Selena Gomez: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Selena Gomez: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Selena Gomez takes a break from her Christmas festivities to make a special greeting for all her fans.

The 16-year-old Wizards leading lady and her two friends, Bridget and Jenn, lounged around in Selena‘s room to sing their own rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

Selena was sure to make the point that after they sang, she did, in fact, do her homework!

Check her holiday greeting out below:

Selena Gomez – ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, 12/25
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  • mcftd8

    first :)
    love her :)

  • ghfg

    Jenn “Thats A Dirty Song”




  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    she’s so cute

    Dirty song !! LOL


    OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH. :) 1st commmmeeennnt :P and also, sh is so pretty . she has a goregouse voice. she is ans inspirtaion :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS :) happy new year ;)

  • Anna

    wow … she looks like a slut in that pose and outfit..
    no offence..such a dirty song selena heheh :)

  • allie

    she’s cute :D

    and has a great voice

  • zanessa_luver

    yes an update! she looks cute!
    thats a dirty song??

  • as


  • edenm

    awh, she has such a pretty voice.
    :] i didn’t expect that.. well, i knew it was somewhat nice
    but still.

    ROFL@ the confused glare she gives jennifer.

  • Violinbug1410

    selena is such a talented singer!
    i luv the “dirty song”

  • julia



  • crazy for JB

    OMG!!! I have to admit it…She have a Beatiful voice!!!
    is that a dirty song???

  • ally

    aww her voice is so cute. this vidio is so sweet of her =]

  • Alexandra

    i love selena!!!!!! she have the most amazing voice ever!!!! merry xmas everyone!

  • becky

    this is not actually her room. i think its like where she has classes!
    her voice is amazing!


  • shei!!

    ergaa esta chama canta bellisiiimo!

    y es bellisima

    la envidioooo


  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    finally something new! lol! haha its funny!
    zanessa_luver- dirty song?

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    zanessa_luver-oh oops i thought you meant that IS a dirty song!lol

    how is this a dirty song?

  • dem

    she just sounds like shes talking, not singing. thats not special

  • Zora Shore

    her voice is so sweet

  • hi

    how do u know this was in her room…?

  • Marjorie

    She can sing, but I don’t think she’s good enough to make an album or anything. Nothing special, just another average voice.

  • katt

    selena ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • selenarox

    she looks always. annd i love her voice and puhlease that songs not dirty!

  • Alisa

    i LOVE Selena’s expression at the end when Jennifer made her comment

  • lilix

    she’s got an incredible voice! no need to scream to be a good singer! everything is in the emotion in ur voice!she’s got a soft voice and i think it totally fits her personality! GO SELENA! LUV YOU ♥

  • deb

    That voice is nice, yes, but it can’t carry her through as a performer.

  • cc27

    Love Selena Gomez :D i admire her soo much !

  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    omg thats really cute selena sings good! lol!! i like tha vid!

  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    yeah zanessa_luver and zanessa rox ur sox how is this a dirty song??!! lol!

  • Chloe

    she’s so cute!

  • mary

    suchh a good voice.
    uhh miley cyrus, take some notes.

  • Blair

    I LOVE SELENA, she’s soo adorable & pretty.
    AND MWAHAHA JEN, DIRRRTY SONG, Sel looked so confused awwww

  • Andy

    Very cute!!

    Nice voice too :)

  • love

    She have a Beatiful voice
    love u Selena <3

  • kirsty

    ahaa ! i like her but she cant singg

  • miley

    Hey! Are Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez friends?
    what do you think about Miley Cyrus? Selena is total godd I think :)…maybe xD

  • teez

    shes got a great voice. unlike miley who sings like a man or demi who shouts everything

  • Emma

    I löööööööv her :D haha

  • Emily Ford

    she makes me want to puke.
    anyone can sing that song.
    seriously, i can’t sing, but that’s a song that anyone can sound ok singing.
    and she only wants attention. no one would just post that unless they were like joking around singing.
    she thinks she’s so cute.
    she’s not.

  • mileyfan

    her voice is ok but not good enough to sell an album!
    i mean demi only sold 98,000 first week and her voice is amazing!!!

  • Jenn

    Is that Bridget Mendler from The Clique?

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥


  • asdfghjkl;

    this post is about selena and her friends
    miley has nothing to do with this
    theres never a post without mileys name it it
    if it doesnt involve disneyy

  • marsha

    shes an amazing actress and very pretty yet her singing is average

  • Nicole turner

    she’s the greatest person in the world, i’d give anything in the world to meet her.

    and she’s the most talented person alive.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    she makes me want to puke.
    anyone can sing that song.
    seriously, i can’t sing, but that’s a song that anyone can sound ok singing.
    and she only wants attention. no one would just post that unless they were like joking around singing.
    she thinks she’s so cute.
    she’s not.

    if she makes you puke, why are you even here?
    any one can sing that song?
    no one can have real talent, like other people you know?
    can you sing?
    i don’t think so.
    AND FYI- sel managed to pull it off. HER voice may sound different and she may act different, but bashing on someone, for not having full
    She’s not a miley, being raised with singing all her life.
    It wouldn’t hurt for someone to try to SING and make it a passion.
    JUST by hearing her voice, you can tell it’s soothing and has a lighter tone. SO there fore, she has an act to improve that, and become better.
    NO one said, she can aim for a CD right away..with that voice. Sel can always take time, to improve it, work on it, get lessons..cuz her album is till the summer :S
    attention? she doesn’t strive for attention. people come to her. and making this post, was to be polite and give back to the fans who care for her, and have given her something.
    THERE’S no un legal right, of not being yourself.
    which is clearly what sel is doing.
    you don’t see many celebs take the time, to make a video for fans on a holiday.
    that’s not selfish in case you were wondering ;)
    they were having fun with each celebrate a special day.
    there’s nothing wrong with that..

    she happens to be more than just cute.
    she’s gorgeous & pretty, more than you’ll ever know.
    it’s typical for teens to wear a tank top..
    that isn’t slutty
    do you see anything exposed?
    i wouldn’t count on it, unless your a guy, to even look there.

    tip: have nothing good to say?
    don’t know what your talking about?
    don’t bother to say it, cuz no one cares!
    think before you say, or don’t bother to say it at all!
    if you can’t except or agree to someone being different..
    then get this:
    your the one, who’s immature to waste your time, writing about someone who you barely know, or have any proof on.
    haters get lost!


    amazing girl
    talented actress
    beautiful singer
    greatest person in the entire world
    incredibly sweet, funny and down to earth :)

    would everyone stop comparing her to miley?
    miley could never sing like this. she sings country and pop..with squeaky higher pitches.
    demi doesn’t sound like this..cuz her voice is over powering. screaming? she has vocals – doesn’t she? and miley screams too..not just demi alone
    and selena is light, soothing and delicate.

    that’s it!
    end of story.

  • Emy

    Lol You guys are all critiquing her. She is not trying to prove she is an amazing singer and is not saying it is her best, she just did it for fun. You know, playing around while doing school work lol I’m sure she is capable of doing much better. It’s just for fun guys, relax.

  • jimena

    hija d ………………………………….
    muerete … cara d poto ..
    pelo planchado
    cara d papa

  • Divine Goddess

    You know the more I listen to this, the more I love her voice. Selena Gomez is absolutely GORGEOUS too, I’m jealous! She’s not the bes singer or actress, but she’s good and she’s a sweetie. Selena seems like a cool chic, I’d love to hang with her

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