David Archuleta Hangs With Santa Stitch

David Archuleta Hangs With Santa Stitch

American Idol alum David Archuleta hangs ten with holiday-themed Stitch at the taping of the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The 17-year-old “Crush” crooner dished his fave hit songs of 2008 to MTV. He shared, “One of the biggest songs of the year for me was definitely ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz … you gotta love that song. I mean, who doesn’t? If you don’t there’s something wrong going on. It’s an awesome song.”

David will be co-hosting the Christmas Parade alongside Ryan Seacrest, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and Matt Dallas. Be sure to tune into ABC on Thursday, Christmas Day to watch to watch when Miley Cyrus, Corbin Bleu and The Jonas Brothers take the stage, singing your favorite holiday classics.

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Photos: Mark Ashman
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  • vanessa

    he’s cute. :]

  • Karina

    I don’t like him …

  • AMR

    David will be co-hosting! Awesome!!

  • heybye

    omg how can you like him? hes ugly and his music is annoying.

  • KIMK

    David for Christmas! OK!

  • Christina

    Wow, thanks #2 and #4 – your comments are really positive contributions to society.

    Yay David! Thanks for being such a great role model for kids these days. Maybe some of your awesomeness will rub off on them.

  • kathy

    #2 and #4 are just haters. if you don’t like him then DON’T comment it.

  • sv18


  • giz

    nice kid but his song sucks. “Crush” or whatever the thing is called annoys the hell out of me.

  • gloria

    he will co-hosting?? yay i cant wait to watch him!! david love u si much! dont listen to the haters u r awesome!!! thanks 4 the pics! they r so cute <3

  • Gen

    awww yeahh <33 i can’t wait to see him !!

    but they photoshoped the heck out of him, many stars need photoshop to look good but Archie doesn’t. He’s naturally good-looking.

  • Angie


  • amber

    cone head?

  • Nancy

    I am so happy he is co-hosting this…..he is wonderful and his music is so amazing. I listen to his album all day and that new video is beyond fantastic. David is a natural at everything he does. Noone can match that voice…beautiful and unique! Someone above said they didn’t like Crush…well, some people must like it because it is on it’s way to selling to double platinum……..it is still selling great even after all this time.

  • iggy

    Katrina a and heybye. Interesting you looked up David to find this story. Well too bad. David is going to co-host the parade and he is cute and has a top selling song. He just went Gold and he is a raising star….and meanwhile where are you? Oh, yeah posting on a blog about HIM…lol

    Good luck to David and I will be watching. Thanks for telling us Jared. I surely will be watching now.

  • Laur


  • tina

    awesome! can’t wait to watch this. there are sure to be plenty of cute moments!

  • Cali

    Love him! He has an awesome voice and the cutest smile!
    Go Archie! :-)

  • Archie’s angel

    Great people will always have haters, I really dont know who in their right mind has the courage to hate David, He is such a positive example to society and had a wonderful personality! His music is wonderful, anyone who ever decides to hate on him please find out a more about him as a person, “he is ugly” is not a legit reason to hate someone! ARCH ANGEL 4EVER!!!

  • ambber

    no.2 and 4 – too bad, you sound miserable people. you have nothing but ugliness in you, ugly inside and ugliness outside. Get a life you miserable people and find something good in this world.

  • Pascalee

    I agree Gen.. David does not need any help in looking fine. These pictures don’t even really look like him. He is one handsome fellow! He is the only reason I will be watching the parade. But I hope he sings. He’s the only one on that list that can actually carry a tune! I love David Archuleta!!!!

  • EMILy

    I love ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz and David A. =) I hope Jason wins the Song of the Year Grammy =)))

  • addy

    cool! yeah, go David!

  • addy

    and guys, his latest music video ‘A Little Too Not Over You’ is now available on itunes! go get it! I just love him

  • a.

    Yay. <3

  • Elizabeth

    Aww, how can anyone dislike David? That would be just be like hating kittens, bunnies, ice cream, daisies, rainbows…
    I’m excited to see him hosting alongside Regis & Kelly. Archie on Christmas = best gift ever! :)

  • karen

    David is so dang gorgeous and wonderful! Love him and his music! The industry needs more talents like him.

  • ^^

    SO CUTEEE !!!

  • kAIT

    The David haters ARE funny, you have to admit. I always figure they love some other celebrity whose success they feel is threatened by David. No other reason for the constant barrage of insults on every site that mentions him.

    David is not your typical teen star — both his talent and his humility are on levels I haven’t seen in a while. I can’t wait to see his star rise even higher in 2009.


    To the #’s 2 & 4 comments:
    I can understand why you would not like David. He sings horribly…why else would his single be PLATINUM and his album be GOLD!!

    And also, he is such a bad roll model…he drinks, smokes, swears, doesn’t belong to any church and he is such a womanizer!!. He really should hang his head in shame for being so bad. I know…let’s make Brittany, Lindsey, Paris and Miley our roll models. Now those are some outstanding human beings that I want my kids to look up to!!!

    Seriously, it’s sad that those that are not fans of David are missing out on something magnificent, IMHO!!!

  • Llolii

    Haha Thank you Haters!
    David has haters! that means he is HUGE!
    Wow, amazing pics!!

  • Briana

    This boy is seriously too cute for words.

  • Duyen

    i’ll definitely be watching. looking at David on Christmas is more than fine by me

  • kev

    Yay that he will be co host. He should sing xmas songs tho. Jonas bros and miley will kill all the xmas spirit by singing xmas songs. What was wrong w producers. Were they on drugs when they decided to have those jonas bros and miley to sing xmas songs?

  • Nia


    Thts nuff said lol!!

  • val

    yay. I like him

  • aw

    He’s sweet, good voice.


    love him and the song im yours by jason mraz<33333
    is just awsome..
    love david archuleta wont miss it tomorrow

  • Janey

    You know, the actual winner of American Idol, David Cook, will be singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. His album is almost platinum in only 6 weeks and his first single, Time of My Life, is well on its way to double platinum. It is still in the top 6 on the HAC charts. He is way outselling David A., for what it is worth. Still, both are doing well in their respective genres.

  • kAIT

    Well, you said it, Crusherrr. We are lucky that we ‘get’ David — because being his fan and belonging to such a caring fanbase has been a wonderful experience for me. I think David attracts people who are open-minded and open-hearted.

  • Janey

    Dear moderator:

    Please, please, please remove my previous post. After looking back at it, I believe it would fan the flames of fanwars and I don’t want to do that.

    Archie is a doll and I want him to have all the success in the world.
    Comparison is always a mistake, and it is impossible anyway, apples and oranges, except that they are both so talented.

    Thanks for removing my post, it was inappropriate.


  • Lucy

    David Archuleta is Ugly? lmao ,look at yourself in the mirror…

    He has one of the most handsome faces I’ve ever seen, leave alone his voice of an angel

  • Gen

    happy bday davidddddd !!!! <3 You deserve only the best.

>>>>>>> staging1