Sabrina, Kiely & Adrienne: Have A Cheetah-licious Christmas!

Sabrina, Kiely & Adrienne: Have A Cheetah-licious Christmas!

The Cheetah Girls — Sabrina Bryan, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams — chime in during one of their tour stops to record a holiday message for all their fans, wishing them a very Cheetah-licious Christmas.

Kiely, 22, recently sat down with to dish on The Cheetah Girls, performing and the JoBros. Here’s what she had to say:

On touring with her best friends: It’s awesome! We wish it was longer. We actually just get addicted to the tour life. We love our bus and getting to hang out with our dancers. We just love touring!

On her favorite song to perform: I really love “Dance Me If You Can.” It’s a really good number to perform on stage. The crowd loves it.

On the Jonas Brothers: We love the Jonas Brothers! They opened up for us on our first tour ever. So, we’d love to do a double heading Jonas Brothers/Cheetah Girls something tour!

Check out the full interview @!

The Cheetah Girls – Happy Holidays!
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  • natasha

    merry xmas cheetah girls :)

  • polvopaw

    They are so sweet for doing that for their Fans, hope they all have a very Cheetalicious Christmas too!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!

  • Sonia

    So great to see TCG do this. So glad that Sabrina posted this on her youtube channel to share with all of us. Merry Christmas Sabrina and the girls. Sabrina lookin forward to BYOU 2 Jan 13,2009! Good luck TCG at the Urban Ball Legend that you all three are performing at!

  • Cindy

    Saw this earlier on Sabrina’s channel on youtube , her Sabrina Social netwrork, myspace and her facebook. Love it Merry Christmas girls! Thank you Sabrina for caring to post that clip saying Merry Chrismas!! You are just wonderful:)

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    thats nice of them! i love the cheetah girls lol! happy holidayzzz!


    They are so nice!!!!!!!!! Love them, they are so sweet. Cheetahs rock. Adrienne did a mistake, she did it for her fiance, robert. That guy stole it from her.

  • Lolo

    Awww!!!!! They are so nice I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA SABRINA

  • B

    Merry Chrismtas the Cheetah Girlz!!!!!! :D

  • lizzie

    They are amazing. Love ya Cheetahs!!! Foreever!!!!!

  • jorenda


  • jorenda

    Because they are so talented, gorgeous, hot, pretty, amazing and fantastic in every way.

  • leyton

    Brenda Song is friends with Adienne Bailon. Thats why I love and admire Adrienne, well mainly because she is strong after the scanadal. She is strong, independent, and gorgeous. I love her. Sabrina is so cute! :D

  • leyton

    And Merry Christmas cheetahs

  • hanni

    I Love you, Adrienne!!! She is better than Vanessa. She handled the pics better.

  • hanni

    LUV ALL DA CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  • haley

    omg! they are amazing adrienne, sabrina and kiely they are truly amazing love their album, they make millions i love them always have and always will. cheetah love.

  • bbgood2me

    I love Sabrina Bryan. She is gorgeous. I wish the Cheetahs stay. I will miss them. It wasn’t Adrienne’s fault. Screw the paparazzi.

  • bbgood2me

    PLUS: Sabrina looks amazing in the video. So CheetahLicious.

  • baby

    I love

  • baby


  • baby


  • baby


  • baby


  • tell-tale

    hanni @ 12/26/2008 at 9:04 am

    adrienne didnt have to handle the pictures because nobody cared enough to bother with them. plus, most people still dont even know they exsist. she got off way way easy and she should be very thankful for that.

  • go go go madi

    I agree with #24. Vanessa was new and EVERYBODY wanted to know more about her. so imagine their surprise when she had those pictures come out. now with Adrienne, you barely hear any news about her without the cheetah girls, and you’d think after what vanessa had done when she would know NOT to do that, and it seems worse cause vanessa was younger, basically, i think adrienne just wanted more attention. srry if u disagree but it’s my opinion.

  • Vanessa

    i <3 Sabrina !!

  • Hanni

    OK first of all. 399 articles WERE written about Adrienne’s scandal go to Google News, and type those words. Yes what Vanessa did was more major because Vanessa was new and Vanessa posed fully fully without any underwear and bra. While Adrienne didnt wear a bra but she did wear pants. So yea, and Adrienne is mainly know to the media as ”Cheetah girl”. But she did manage to make a lot of money, and Adrienne didnt do those pics for the public, she did it for only one person, her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashain, and Adrienne aplogized and said that is is a mess and furious over who stole her laptop and leaked the pics. The pics were never supposed to be seen by any one except for Rob, Adrienne’s boyfriend. And Adrienne, according to Us Weekly, Adrienne and the Cheetahs in 2006-200 made over 12 million dollars from their tours and in revenue 56 million. Like the media CARES about Adrienne. Check how many articles were written, maybe u dont care about Adrienne because that girl bashed Vanessa, but millions of tweens out there who bought Adrienne’s stuff care, and WTF, not majot fuss is because Adrienne can be kicked out of the Cheeetahs and Raven would be in.

  • lizzie

    I think that Adrienne learned her lesson.

  • lizzie

    I think that Adrienne learned her lesson……

  • come


  • Bailey

    OMG!!! The cheetah are super gorgeous.


    i love sabrina.<3<3

  • jiley

    I love THEM!!!!

  • jorenda

    I can’t wait for that tour. The Cheetah Girls are the best!!!! :D

  • sweety

    I luvv Kiely, she is a total sweetheart!

  • Mong

    I got a Cheeetah Girls, soundtrack for X-Mas. I absolutely loved it, but Adrienne did a horrible thing but at least she didnt do it for her whole body like vanessa.

  • dollys

    I love Sabrina, Adrienne and Kiely, when the pictures of Adrienne came out I was very sad, but she said sorry a lot. Love her.

  • baby-v_luver

    I love Adrienne, she is bff with Brenda. Honestly vanessa is a good gril she made a mistake, its ancient history, now adrienne did something private for her boyfriend, people leaked the pics and made a fuss.

  • back

    I love all of the ”Cheetahs”.

  • adrenda fan

    Adrenda ROCK!!! Brenda + Adrienne = BFFS 4 EVER

  • girl

    Oh, they are so cute!

  • sally

    adrienne is the shortest compared to the rest, i think that the shortest girls on disney are adrienne, vanessa, brenda and ashley. i have proof.

  • sally

    Does anyone know when adriene’s bday is

  • jaley


  • jaley



    i LOVE Adrienne Bailon, she is a strong person.


    I also love Sabrina and Kiely, but something about Adrienne is just very appealing

  • screw

    I adore all of the Cheetah Girls. My absolue favourite one is Sabrina. I love her style, music and everything about her. The Cheetah rock =)

  • rockin

    the cheetah girls are so so so so so so so so amazing

  • Brendasongfan4eva

    he he he

>>>>>>> staging1