Ashley Tisdale: I Have A Hot Trainer!

Ashley Tisdale: I Have A Hot Trainer!

Ashley Tisdale takes a short break to give us a behind-the-scenes look at her Shape magazine photo shoot.

The 23-year-old High School Musical hottie dished on her exercise routine, de-stressing and her awesome trainer. She shared, “I really am never bored. I have a good looking trainer as well – Chris. It’s so exciting with him, it’s fun, because he understands my goals and we have a blast.”

Ashley also says, “I also have a back injury and it was like hurting me for months. It wasn’t until I really started working out — like a couple days a week — that it stopped. I feel it’s really important to feel healthy and I feel so much better because my core is strengthened and that helps my back a lot.”

Catch the rest of the Tizz‘s interview below!

Ashley Tisdale – Shape magazine behind-the-scenes shoot

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  • kathi


  • kathi


  • love ashley tisdale

    go ashley!!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    hot trainer sure does help Ashley.
    Mine is hot but he’s taken.. :-)

  • mary


  • mileyfan4ever

    im sure thats really cool! :D
    i want a hot trainer :P haha

  • dani

    ash is lucky, mine trainer is so unfortuante looking lol

  • VfanForever

    I like her tipps. ^^
    I mean the thing with being on a diet! I like the idea to take a day off and just eat what you want. I mean when you’re always looking for what you are eating then you can’t enjoy your life!! I can’t live without candies or chocolate… I love to eat so.. I love her opinion!! and I mean look at her body.. so you can see it helps..^^

  • daaayuum!

    that is one hell of a sexy body

  • daaayuum!

    I mean, haha to all the dumb haters that call her fat. LOOK AT THAT BODY.

  • Sami

    i love her!

  • andrea :)

    hi guys, aww tishy i love u thishy cya guys! bye byee

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    She has really good body !!! no photosahop in video. haters you suck :D

  • teteu

    i love ashley, she are amazing!;p
    and she, really have a hot body1 =P

  • Fizzi

    1 day off! haha! shes cute =)!

  • jashley

    hot body ashley
    love her to death!!!

  • Karina

    Ohh, her body is pretty awesomee !!

  • Krissy Fantasy

    that’s awesome!
    a hot trainer to have a hot body?
    ash is amazing!
    gotta love her :)

    haters get lost!
    you see that body?
    no fat
    and no photo shop
    so screw off if you hate her so much!
    first time around and this girl knows what she’s doing to keep in shape.
    eats healthy, and probally eats junk once in a while, then burn those crabs having a personal trainer
    work out, by jogging and running

    ash has one hot body & everyone knows it, just by seeing and hearing what she says :)




  • zanessa/jashley

    She really does have an amazing body. To all the haters that say she’s too skinny or too fat….look at her !! Absolutely gorgeous…hm, I should think about getting a hot trainer :p

  • kelly

    shes always having
    love the tizz’

  • zashley4ever

    She does have an amazing body! That video proves that it was not photo shopped and she isn’t fat at all. To be honest I thought she was too skinny at first but then I saw this and was like “wow!” I love Ashley she is beautiful and my rolemodel :]

  • Alfredo

    I LOVE ASHLEY TISDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST!

  • Elle

    she has got a rili rili nyc body ! i love her soooooo much
    shes the best person i have ever meet in my life !!!
    lovu ash !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Cherry-Jean

    lol, i have a hot trainer!(ashley says)
    She’s so lucky!xO LOVE HER!

  • piinkyprinxcess

    wOw shE LOokS hOt
    yOu gO aSH!!!
    hehe sHE´s fUnnY
    yOu gOtta LovE hEr
    nicE tiPs BTW

  • Divine goddess

    I luv Ashley but I never knew she looked so FANTASTIC. she didnt look half this hot last year. wow Vanessa must be jealous! LOL I’m proud of her and the rest of her HSM castmates breaking out of the Disney mold. She’s not too thin or over sexy, but perfectly toned. Damn she rocked those bikinis

  • Andy

    She’s so sexy!

  • http://justjared Tiana


  • vancrazed

    I don’t anyone would say that Ashley was fat. There is no way anyone could say that. That still doesn’t mean they didn’t photoshop something. But we shouldn’t be upset about that either. There is hardly a magazine that doesn’t photoshop a little these days. It isn’t a bad thing.

  • Christine

    Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? I wonder what he thinks about her “hottie” trainer. Bet he’s used to seeing her sigh over hot guys though, especially ones who’s names start with Zac and end in Efron. Though I don’t think anyone could ever get away with calling Ashley fat. She’s horribly and unattractively skinny actually, and I find it hard to believe that that’s “natural”. After all, everything else about her is fake.

  • ZJ207

    This video has defenetly changed the mind of the people who were saying the cover is photoshoped! !!!!
    She looks so HOT! I’m happy for her!! :):):)

  • sandra

    She Looks Awesome Jared Murillo is lucky to be with her.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #31 yes she says “i have a hot trainer” .but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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    Tickets are $25 — you can pick them up at!

    She rings in the new year with her boyfriend.

  • gracie

    haha she’s funny. love her.

    #31… jezze whats your problem? Horrbile much? Gosh, i’m sooo glad i dont know you.

  • ash rockz

    She’s a hot girl with a hot body <3
    Lucky Girl, I wanna have a hot trainer, too (:

    GO ASHLEY!!!

  • osama


  • Megan

    Ashley doesn’t have an amazing body.
    I think Vanessa is a lot more beautiful!

  • dsad

    she is beautiful but not Hot

  • Cherry-Jean

    31#. it’s not the looks that counts. it’s the heart that counts. And ur in the bad list.

  • kelly

    ashley is HOT

    I LOVE ASHLEY¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


    She’s so sexy!

  • sherry

    i say shes looks hot i mean y do u think shuld choode vanessa i no y they shuldnt coz she no a role model for kids i mean her nude pics omg ok and her making out wid boyfriend in public i say SHOW OFF shhhhhh i dont understtand y u like vanessa so wat ashley is 23 u dont call 23 old u call 36 old and btw ur gonna 23 tooo so think before u type

  • sherry

    i think ashley looks hot i mean who dosent and hater y do u think vanessa shuld b in that shoot i sat she shuldnt coz she not a perfect rolemodel if u ask y coz of her pics u no wat i mean and also coz of her kissing wid her nf in public i mean cmon even ash and jared did but in beach not in hotels and primemrs gosh

  • shea

    her body is bangin! shes awesome and i’ve seen pics of her trainer and thought he was pretty cute too!

  • Aya

    very inspiring.

  • Stevani

    Ashley is beautiful
    and hot too.
    I like her so much!!

  • Divine Goddess

    Sherry, Vanessa is a wonderful role model. People make mistakes. She got over it so maybe you should too… Not to sound like Hannah Montana but nobody’s perfect.

  • Divine Goddess

    Oh and how is kissing her own bf showing off? You act like she’s as obnoxious as Heidi and Spencer. Vanessa has been pretty discrete about her relationship. They kiss mainly when they are on vacation or something. It’s one thing not to like Vanessa but you are hating on her for no reason LOL

  • osama

    u r hot 2!!

>>>>>>> staging1