Miley Cyrus Wants A Raise

Miley Cyrus Wants A Raise

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus knows what she wants for Christmas and it’s not a new pair of Christian Louboutin’s. It’s a raise!

The 16-year-old starlet reportedly wants a raise in her allowance from mom and pop, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. A source tells Star, “Her parents take care of all the normal expenses.” But ever since model-boyfriend Justin Gaston popped into the picture, Miley has been spending a bit more than her $100 allowance of the week.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — should Miley get a raise in her allowance?

Miley Cyrus – Walt Disney World Christmas Parade – “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”
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  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!:)

    she deserves one she works hard and shes AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)


    No matter how hard she works and how much money she has, she’s still 16. Her allowance is 5x mine, and at least my parents work and aren’t living off their royalties from an “achy breaky” song and Miley’s money from her less than stellar music career and TV show. If they want to keep Miley from being a completely spoiled and washed out child star, I think they should keep it at $100. That’s TONS of money. I wish I had that much allowance!

  • Cherry-Jean

    i hate justin gaston. he even sounds like gaston from the beauty and the beast. but miley is so cute!!

  • renee

    miles i love you totally deserve to get an allowance keep on rocking miles

  • Erin

    I think thats fair enough. She shouldn’t push it. Asking for more than a 100 bucks especially coming from a teen star sounds kind of bratty.

    But you know what. I don’t think people give Miley the credit she needs. So Pop and Ma Cyrus add another 50 dollars to that 100 :)

    That should keep her satisfied. But hell save the money for a month and you’ll have four hundred to spend. Hell thats what I’d do.

    And Just Gaston is getting on my freaking nerves. He’s too old and I”m sure he is using her for fame. Miley needs to dump him.

  • swe3t23

    hey JUST JILL… why are you reporting crap from STAR…………..

    honestly…………just jared and just jared jr.

    USED TO BE a good site but you guys are reporting from START AND GOOSIP CRAP SITES.

    stop it.

    who cares how much she gets……….try being in her shoes……..lets see if you can handle the fish bowl life.

    just another gossip trashy tabloid crap trying to get hits… don’t report.
    it here.

    I know it is slow this week cus of the holidays. If you don’t have to post crap.

  • deb

    Proof? Source?
    Miley seems like one of the happiest girls ever. She seems pretty content with her life if you ask me.

    Anyway, 100 is a good allowence. But the girl works her butt off!

  • laura

    this is just one of the rumor again,just as she wnting her parents to get a divorce,they are not even together anymore just for ur information

  • laura

    i meant justin and miley arent friends anymore,and whose the source with no identification?this is just a rumor,she seems happy with what she has,always ppl trying to create something new when there’s nothing else to do

  • shut it

    Star Magazine.

    Enough said.

    And yes, Miley and Justin are still together…

  • maja

    So, and who here really believes that she cannot spend more than 100 bucks a week???
    Seriously, she probably can spend how much she wants to, considering that her parents are basically living off Miley’s cash!

  • mileyfan

    I think Miley is great and deserves a raise because she earns it herself. Id love to be her and get 100 a week but i think she shouldnt get too much more cos she might need it in the future lol.

  • zashley4ever

    I doubt she is asking for more. This is just another freaking rumor. Poor Miley, people always bashing on here. I think she is an amazing girl and rolemodel and deserves more people being positive then negative.

  • vanessajonas

    this hoe needs someone to pull her strings, her parents act like total spoiled brats

  • Amy

    Okay, I don’t even get an allowance! Jeeze. Just be happy with what you have.

  • izabella

    LOL, how does these sort of rumors come out, who tells the press that Miley is asking for a raise? this is just ridiculous!! :S

    Miley’s awesome, enough said :)

  • Alexis

    IF this is true, I don’t think she need’s a raise

    The only reason she’s supposedly spending more is that mooch of a boyfriend Justin and her parents giving her more money would just give him more insentive to stay

  • Littlewasserman

    We don’t need to know this. This isn’t important and its usless so what. Your making ”talking about just jared jr” a fool out of your self! your making self like an idoit

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    she has her own money!!!! u no from filming hannah montana and everything else!


    Yeah, she works hard for her money. I bet you she’s paying the bills.

  • joss

    if she has her own money, then why is she asking for a raise?
    she doesn’t need a raise. for a 16 year old it’s more than enough, and she should dump that loser boyfriend of hers, but then i guess she’s stupid enough to not realize that he’s just mooching off of her…

  • ohyeah

    You guys have to understand that a 100 a week is alot for a regular teenager but for a celebrity things do cost more. cause it would be terrible if they were caught eating a t regular places and buying regular ol’ clothes. i think 100 dollars is fair. but 200 wouldn’t be alot either.

  • I_love_Miley

    it’s star magazine!! What they reports are never true, i tought this was gonna be a great site that don’t posted usless rumors like this. I guess i was wrong. JUstjaredjr is idiots like rest of theese crappy sites;)

  • as soon at the mag star is mentioned u no its bs

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg she sounds so good and looks so pretty! i love miley smiley! lol!

  • Marjorie

    Like someone else said, Star Magazine… enough said.
    They don’t even have a source, and if they did… the only reliable source would be Miley’s parents and they wouldn’t do that.

  • mileyfan


    but if it’s true she desreves it she probaly pays their bills!!! she works hard for her money !

  • I_love_Miley

    oh i did not see the performance thingy. But anyways Miley is so talented and she sounded great:D Miley rocks.

  • Melanie

    Why not? She works hard for her money everyday! I think she deserves it.

  • cc27

    She deserves it i think .. she works for her money .. unlike me :P lol

  • alli

    woah 100!!! i never get allowance, but one year i did…10-20 dollars. i thought THAT was alot. but a HUNDRED! anyway i doubt this is true. doesnt she make crazy amounts of money from her singing/acting???

  • vbgtt

    eu amo a mily omg

  • It’s so not true
    I love her
    Great performance : D

  • aw

    It’s from star magazine. It’s not true.

  • Rachel

    To everyone wondering why she is asking for a raise, she is asking for a raise from her own money. like good parents, her parents probably put a lot of her money in savings. she’s just asking if they could give her a bit more spending cash. jeez.

  • pop86

    I agree with other posters the Star Magazine is totally bs. Who is the “inside source”? its not Miley, her parents or anyone living in the Cyrus’ household.

  • Teresa

    I doubt it’s true. But if so,I think she deserves a raise! Rich girls who just spend their PARENTS money get more than that. And she makes her OWN money! Anyway,I definetly doubt it’s true. But if so,YES she should get a raise! :D

  • Sarai

    They probably do drugs together too.

  • W

    That’s crazy how she makes so much but
    her parents keep all her money. It’s not that
    fair she works hard for it.

  • cant wait

    STAR? What Crap!! This is total BS!

  • amber

    buying condoms thats why she is spending more!makes perfect sense

  • Helen

    nope she will live

  • aaa

    heck no. $100 should be more than enough for her to spend in a week. if its her bf thats causing her to do this she needs a new one or tell justin that she needs to cut back a bit. i mean seriously $100 allowence and wanting a raise. ha yea right. if i were her parents i would just look at her then laugh. it doesnt matter if she makes a lot of money, she says her parents keep her grounded, giving your child $100 a week as ALLOWENCE is not keeping her grounded.

  • Angela

    ew star? almost all the articles in star are all
    bull sh*t. this is obviously not true.

    but… if it is true, i think she deserves it. :D

  • Nutsnad

    I love miley and she works hard
    But I think 100$ is enough
    She should use her own money

  • Ashlee

    she sounds really high pitch
    and she looks like she gained some weight

  • riana

    come on tish and billy! miley works harder than you and she’s only 16, she’s probabaly paying for your new car mrs cyrus- i think she deserves a bit more than $100. she can splurge a bit on her hard earned cash! Even tho she is 16…

  • asdfasd

    100?? dats almost 200 where i live. and i dun even spend dat much per mnth. shes a freaking spoiled bitch no matter how much she earns

  • Maddie

    Nope. 100 a big ones a week is sooo enough for a 16 yr. old girl, im that age and even i know my limits. :)

  • Krissy Fantasy

    uh no
    why should she have more money?
    so she can blow it all off, on expenses with her new boyfriend?
    is she that stupid to want so much in her life, without her parents:S
    they worked hard for her, to be where she’s at
    not to mention keep her in line and not make another mistake
    and yet she still insists to keep doing it
    this girl can never learn, and i don’t see why people try to defend her, knowing what’s she’s capable of.

    fake or real.
    the magazine brought it up for a reason
    and that reason is
    to let everyone know the truth about her
    100 a week?
    with that money a week..
    i can use it for more important needs and work with what i got.
    she’s taking fame to her head..way to much..

    no way is she old enough to handle more cash then her parents.
    it doesn’t matter if she deserves, it cuz she works hard..
    iF she really worked hard..
    she would have gotten more money for her allowance or something..
    i think that’s keeping her fully grounded..
    but as for the other things..
    not so much.
    but the less the money gets..the more responsible she has to be.
    AND it shows, she’s not acting like a true role model.
    A real one, wouldn’t ask her parent’s for a whinny little rich kid.
    work with the money you got, and stop thinking of yourself for once!
    you got a job for it..and create your own account!
    it’s that simple -.-

    AND if you all were wondering
    miley has changed
    with a new guy in her life
    gained weight
    demanding of no custody rights
    more money
    higher pitch voice

    again why is she still famous
    if she’s shown to act like she isn’t?

    real talent= more money