. Cute right? Now we know the Jonas Brothers love Pinkberry (

    This image later emerged of the Jonas Brothers and Brenda Song’s visit to the set of Wizards of Waverly Place: -1.png

    And then what do you know couple weeks after the DC Games ended Brenda Song along with Selena Gomez went to see the LA Lakers vs. Spurs games over at the Stabler Center. The boys even managed to walk themselves over there after their American Idol season finale. I was like what??!! I’m a fan of Brenda Song & I know she’s obsess with the Lakers so hearing her hang out with them is cccrrraaazzzzyyy! My head went off: “Maybe it’s not just a fluck at the Disney Channel Games? Maybe a possibility?”: Spied: Jonas Brothers on a Date? (May/21/2008): _on_date.html & some pictures:

    -And here’s Kevin Jonas talking to Ryan Seacrest about the walk there:
    -Selena talked about the “date” but it wasn’t cause they were other friends there @ 5:02 when she talks about it(FYI: Brenda Song):

    While Taylor & Joe was taking their little steps into their romantic relationship Brenda was getting closer to Nick’s best friend’s Maya Kibbel. Video on Maya: Witnesses said that the two of them came together to watch the Jonas Brothers’ 1st California tour date for their Burnin’ Up summer tour on July 13,2008. Seeing that Taylor Swift also took the stage to performed the the brothers and she was still happy & dancing around we can assumed that Brenda and Joe are good friends now. So even if there was something between the Joenda, it ended well.
    - Brenda, Selena walked to their seats with Mrs. Jonas (see how cute Brenda is attached to the hip with their mom?! Aaawww. I guess she’s cool with Brenda. We all know how mom has to approve of the boys’ girls):
    - Brenda & Maya in their seats before the show started:
    - The girls having fun & dancing around to “Burnin’ Up”: &

  • bbgood2me

    So while the Jonas Brothers finish their summer tour there were summer romances between Kevin Jonas w/Danielle Deleasa, Nick Jonas w/Selena Gomez, and Joe Jonas w/Taylor Swift:
    Brenda became closer to Maya Kibbel and a bit here & there with Selena Gomez.

    Maya at filming location for Jonas Brothers 3D movie: o15.jpg o14.jpg 65.jpg u29.jpg & 797129842_1f4b17c648_b.jpg (Is it just me or does Maya doesn’t care very much for Taylor Swift, lol. Wonder why?)

    Maya out & about with Mr. & Mrs. Jonas, Frankie, & her mom: ra2.jpg ra.jpg ra3.jpg

    Nick & Mr. Jonas visiting Maya: y6.jpg y4.jpg y20.jpg y10.jpg

    Brenda hanging with Maya, Selena, Selena’s cousin, Jennifer Stone, & others: _521a03b9ffa8959713bf0ef0bb51c8f6.jpg 927980956_cf859ff6d9_o.png
    Brenda & Maya became really close that she even brought Maya to Teen Choise Away ’08: (you can see Maya standing to the left waiting for Brenda) (At 2:07 you can see Brenda & Maya sitting next to each other by Selena’s couch).

    Then we found out Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift sometimes in the beginning of October through the phone. LOL. I know no breakups are easy, but I sort of saw this coming. After their tour there weren’t anymore sightings of the two anywhere. While Joe has the time to go work out at his gym and hanging around in California, there was no sightings of him at any of Taylor’s concerts like before ( So yes I knew it was coming so once I found out the news I was happy to know my prediction was correct:

    One of the reasons I was hoping Joe would end things with Taylor Swift was because the Jonas Brothers will be filming their own Disney show pretty much right next door to Brenda’s show, The Suite Life on Deck. C’mon, you see where I’m going with this?
    We know she adores them as friends. During The Suite Life on Deck premiere special Brenda was ask what’s her favorite song of the moment. At around 0:42 she said who else?:

    Recently Taylor Swift posted a new video on her MySpace it kind of make you question things listening to the lyrics and the kind of things she said to her cat. I mean people know that Taylor aren’t afraid to connect songs (especially her own) to boys.
    Taylor Swift – You change your mind like a girl changes clothes: The girl Taylor talked about in her new song, Forever and Always, the ”other girl” who Joe left Taylor for is Camilla Belle, according to People Magazine. So Joe and Brenda dated, Joe met Taylor, Joe and Brenda break up. Joe and Taylor break up. Joe and Camilla go public. What a womenizer, Joe Jonas!
    PS: Brenda’s “so-called” cameo on Camp Rock scene was cut off. If you live in Asia you can probably find her on the Asian Camp Rock DVD…and so I heard…
    PPS: Just found out that the Jonas Brothers will be doing a guest sport for The Suite Life on Deck crossover: But over here someone is suggesting that only one Jonas Brother is appearing in it?: If that is true, then this might be the first time that one of them sprayed from the rest. Hehe! I guess the two of them are closer friends now^_~

    PPPS: Brenda told that she loves the Jonas Brothers and she attended the 77 Kids Launch Jonas Bros performance. So i guess she is ok with everything and may still like him (you need wireimages suscription to view the whole video but the summary says why Brenda loves the Jonas Brothers:

  • bbgood2me

    I don’t know why JJJ, isnt posting it…

  • jorenda4ever
  • B


  • brit

    awesome :D

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