Taylor Swift is AOL Awesome

Taylor Swift is AOL Awesome

Taylor Swift strums on her guitar in four new performances from AOL Music Sessions.

The 19-year-old country cutie performed four songs off of her sophomore album, “Fearless”, “White Horse”, “Change”, and “Love Story.” Taylor indulged AOL with little tidbits about fairy tales, making her mom cry and hearing her own songs on the radio.

On her favorite fairy tale: “The one I loved the music to the most was ‘The Lion King.’ There are about 4,000 videos of me as a little kid singing ‘Lion King‘ songs. Like, running up to random strangers on the beach and just breaking out in song!”

On the best gift she gave her mom, Andrea: “I started writing it ['The Best Day'] in the summertime last year, and I decided I wasn’t going to play it for my mom until Christmas. So I finished the song secretly [and] recorded it completely without her knowing. I synched it up with all these home videos of me when I was little with her, and I made this music video for it. On Christmas Eve, I put it in the DVD player and played it for her. She didn’t know that it was me singing until about halfway through the song, at which point she burst out crying. It’s probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. My mom and I have been best friends since I was born. So I’m really glad that I got that down on CD.”

On her love for Jesse McCartney: “Jesse McCartney — it’s like a complete Jesse McCartney phase, all of his albums. I have this giant Jesse McCartney playlist right now. So that’s probably my big shocking music fascination right now.”

On listening to her songs on the radio: “I’ll listen to it [my songs], but I want to check the other radio stations to make sure that one of the songs I really love isn’t on. If there’s a song that I’m a big fan of, I’ll change it to that. But if nothing else is on, I’ll turn it up and be like, ‘Yes!’ I still have that moment. That never gets old when your song is on the radio.”

Taylor Swift – “Fearless”

Taylor Swift – “Change”

Taylor Swift – “Love Story”

Taylor Swift – “White Horse”
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