Zac Efron Sends Christmas Wishes!

Zac Efron Sends Christmas Wishes!

Zac Efron took a break from his own holiday festivities with his family to write a special message to one of his fansites,

The 21-year-old actor wrote, “I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone on Charismatic. I received some pretty incredible gifts for my birthday and Christmas lol… my family and I have been enjoying the messages. Especially the art smile. The birthday book is BY FAR the sweetest present I have ever received. Nothing has ever made me smile like flipping through letters, drawings, poems, and photographs of the cutest girls I’ve ever seen. Your kind words and enthusiasm are truly humbling. A million thanks, guys. You brought something very special to my 21st. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. I’m stoked to have so many friends on this awesome day. You are and forever will be the greatest fans in the world. Cheers. Z.”

Merry Christmas from Zac & Vanessa
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  • Gracie

    He’s so hot!
    ….and so so sweet to his fans, gotta love him! x

  • me

    I was a part of that! Zac is sooo sweet!

  • Megan

    Awww that’s so sweet. Hope he had an awesome Christmas and got to enjoy it peacefully with his family.

    Merry Christmas Zac!!

  • Katty

    Aw, it’s cute he took the time to say that to the fans. I got a poster of him for Christmas! haha yay

  • aw

    The zefron forums are filled with some horrid and ignorant people who have no respect for Zac & his life. Plus half the place is devoted to jonas brothers/twilight/new flavor of the month/etc. The head of the site itself, Kathryn is also one rude piece of work. It’s not a surprise she added someone just like her to help with updating the site.

    They were his first site and keep sending him something for his birthday and I feel bad for Zac that he has to keep up the facade of being polite to that place because of those things. Of course he may not even know the extent of bad they are.

  • IDIOT.

    How cute! He really appreciates his fans. I love him! <3

  • http://ayeaye Martha

    I agree #5, it is full of rude and horrid people. But, for those who do care about him, it was totally sweet of him to send his thanks!

    I am curious, who is the other person just like Kathryn?

    Oh and Merry Christmas Zac!!


    I couldn’t have said it better myself, aw. Zefron is one of the worst Zac fansites that I have seen in a long time, and I’ve seen some pretty bad ones. I may not be a fan of Zac, but I think he deserves better than that terrible excuse for a website. At one point it was a great place, but the last time I went there, months ago, I actually found people who were dissing Zac on his own website!

    The problem with that site it’s filled with tons of tweeny-boopers who are constantly moving on to the next new thing. Their loyalties have shifted, and they have no problem letting everyone know it. Plus most of the mature fans have either up and left, or are heavily outshined by the immature fans.

  • zanessa4ever

    omg hes so hot shes so pretty omg.but omg i love his video so much

  • Elizabeth

    awww he’s sooo sweeet!
    I LOVE ZAC!!


  • zanessa_luver

    Thanx Jared, Zanessa rox! :) hes so sweet! :)

  • annoymous

    wow ..never thought he actually looks at fansites of him

  • http://fun Lilly

    #8 I think ur so right, it is an an awlful forum in the most part. It’s full of tweenie fan-girls who love JB and Twilight. Zac I imagine, and hope is unaware of most of the horrid stuff that goes on. There’s one thread on there in the General section that makes my blood boil, it honestly makes me sick, and why it is left and not deleated I don’t know, if Zac ever saw it, I’d cry for him, it’s honestly horrific that a site that claims to be so assosiated with him, keeps on letting people be so rude and ignorant. It’s not just people who hate Vanessa, or them together, it’s also those who analyise his life and criticize everything he does. There’s one guy on there who is so negative and spiteful, it makes me so mad that he isn’t banned. But, despite all that, Zac is still so kind and sends his thanks, he is at home, with family and he took the time to say those sweet things and take a pic to prove it, he is such a great guy, and he does deserve better than Zefron.

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    #5 I totally agree with you.

  • vanessajonas

    aw zac is so sweet and we loveya! i dont like that zefron doen’s recognize zanessa as a couple=(

  • http://fun Mary

    awww he is so sweet. What an awesome and truly special person he is. I hope he had a wonderful Christmas and I wish him a truly fantastic new year! Love him!

    Also,I do sincerley hope he never looks at the Zefron forums. I’d like to think that if he did, he’s never assosciate with it and Kathryn again.

  • cbamazing

    i was a part of that (:
    & all of you saying zefron is “filled with some horrid and ignorant people who have no respect for Zac & his life.” need to shut up. Yes, I agree, some people are quite rude, but most of the people there are very very nice, and love Zac very much. You shouldn’t make statements like that, for you have no idea what you are talking about. We all love Zac, and care for him very much.

  • Kendi

    zanessa is the best couple ever <333

  • aw

    #8 Truth, exactly. And as a fan of him and he really does deserve better than that. Which is why my visits to the zefron site or forum are pretty infrequent. Thankfully there are a few places that are still good fansites.

    & #13Lilly, I agree with your entire comment completely.
    I know who and what thread you are referring to as well. It’s pathetic. It enraged me as well. And ignorant doesn’t even begin to describe some of them.

  • shantelle

    i soo agree with you 16#,15#,13#,8#,7#,5#!!!
    zefron is an awful forum!!!! :(

    anywhoo forget the negative…
    thanks zac for that message means alot and hope
    you had a great x-mas with your family :)

    ZANESSA IS LOVE <3 :):):):):)

  • alex





    ope u had a gr8 x-mas zaccy :)


  • shantelle


  • (:

    where on the site is it written bad things ? i can’t find anything
    plz answer

  • mary

    # 5 True ?

    That is sad

  • http://fun Lilly

    Aw..which sites, as I would love to visit them?

    I don’t mean all people on Zefron are rude, just a select few, I would love to name them but I have more class than that, and also out of respect for Zac, and V. Zac is truly one of a kind, and those fans who do love him, make Zefron a better place when those negative few act up!!

  • http://fun Mike

    aww what a great guy!

  • http://fun Megan

    eeep he is too cute! Love the pic, hot!! He must be home for the Holidays. Hope he hada wonderful day! Love him!!

  • http://fun Ray

    Zac the man! He is too cool!! And he gets the hottie that is Ms Hudgens! Wish I was him dude!

  • Andy

    Aww that’s nice of them!

    But it sounded like he had a lisp! Haha maybe just the video

  • ashlee

    i agree with everyone about the zefron site being horrible. it would be so sad if zac’s family were to read the comments on some of those forums. but zac is being his usual nice self. he doesn’t have a clue in hell what’s on the site and probably doesn’t give a rats a-s-s. that’s part of his work life. he did his duty. check. now on to living his private life.

    someday, one of his friends will clue him in to just how awful really is.

  • http://http/ daniel

    any1 see the” room raiders” of zac

  • zanessa/jashley

    omg..he’s too sweet !!! He really adores his fans, and us fans adore him :D

    …yeah, whoever those people are that are rude and stuff…they have no respect to anyone but themselves. Zachary IS one of a kind. He’s special.

  • angela clarke

    Im a member of zefron and stuff and yeah there is like annoyed ppl on there but not all of them when i red this off the zefron forum I went aww I mean that was soo sweet of zac to do :D.
    I hope he had a AMAZING christmas.

  • angela clarke


    I watched room raiders with zac LMAO its hilarious its on utube check it out.

  • http://fun Nix

    He knows he has fans that love him and he appreciates them too. It must be hard to be watched by so many, but, he is stIll Zac, and that is why we love him. This sweet gesture just proves what we fans have been saying all along, that is so far removed from Hollywood, and that he is just an awesome and humble guy!! Love him and I hope he had a wonderful Christmas with his family, and I wish him nothing but happiness for 2009 and beyond!!

    Live in Love!!!

  • Trina

    Zac doesn’t visit the fan site. Or any other fan site, according to him. The site owner (who hates Vanessa) put together a birthday package for Zac with letters, cards, gifts and pictures of his little tweenie fans. That’s what he’s thanking them for.

    I used to go to the site, but it got so awful with people bashing Zac and Vanessa, especially Vanessa, that I don’t go there anymore. There are much better fan sites with nice fans who really do like Zac.

  • Mary

    It looks like they did the video like wayyy back when they were in Sweden.. awkward lol

  • angela clarke

    to be honest when i first went on zefron ppl just insulting me for bashing nessa which i wasnt and also i hate ness too sorry but i keep my hate stuff to myself about her and stuff sorry.

    I really LOVE and LIKE zac and i also go on and

  • ^ me ^

    Zac is so cute
    I love him!!
    happy Christmas to Zac and everybody else =P

  • ryan

    zac efron approves of ya gotta be kidding. man, i thought the dude had some brains in his head.

    maybe when the site first started it was good. i know the owner not like vanessa, so maybe dat girl started the site before zac got vanessa.

  • mary

    I like this site of zac

    Is really Good :)

  • ashlee

    zac is a true gentleman. if someone were to s-h-i-t on him, he’d move over and say “sorry, i got in your way.”

  • ashlee is a pretty good site, too

  • http://fun Lilly

    #38 I don’t think he knows about what goes on, they just sent him a lovely gift and he was thanking the fans for it. It is well known that Kathryn doesn’t like V, but she did start the site in Zac’s Summerland days so that was way before he met V. To be fair to Kathryn, she does try to keep Zac’s private life private, but at the same time she should stop the V hate and the disrespect for Zac. The majority of fans love him, and there are a lot of Zan fans who stick up for him. But as has been said, it’s the minority that spoil it from being what it was when Zac’s mom first contacted Kathryn, which is truly a shame for such a great and talented guy. He does deserve better.

  • angela clarke


    well its her choice if she hates v or not its her choice.
    some fans on the zefron forum are really pushing me to like v.

    we all do respect zac but in differents ways but thats our choice.

  • http://fun Lilly

    no I agree Angela, I mean you don’t have to like her, it’s just she is a huge part of Zac’s life, and if he were to see half the stuff written about her and them together, and indeed some of his other friends, I am sure he would be saddened, as would any of us if we saw horrid things written about our loved ones.

  • Karen

    Lilly, I think you are right. Zac and his mom got to know Kathyrn when the site first started when Zac was on Summerland which was before he met Vanessa. The Efron’s seem to be an honorable family and so they are still friendly with her and the site. However, Kathryn should be ashamed of herself for not respecting Zac and his feelings for his friends and the woman he loves BECAUSE he has proved himself to be an honorable person. Everyone should voice their discontent for those who DISHONOR him by posting nasty remarks about him or the person he has chosen to share his life with at this point in time and they should do it on that site.

  • http://fun Maddy

    now this is why I love him!

  • Karina

    He’s so so so so so hot !! The hotter one !!

    uhaushaush , love him so much !

  • Areuforreal

    The one who joined kathryn is the Cow Audrey in ZA, she thought she got a chance to finally meet Zac if she suck ass to kathryn. Well they look good together they both cant accept V in Zacs life and they are both hypocrite. They thought Perez Hilton is a good guy and paparazzi pics of Zac are degrading. Imagine that? Whatever they are both bovine witches.

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