The Jonas Brothers Go Gold in Mexico

The Jonas Brothers Go Gold in Mexico

The Jonas Brothers pose together as they receive a plaque of recognition from the House of Records in Mexico City on Sunday afternoon.

The rock group’s “A Little Bit Longer” album has been certified gold (40,000 copies) in Mexico.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin also performed on Saturday at the capital’s Foro Sol stadium, which seats almost 40,000 people.

10+ pics inside of Nick, Joe and Kevin rocking out Mexico City…

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  • tbay

    cool im first

  • liz

    yay. congrats, jb♥ they look hot as always!

  • Karina

    Congratulations JoBrosss !!!

    I love you so muchh !

  • alyssa



    Joe is holding their Premio Oye!!!
    haha I love them!!!

  • angiee

    love themm! =D

  • Carol

    LOVE THEM ! :D:D:D:D

  • nick loverrr

    congrats to jb.
    they really deserve it.
    I love themm!

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    i was there the besttt concert in my lifeeee!¡!¡¡!
    joe i love uuu
    and i loved when u sang feliz navidad u guys are greatttt!¡!¡¡!

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is gorgeous

  • lala :)

    whyyyyyyy is nick wearing a turtle neck????? lol ya he got a hickey.

  • Pamela

    pz yo adoro0 a los jobros
    zon super guapos !!!!!!!!

    el koncierto eztube super!!!!!

    AMO A LOS JONAS BROTHERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Bradley

    Way to go Jonas brothers.

  • victoria


  • mariiana

    the jonas are the best im of mexico !! :D when they sing when you look me in the eyes the hand up the mexico flag (L)
    thank you JJ for this awsome pictures (L)

  • cc27

    joe looks good as alwayz so does nick and kevin >3 they deserve it !

  • Emy

    wow how do you guys know he got a hickey?!!?!?

    did joe cut his hair again?!?

    I love Kevin’s new guitar in the first picture!!!!!!lol

    Oh, and congratulations!!

  • Emily

    Selena and Nick already getting it on?

    I never liked that girl…



  • edasf;df

    nick is wearing a turtleneck because he is embarrsed by his neck.

  • lie

    Is it me or joe is looking really skinny he needs to go check himself maybe he has diabetes too. i mean what going on with him he looks sick i hope he is ok. nick doesnt it suppose to be hot in mexico now am confused what is nick wearing a turtle neck! he staring to lose weight too!!

  • opre

    its about 60-70degrees F in Mexico City so its not warm, turtlenecks are perfect, nick looks gooood . they all do. BEST. CONCERT. EVER!!!!!!
    thankyouthankyouthankyou for these pictures!!

  • p-c

    i love how nick is wearing a turtule neck in mexico.

  • Loser

    There wierd Its just a Turtle Neck He looks ridiculos I have no idea why people fancy them there music sounds like there straining there voice, His hurtful. And plus the inapproiate pictures of miley (the one of her in the shower) was taken by nick!

  • Curd

    That turtleneck makes Nick look like some bad cheesy art critic. The turtleneck can go ahead and die now.

    Kevin looks good in the v neck. It compliments him well.

    Joe needs to lose the vest and then his outfit would be SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD.

    I had a Teen Girl Squad moment there…

  • joeil4u

    love them!!!!!!!!!!but don’tlike nick’s turtlneck

  • wow

    I dont like there hair short like that…joe needs his long hair back :(

  • wow

    Is joe trying to make his hair like Camillas ex bfs (tom sturridge) cause it’s starting to look like that.

  • P

    the turtle neck !! its so cute!

  • P

    joes hair looks .. different

  • hgfdhfggf

    you guys are dumb. he isnt wearing a turtleneck bc he has a hickey… i mean, in this picture : do you see one? NO.
    and obv selena is too much of a prude to give him one.

    and i think he looks SEXAYY with it ;)

  • tay

    ahh nick in that turtleneck = yummy!

  • Debbie

    They’re so cutteeeee. I love the Jonas Brothers! I think the turtle neck looks great!

    More concert photos of them here:

  • andrea

    omG! the best concert in my life!!!
    they are so cute and soo sweet here in Mexico
    i love them!!


  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    OMG Nick is wearing a turtleneck sweater hopefully that little nasty hoe Selena Gomez isnt leavin marks on my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA i looooooooove the Jonas Brothers (esp Nick ;) ) hes sooooooooooooooooooooo HOT im really NOT kidding on the Selena thing i hate her with a passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥


  • gaby

    pleaseee comee to MONTEERREY MEXICO!

  • cc27

    Joe’s like not combing his hair or something? lol but still looking gorgeous love u kevin nick and joe !

  • latasha

    JONAS BROTHERS ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NICK IS HHHHHHHOOOOOOOT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTAND SSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!