Miley Cyrus Presents $60K To Diabetes Clinic

Miley Cyrus Presents $60K To Diabetes Clinic

Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray pose with a few lucky kids at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt on Tuesday afternoon in Nashville, Tenn.

The 16-year-old pop star and her dad presented a $60,000 check to the Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Billy Ray shared, “It’s all about the kids and trying to spread a little Christmas cheer. The staff here at Vanderbilt do such an incredible job. Just here to make the kids smile a little bit, sing some and hopefully make the holiday season a little brighter.”

Miley Cyrus – Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital, 12/23
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  • zanessa/jashley

    Diabetes clinic, eh ? Hm, I wonder how Nick reacted to that ? :D

    ..Hm, that was actually pretty nice of her.

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    she’s just trying to get nick’s attencion…

    Typicall of miley..

  • Anna

    thats soo nice of herr !!
    wow she does something nice and the haters are commming ^^^
    Miley is amazing !!
    Merry Christmas :)

    3rd ??

  • cc27

    That was nice of miley :D i love hannah montana :P

  • mcftd8

    she’s just trying to get nick’s attencion…

    Typicall of miley..



  • mcftd8


  • k

    to DavidHenrieLUVER
    She presented $60,000 to a hospital to get nick’s attention?
    Get over the Nick thing…cuz obviously she has.
    btw I like her hair a lot:)

  • typical

    a very good organization to donate to, the generosity makes me smile :)

    and for the one who said she was just trying to gain nick’s attention, well…in all honesty, something like this may have caught his eye.
    but don’t go saying she did it just to catch the eye of an ex.
    because i’m more than sure that miley cyrus has more of a heart than that.

    merry christmas and happy holidays to jj and all its readers :)

  • Meepo

    Attention whoooreee. I don’t think she did it to get Nick’s attention, but media attention all the less.

    She looks horrible.

  • tabitha

    but i have to say that DavidHenrieLUVER is right

    it is to get nicks attention, i am not being mean but there is soo many other clinics she could of gave money to like her own thingy hypoglycemic.

    i like miley but i am just saying.

  • overated.

    agreed with tabitha. I mean, she could’ve donated to Children’s Hospitals..but instead she donated to a Diabetes Clinic, maybe to get Nick’s attention or that she really cares. But what she did was really great of her.

  • amelia

    if miley’s over her relationship with nick, why aren’t you people??

    you’re the ones who obbsess over her private life, so if she’s done with nick, don’t you guys typically follow that as well?

    i think this is very sweet of her, and definitely in the xmas spirit!

  • Emily

    That’s really nice of her. Who cares if she did it to impress Nick?

    He’s missing out on a great girl anyways..

  • shut it

    she has that hypoglycemia disease which will turn into diabetes later in life. so she’s dealing with that too. why does EVERYTHING the girl does have to relate to nick somehow? they’re over each other. each has moved on. and the JB fans need to also. leave the girl alone. she wasn’t even SCHEDULED to be there. her dad was. but she wanted to come along too.

  • rii

    well i read elsewhere that it was just billy ray that was supposed to be visiting the hospital and the check is under his name. miley just tagged along, probably the reason why its billy ray pics shes signing for them.

    and cmon ppl, its christmas time and miley was doing something charitable but the haters have to make it seem as if she had ulterior motives. you guys act as if she never gets attention so shes trying to get it now by doing charity work. putting someone down for doing charity work, doesnt that seem kinda weird? =/

  • faiza

    hmm obviously its nice to see celebs doing charity work, but really do they need to make it a publicity thing…i mean can’t they just donate privately for themselves w/o trying to prove to the world how generous they are…ppl should just give for the sake of giving s’all i’m saying…

  • rii

    honestly, it prolly shows more that the celebs actually care if they go in person unless they really make it some publicity stunt inviting a lot of media. cuz even if they donate money w/o going it would still prolly come out.

  • sam

    shes got a form of it herself! why on earth would she still be wasting time trying to get back into that idiots good books when theyre both now taken by other people! shes moved on, thankfully.

  • ilovemiley

    UGH you people are so stupid.
    she didn’t do this just to get nick freaking jonas’ attention.
    if that was the case she wouldn’t have waited
    this long. STUPID RETARDS!
    you people run all over me. GAHHHH get the eff over it.
    she did out of the greatness of her heart.
    i love her absolutely so much. i can’t wait for them
    to find me, and all these other diabetics, a freaking
    cure. GO MILEY!
    merry christmas to all<33

  • mileyrulz

    OmGEH dudez lyke evryting MiLAY doez revolvez around NiCk J don’tcha kno!11!1!1 i mean c’mon she couldn’t pozsibly donate monay just bcuz shez a nice, giving, benevolent person!11!11! it’s ttly bcuz she want to get NiCk Atention!11!!! it’s teh only possible reason why!1!111ONEONEONE!1111


  • rae

    i knowv you jonas brother fans are wack… and fyi…. she wasn’t the one who presented the money… it was actually Billy Ray…. people need to get their facts right. Miley wasn’t even suppose to be there…. Billy Ray brought his daughter with him. Miley wasn’t even suppose to work that event, can’t you see they don’t have her picture for her to sign. It was only Billy Ray and Miley just signed his pictures to give out. And Miley didn’t have full makeup on because she wasn’t the star of the event. It was Billy Ray.


  • Always right

    To tabitha- IDIOT! Hypoglycemia is a form of diabetes. Dolt.

    To davidhenrieluver- GET A LIFE! If you love david henrie then go find his post somewhere rather then obsessing over Nick and Miley.

    to faiza- I agree but being a celebrity you can’t do much privately can you? So I think your statement has been cancelled out

    Miley has more of a heart then to try to get Nicks attention. Its nice of her. Shes very altruistic. Something you haters will never be.

  • zanessa4ever

    She is nice for doing that!

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    I’m so sorry im on my cousins comp. and i didn’t notice it still said her name! So ya #20 is actually zanessa rox ur sox! sorry!

  • rissa

    i agree with all the miley fan come on people give her a break leave her aolne she is done with nick soo u should be done with it to

  • jamieanileyluver

    wow.. go miley! diabetes? does nick know this..LOL i hope he does.. nick should be very proud of her.. nick is really unfortunate for losing miley and gaining a not-so-popular actress named selena.. [but love isn't measured in popularity, age, richness and power].. go niley!

  • jen

    people who think she did it to get nick’s atention are just pathetic. GET OVER IT. she is actually a nice person who spends a day of her holidays making sick kids happy, why dont you try doing the same?

  • deb

    LMAO at people who think she is doing this “for Nick”


  • Someone

    I mean, now Mileu just can’t donate to a diabetes clinic just because Nick has it??
    You tell her to get over Nick, but I have to tell YOU to get over that. She doesn’t talk about Nick since a while ago, you ND THE PRESS ARE THE ONES WHO START ALL THIS STUPID RUMORS!!!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    YOU guys who accused this as publicity need a slap in the face….
    is it wrong to give back to community that needs the money ?
    the cameras might have just been there…

    You guys !!
    This is Christmas day….and you still full with hatred and such.
    Peace !!

  • Grace

    That was so sweet of Miley and Billy Ray to take the time out of their Christmas “Break” to do such a nice thing! My Dad had diabetes so I know how hard of a disease it is to have. Miley was so sweet talking to all the the Kids and their Parents as if they were friends..You can tell she’s a very sweet girl!

    And I really doubt Miley did this to get Nick’s attention. Miley has a boyfriend now, so it seems that she has moved on. Why do you people always have to assume because Miley is doing something that it is somehow related to Nick? So Miley isn’t able to give a donation to a charity focusing on Diabetes because her Ex-Boyfriend has Diabetes? That just seems dumb to me.

  • Angela

    people who say that miley did it for nick, are simply
    DIABETES YA KNOW! you jb obsessers make it seem
    like nick is the ONLY one with it… which is not true!
    get the hell over it. miley’s doing something nice for
    sick people, && you guys STILL accuse her.. idiots.
    i bet you guys wouldnt have the nerve to do what
    miley’s doing right now.

  • naee.

    Attention or no attention she’s helping kids with diabetes.
    I don’t see any of you dipshits going out and donating $60 grand
    to a diabetes clinic.

  • lovely girl

    I love her <3

  • lovely girl

    I LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil*princess*

    if that had anything to do with nick it was probaly that when she was with him she saw how terrible it was to have to live with and that made her want to help
    it was nice of her to donate the money
    stop defacing that because you dont like her and want her whole life to be about nick
    i <3 jb as much as the next person infact i am a little obsessed but not everything in miley life hes to be about nick and people who think thak are pathetic

  • Brenda Songjorenda fan 4eva

    This isn’t publicity, I am obivisouly a JB fan, but she is really just a nice person, she has donated over 1 million to charity. I think that other JB fans are just retarded. Like WTF she isnt doing this for Nick’s attention. GET OVER IT.

  • tabitha

    guys are so over reacting, cant some one have their own opinion with out someone telling them off

    miley might be over nick or she might no be, no one knows so sure.

    anyway what she did was great.

  • Brenda Songjorenda fan 4eva

    Miley IS NOT doing this for publicity, JB fans get the HELL over itl.
    It’s christmas, take you hatred some where else. Please enoy the celebrations. Davidluver, Miley is a very good and sweet person, for god’s sake she donated over 1 million dollars to charity in 08. This isn’t about Nick Jonas. Or Joe, Kevin and others, it’s about how JB fans favour Selena who has done nothing to deserve the fame shes getting. One tv show, season 1, papz. When Miley worked and paved her way in Hollywood for over 4 years, then she for mega attention. And i highly doubt that Miley is doing this for Nick. Its over she hated him, Nick and Miley made Selena a somebody, fighting with Miley and dating Nick got Selena major attention that she doesnt deserve right now, maybe in the future when she settles down and works harder towards fame and fortune, Selena probably made Forbes, Hollywood is unfair, life sucks, its all about looks and connections.

    I love Selena as a person, she is so sweet but truth is the only reason she is on magazine covers is because of the publicity she got from the media in 2008, dating Miley’s ex Nick and fighting with the mega famous Miley. I speak the truth, before the fight happened, when i searched for ”Selena Gomez” on google news, i found absoutely no headlines with ”Selena Gomez”. It was all about her new wizards episodes. Then JB and MIley came and made Selena the superstar she is today. Kind of silly. These days in Hollywood record deals are being handed to teens who have fame, and talent is not being taken serious at all. I dont celebrate X-mas so i will continue surfing the net.

  • mimi

    60,000! I think she could of donated more. She has millions and millions and millions of fricken dollars. 60,000 seems like nothing. Hope she donates to more charities. She probably made more than 60,000 with the amount of money she was charging for her 16th bday party and her concerts.

  • vbgtt

    i hate selena and the jonas

  • Emma

    One of my best friends has diabetes …
    That so sweet of her :D

  • LOLO

    Miley is amazing, she is so sweet. Miley haters/jb lovers get a life, she is just a sweet person.

  • liy


  • Teresa

    Whoa,thats pretty sweet! I know some people will still have some bad things to say about her. But,if you don’t think that was nice of her theres really no getting to you,you’re just a cold person! Anyway before I start ranting! Shes a very very talented sweet girl. And very pretty. Go Miley!!! <3

  • opre

    you ppl are so stupid READ the post
    “presented a $60,000 check to the Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles” ON BEHALF OF it is not her money she is even donating, shes just presenting the check that the fraternity is giving to the clinic. SHE did NOT donate 60 K hahaha shes not as generous as JB

  • erin

    hmm obviously its nice to see celebs doing charity work, but really do they need to make it a publicity thing…i mean can’t they just donate privately for themselves w/o trying to prove to the world how generous they are…ppl should just give for the sake of giving s’all i’m saying…


    agree! 100%

  • I_love_Miley

    yes it stand’s that in text, but that’s a organization the Cyrus family support’s with money. and stop bringing the fraking Jonas brother into everything. this is Miley and her dad, doing somthing really nice, and the only thing you haters can do is bashing.

    Miley rocks

  • lizzie

    do you think you could post the pictures of amanda bynes on vacation with her new boyfriend? i can’t find them anywhere!

  • shei!!




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