Frankie Jonas is The Hollywood Shake-Up

Frankie Jonas is The Hollywood Shake-Up

Frankie Jonas, aka The Bonus Jonas, is arguably the youngest and coolest Jonas brother. The 8-year-old was recently interviewed by famed YouTubers Katie and Karleigh in a conference room.

Frankie opened up about himself — not his famous, older brothers! — and talked about his ambition to start a band of his own, his favorite things and the Nintendo Wii.

He shared, “Me and my friends, we call it The Hollywood Shake-Up. So far, there’s only me and my friend and when we recorded, we just did auto-mix. We were like, we need to find some people.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Frankie starting his own band?

Frankie Jonas – Katie & Karleigh Show
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  • katie jonas

    aw. frankie is sooooo cute<3
    i will go see hollywood shakeup in concert!!!!!

  • andrea

    frankie youre so adorable :)

    i love all of you guys

    have a good holiday!

  • jenna

    Frankie is so cool!

  • Kayla

    ahaha I love Frankie!
    he’s so adorable<3
    also very funny! (:

  • super fan ashley

    Frankie is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollo

    I think that every body who is in family with the jonas Brothers will gro far and become a superstar no daubt. I think when Frankie grow up and he is 14 years he and hes groep can become relly famous.
    great X-mas and happy new year ;=)

  • Camila

    Frankie should have his own band.
    I LOVE completly the Jonas Brothers!!! They Rock
    But Frankie should also have his own band or could became more famous acting or something like this.

    Well, I love all of u 4 guys!!!!

  • angeline

    He’s so cute, I see so much of his older brothers in him! He’s definitely gotten cuter over the years.

  • http://lala lala

    he’s so adorable :) i would like to see him in some band, that would be really cute :D

  • hgfdhfggf

    hes so cute. but the sad part is when he is older, if he really has a band, they probably will only be famous bc of his bros :/

  • Kire

    yeah, but i mean everyone thinks that siblings of famous people only want to join show buisness because the older, more famous siblings are doing it but maybe they just got inspired by them and want to pursue their dream as well.
    so i understand frankie in this situation, but he’s got heck of an easier road when it comes to getting record deals and movie roles

  • Bree

    Aww his favorite is nick!!!

  • Emy

    I love Frankie!!
    He is so cute! That was sweet when he said his favorite band was his brothers!! And Nick is his favorite because he is one of the greatest kids of all time……….AWWWWWWWWWW

  • Rachel

    I think, I’ll be the first one to buy his first album :)
    I love how much he resembles his brothers, you see the crazy side of Joe, the sweet side of Nick, and the mature attitude of Kevin (not saying Joe and Nick aren’t mature too but you guys get it! haha). You can definetly tell they’re related. It’s hard to believe he’s only 8… <3 all FOUR of them. :)

  • Izabella

    before almost every answer he gave he went “oo” LMAO :)
    mrs. Jonas sure gave birth to four very handsome boys ♥

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!:)

    Frankie s soooooooooooooo CUTE i looooooooove him just as much as his brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • Babyvfanforever

    Frankie’s favorite brother is Nick!!
    He’s so cute and funny!! :)

  • Amanda

    awwwww he’s sooo cute and very mature for an 8 year old boy!!!! haha quite well-spoken and funny also!!! veryyyy adorable little kid!!! can’t wait to see him become even more famous than the Jonas Brothers with his band that he started with his friend, The Hollywood Shake-Up!!! but yeahh this is a great interview, the interviewers aren’t the best because they arent that into what he is saying, they look kinda bored and like they arent enthusiastic and interested in the outcome of the interview, but on the contrary Frankie is adorable!!! :)

  • pearl!!! :3

    awww!!! he’s sooooo cute!!!! i bet you $50 bucks that when he’s like 14 or some thing, he’ll be totally HOT!!!!!

  • Liz

    He is so cute! It most def runs in their fam, being cute, funny, and musical! LOL. Can’t wait to hear more from his band and hope to see him on tour with his bros again soon. I was sad, Frankie wasn’t at the concert I went to. He was at Camp. :-(


  • shei!!

    q feooo
    x dios
    esta aprovechando la fama de los brothers
    huy q rata..
    es el mas feo d los cuatros

  • sarah.

    awww frankie is soo adorable.
    i think he meant stl as his fav city.
    i mean we got city muesum, ted drews, science center, the zoo.
    hahah oh well frankies amazing i will like him for him not his brothers. :)

  • jj’s girlfriend

    hehe so cute

  • little star

    I♥Frankie ^^ he is so adorable <3

  • Kristina

    I think he is so cute, he is more grown up than I thought he would be..well he sounds like it [:

    he is so awesome!

  • carol jonas


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