Robert Pattinson: Crew Cut Cute!

Robert Pattinson: Crew Cut Cute!

Robert Pattinson shows off his new crew cut as he arrives home for the holidays via Heathrow airport in London on Monday morning.

Over the weekend, the 22-year-old Twilight leading man was seen with co-star Nikki Reed picking up some boxes. Is somebody moving soon??

Robert is the latest celeb to be added to E! Online’s Celebrity Addictionary. Pattronize was the word of the day on Sunday — a verb meaning “to humor one’s Twilight-obsessed friends who are all gaga over grungy-hunk, sensitive-vampire-dude Robert Pattinson.”

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  • vintagelove

    he looks so hot!
    makes him look clean
    i think both hairstyles look good on him
    so who cares he is able to pull off aything
    such a hottie

    can’t wait till new moon
    although he will be out if it for the most part!

    i hate jacob black

  • d

    he’s amazing<3

  • ana



  • Lily

    does he think now people are going to stop commenting about his hair? No, he still looks cute :D


    ahhhhh he is so hot but i like the long hair the new cut makes him look younger

  • Wendilynn

    I hope he’s finding more secure digs. I”m thinking the new haircut has to do with the movie he’s filming in January. Merry Christmas Rob..

  • joss

    hot rob <3

  • jess


  • miriam

    HOT :D

  • Kari

    He looks great! Thanks for the amazing pictures Jared

  • vanessajonas

    he is dating nikii reed? or niki is moving with him?

  • Holly

    Oh man he’s just too hot..(L)

  • Sarah

    He looks so hot. I loved his hair before too but it looks amazing now. Rob is such a babe! He is the perfect Edward Cullen. I can’t wait to see him in New Moon even though his role is cut down.

  • mej1031

    Okay soo he’s really hot both ways(: but I like his other hair better cause it makes him look more edgy and I like that but yeah hahah(: umm I cnt wait till New Moon(: but idk how much ill like it because he’s not going to be in much of it. But I thunk there gonna find a way to put him in there cause robert is the movie if u get what I am sain haha. But yeah I really cnt wait for Eclipse hahaha. Bu thts a while away):

  • sammy

    Okay I admit that I totally have a thing for guys that have kinda long hair and pull off the messy, just rolled out of bed look. His old hair style. But oh my freaking GOD, he is still just as hot as he was then. Maybe hotter. it’s good to see he can pull off both hair styles.

  • Stefanie

    he is hot either way he could shave his head and he will still be hot and cute beside he will have it longer again by march when they start shooting new moon

  • liz

    he is still HOT!!!!!
    wow he can pull of anything and still look smexy!!! hehe
    he looks younger now too!!

  • cc27

    So mucher better looking ! :D

  • Lila

    He could possibly do no wrong
    He looks beyond hot and cute!!!

  • emily

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! what happened to his amazing hair?!

  • liz

    ahhhhhhhhh! i LOVE it =] He looks much more clean cut. Rob’s been wanting to cut his hair FOREVER, actually, but they wouldn’t let him because he had to look like “Edward.” Thank goodness he actually looks like ROB PATTINSON! ♥

  • Emma

    He still so hot, but he was even hotter with the long hair <3 <3

  • alex

    Dang! He has a lonnnng forhead! Lol

  • Brittany

    I LOVE HIS HAIR!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh! He looks way better! Now people can’t make fun of him for looking like a bum haha

  • Brittany

    He looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ariana


  • Today

    Handsome either way! ;D

  • alicia

    THANK GOD! i hated the hair before and LOVEEEE it now!! good god he is gorgeouss!!

  • sabrina

    he looks cute either way

  • angeline

    He looks amazing either way, but I definitely prefer this hair! It makes him look so clean and he looks so damn hot at the same time! It’s going to take some getting used to, but it’s definitely better.

  • shirley


  • Isabela

    he looks sooo handsome
    nothing new there… the guy is hot without even trying… imagine if he did try, we would all literally melt in our seats.. not that we don’t do that already =P

  • Driguerra

    hot 100%

  • ally

    aww he looks good. i love his hair short he looks even hotter. i would love him to shave a lil but its okay =]

  • Steff

    He looks much cleaner now. and oh so CUTE!
    I like both, the other hair made him look more dangerous this one makes him look so cute and adorable! XD

    I adore him anyways no matter what! =)

  • Kami

    atleast he has a decent haircut now

  • Robs girl!!!

    STILL HOT!!! I LOVE U!!!

  • katie


  • annieeee

    i still love himmmm<33333

  • chels

    he looks much more cleaned up.

  • Willa

    I’m conflicted…he’ll look hot no matter what simply because he’s edward!!

  • geniass

    Ewww…I liked it when he looked like a homeless man!


    lol um he def looks better here. but BORING! HE LOOKS JUST REGULAR! HE’S NOT UNIQUE LOOKING ANYMORE…….but he deffently looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better…….just average tho

  • caitlin

    oh my gosh he looks… CLEAN!
    haha still very sexy robbie :)

  • athena

    Now if he would just shave that stuff off his face, he’ll look decent once again.

  • Maria

    What is the deal with him and Nikki Reed? Seriously, I find her to be too ditzy for him.

  • jenn

    HE looks so much HOTTER!!!

  • eugenia pestikova

    I like it but love the way it was before :)


    he is soooo hot
    he is mine

  • syerah

    ohh .gawd .
    i hyperventilating right now ..

    he is so totally cute in his new haircut .
    he looks a little bit boyish though but still hott ….