Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Buddies

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Barney's Buddies

On-and-off-screen sweethearts Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron do some last minute Christmas shopping at Barney’s of New York in Los Angeles on Monday evening.

Vanessa, 20, was recently seen filming an Ecko Red commercial in L.A. and snuck in a little Christmas shopping herself without Zac.

The duo will be heading overseas to Tokyo, Japan for the last leg of HSM3 promo in January.

WHAT DO YOU THINK the couple got for each other for Christmas?

20+ pics inside of Zac and Vanessa shopping for the holidays…

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Photos: Craig Williams/WENN, VAH/Fame Pictures
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  • jo

    thanks jared. they’re so cute.

  • merry christmas..!

    lOvee them!!

  • daze

    thanks jared there so cute doing there last minute shopping

  • maria

    Whoa, it really does look cold for Cali!! Nice to see them do normal stuff that couples do. Too bad they can’t act normal in front of the paps though!!

  • aw

    Cute! He was wearing that a few days ago too.

  • maria

    And I’m really loving Vanessa’s hair- it’s so soft and flowy here!! And Zac is looking all rugged……good look for him!!

  • Rich

    Haha, nice to see them out together.

  • Babyvhugestfan

    OMG is that a cigarette in Zacs mouth or a lollipop. Vanessa and Zac are the cutest couple in the world. They look cute!

  • Rosa

    so sweet ^_^
    they both look ADORABLE .. as usual

    Merry Christmas Zanessa =)

  • jo

    zac is looking hot. they shoulda took a pic with him after he unbuttoned.

  • curiosity

    They are both adorable and can only wish them the best of everything.

    Love them both

  • yeah

    they look so cute:)

    hmmm.. i wonder what will they be doing at christmas break?…

    merry christmas zanessa!

    zanessa forever!!!!!!!

  • abigail

    they look great together!!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    how cute :D Vanessa’s hair is looking great !! As always…And Zac ? Well, let’s just say that his hair is looking sexy slicked back !! XD Love them.

    Hm, I do wonder what they got each-other for x-mas. Curious..
    Zanessa IS FOREVER.

  • rosilee9

    I just wish them a happy xmas, happy new year and hope that they both enjoy Japan.

  • overated.

    OMG, Zachary, Zachary. Your looking mighty fine. His hair IS perfect. And so is Vanessa’s. Their always perfect. They are the Perfect Couple.

    Hey Zac, for christmas, can I have that toothpick of yours ?

  • Rissa

    awwww. adorable! maybe he got her jewelry. haha!

  • kara

    hopefully she’s buying him shampoo

  • liz

    whoa i thought zac was smoking a cigg!! ha but its just a toothpick!
    they look cute together

  • zefronobsessed

    aw..their so cute !! Hope they have a great Christmas and Happy New Year !!! Zac’s hair is looking awesome :D Vanessa is looking really pretty too.

  • ayen

    Vanessa, you look lovely as always. Merry Christmas~~

  • Zac efron#s 1 fan

    Zac and vanessa both look great.

  • vanessaloversbrazil

    they look cute

  • Emily

    The signature toothpick.

  • !

    zac is trying sooo hard to pull of rob pattinson’s loook

  • sara

    cute cute cute!

  • yets

    i Love them
    God Bless zanessa
    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Maddy_loves_zanessa

    mayb he was getting here something!

  • k

    the best couple in the world!!!!!

  • Karen


    I would say if anyone is copying anyone it is Rob who is doing it since Zac has had his hair like this from time to time since he was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and when he was at the premiere of Hairspray in July of 2007.

    HOWEVER, when the all the stylist in Hollywood or whatever fashion gurus comes up with the new “fad” or “trend” for the coming months
    you will see all kinds of stars with the same look. This past year we saw Brad Pitt have the Zac Efron “look” but I seriously doubt he was trying to copy Zac. So all this talk of this one copying that one is so childish and makes no sense.

  • esther

    aww they look so cute hope they have a good christmas and new year!

  • vannie

    Zac and vanessa are the cutest couple Ever.

  • khloe

    so cuuuute! they r one good lookin couple! i like the scruffy look zac has going on! =D

  • Kendi

    they look so good <333

  • Melissa

    i love zanessa and support them forever. i been writing fanfic about them check it out and tell me what you think. Merry x’mas and Happy Newyear 2009. i bet Zanessa going to spend Newyear together.

  • merry Christmas Zanessa!!

    Hey, Jared…
    thx sooo much for the pics!!
    They look really cute 2 gether, as always!!
    I wonder what they’ll give each other for christmas!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
    GBU all…

  • Brenda Songjorenda fan 4eva

    Not much comments, where are the lovers.

  • Brenda Songjorenda fan 4eva


  • brendafan

    zanessa rocks!!!!!

  • Valentine



    I can’t breaaaath !!!

    His hair is perfecccct

    Rrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

    Merry Christmas guyyyyyys =D

  • elle


  • zanessafan4ever18

    ZAC looks cute!!!!!!!! (AS USUAL)


    LOVE ZAC!!!!


    N A HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!!!!!!!!!


    awww .. love them soo much .. cute ..

  • http://yahoo elaine

    Elle,i think they are just tired from christmas shopping.Its really exhausting you know.I’m not even done yet.

  • Ian UK

    hmm well I guess they sorta look cute but I don’t get the hair style at all but i guess thats a UK thing as we are different lol , it looks greasy to me i’m afraid … i’d like to see him with short hair now that would be good

    V always seems to look good lately when ever you see her she takes pride in her appearance.

    Merry Christmas to everyone from the UK :)

  • alex

    Danm zachary you looking mighty fine boy!!!
    and ness radical girl you work thoose bangs!!


  • zane

    I hate when they are said “On-and-off-screen couple”

    I love them<3

  • Sina

    looove this couple.. christmas shopping is the best ever :D <3

  • jiji

    zac looks soooooooooooooooooo hot .i like vanessa s hair to

  • Sam

    Zac needs to wash his hair, haha. V looks so cute.