Miley Cyrus Has A New Year's Eve Surprise

Miley Cyrus Has A New Year's Eve Surprise
  • Miley Cyrus wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you
  • The Gossip Girl cast is one of the best ensembles on television
  • High School Musical 3 could be nominated for an Oscar
  • Selena Gomez is taking over MySpace
  • Taylor Swift surpasses the $5 million mark
  • Zac Efron brought presents to the kids at the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA on Friday. He also took the time to shake everyone’s hands, sign autographs and pose for pictures
  • Nickelodeon TV will cover the Barack Obama‘s inauguration in January, hosted by Lily Collins, rocker Phil Collins‘ daughter, and J.J.. The duo will be at the event in Washington on Jan. 20
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  • vbgtt

    love miley cyrus

  • -MrsJp

    ♥ HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Selenas takin over myspace AWSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = D

  • Annie..!

    I envy americannnnnnssssssssssss!!

  • michelle

    Wow! I’m so shocked about Selena! I can’t believe Miley isn’t in that position. I hate Miley so I’m glad Selena’s #1!

  • Izabella

    I wish that Miley could come knocking on my door and celebrate new year’s eve with me :P lol

  • joeil4u

    love her!!!miley is the best!(after jonas brothers of course)….and I hate selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicoleloveszac

    aaww zac is soo sweett..!! i love him

  • Chloe

    I really hope that HSM3 does at least get nominated for a Oscar! That would be AMAZING!!!
    Awww and Zac is really sweet, he’s so kind and caring (and hot!) :D

  • cc27

    Go selena ! ya ! take over myspace lol :D


    yea selena and taylor got the most friends bcause their myspace is a regular myspace and not a record label/official music myspace like miley’s! haha gooooooooooooooooo selena luv her! aww zac is so gud lookin! and that was sweet

  • Janelle

    Miley has such a fake smile.



  • deka

    i thought she was fading away

  • mr song/hudgens

    MIley is a slut. Selena is so amazing and Demi ROX. I think that Selena and Demi are underrated,, like under appreciated while Miley is way too overrayed. SHE HAS NO TALENT. SELENA AND DEMI ARE THE DISNEY QUEENS. while brenda is also the queen but u all get my point.

  • hassan

    i hate miley , but in the same time i love her.
    i hate her cuz she make me feel like i m nt gonna see her one day.
    and i love her cuz she`s the one who make me excel with my vision/
    but i know that i am gonna see her one day.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    AW I LOVE HER SHES AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • ashleigh

    an oscar??? OMG that wud finish off an amazing franchise for good!! I hope Walk Away, Can I have This Dance, Right Here Right now or Scream are picked!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Selena>demi

    Can somebody please tell me why Disney hasn’t given Selena a franchise like Miley. Her shows been whooping Hannah Montana’s ass lately with the ratings (I’m not kidding), but Disney stills sells Hannah crap. Don’t you guys think it’s time for some Wizards of Waverly Place items in the stores? Btw, I hope they aren’t gonna do a Sunny with a Chance franchise cause that looks really corny and Demi can’t act for life. I would hate for her to take over Wal-mart.

    So whoever wants a Wizards franchise to replace this ongoing nightmare called the Hannah Montana franchise, then speak up so Disney can finally get the picture!

  • Selena>demi

    Oops. didn’t mean to repeat that comment


    yea I think it would be nice/funny to see some wizards of waverly place dolls or bed sheets lol


    lol yea that would be nice/funny to see some wizard of waverly place dolls or bed sheets lol I think they (the show/cast deserve it

  • Selena>demi

    They totally deserve it. Thank you EVERY1ROXX. Anybody else agree with me? Let’s create a petition! lol It’s just buggin’ me how Wizards is so overshadowed by Hannah Montana.

  • emily

    Thats so sick I want to gag! I cant believe her parents are letting her date that guy! he’s freaking 20 years old! I totally dislike her parents at this moment. He is so using her! Why would he like a sixteen year old?? Sicko! I could go on forever!

  • marcus

    what ever Miley Cyrus has been trashed about she’s still like the only most coolest person any of you guys would want to meet say hi to or do what ever. so all of you guys who like to trash Miley Cyrus and say that you hate her you no you really don’t mean it.


  • baby v #1 fan forever!!!

    i want hsm3 to win an oscar!!!!!