Miley Cyrus Brings Music to Monroe

Miley Cyrus Brings Music to Monroe

Miley Cyrus and pop Billy Ray take a break from signing autographs to sing a duet during their visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tenn.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet and her dad sang “Ready, Set, Don’t Go.” The twosome helped present $60,000 to the Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Billy Ray has long been a supporter of Children’s Hospital and the Vanderbilt Department of Pediatrics.

Check out the duet below!

Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus – “Ready, Set, Don’t Go”
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  • vbgtt

    love miley
    hate selena

    miley diva

  • I_love_Miley

    Love Miley.
    she sounds so amazing:D and i love this song.

  • sarah

    she sounded pretty good! =O

  • http://irina justine

    aww i love miley
    she sounds amazing as always

    u go girl

  • ohyeah

    I like Miley AND Selena. but I have to admit Miley is kinda more awesome! ;) She rocks. I love her voice, and she is such a cool person. and her music is my most favorite.

  • Emma

    does she wear any makeup? :P

  • Krissy


    and of course you lovers will say miley is better and more awesome at singing, acting,and dancing.
    but this girl, can’t have talent, even when she tries too hard!
    PLUS she’s stuck up, to get what she wants, and throw people who’ve been with her, the whole time..just to be independent/ mature.
    YOU see her, with her dad mostly..and NOT herself. IF she really cared, she would give back on her free time, and not seen with her boyfriend/ friends doing “un certain things”.

    MILEY HAS been around more longer, i have to admit that..but bashing on selena just cuz she has not much experience than miley- is stupid & rude. MILEY has one criteria in singing, and not with dancing and acting that much..
    but it’s not fair for selena, considering, she’s been here, her whole life, having a less oppurtunity/ shown to be noticed and liked. YET she’s doesn’t let that bother her, since selena is doing fine, and HAS talent to still be here and HAVE MORE people to like her, better than miley, was shown before.

    has done
    all singing, acting all her life, and now is doing dancing ( she’s shown to be good, and not try too be ” little miss perfect”)
    SEL is a better person, to give back,and still help those in times of needs IN HER OWN SPARE TIME. SHE’s normal, doesn’t try to be something she’s not, shown to be herself, just to be different, and doesn’t compare herself to others,
    and really cares, for everybody.
    im talking about someone, who’s still talented, and still a normal person all in one, not taking anything for granted.
    IF you don’t know selena
    don’t bother to say anything at all!

    Who cares, which girl is better than the other.
    There’s no competition.
    But if you looked at it both ways
    you can see, who’s good at what..either sides.
    MILEY & selena are friends. NO hate.
    So stop creating that..

  • Ashlee

    my ears are bleeding,
    she dosent look that great ether

  • juilo

    miley’s vocals sounds so good without disney or producers messing with it.

    Her voice sounds good with a just a guitar and her vocals.

    She wasn’t even suppose to be there or sing with her dad. That is why she doesn’t have that much makeup.

    She always gives back… good for the Miley and her family!!!

  • crazy for JB

    I dont want to talk about the song because its sounds…. uhhhh
    but i have to say that it is pretty awesome that billy and miley use their fame to helps others who are needed

    Good for miley and her dad!!

  • mileyfan

    she sounds amazing haters admit it already i love this song!!!

    anymay miley is effin awesome
    and yeah Selena sucks..sorry!!!


  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    she sounds amazing
    i have to be honest though that I think her voice suits more to country then pop rock bubblegum stuff..

  • deb

    She sounds great!!!!


    mileys gorgeouss :DDD.

  • I_love_Miley

    7# Krissy:
    you have to be the fakest thing ever. Talking about not hating selena, when that’s just what you are doing against Miely. And you are basing Miley hate with accusations that can’t be proved. No we don’t know Selena but know Miley so stop with you freaking accusations. miley is doing somthing in her vacation, somthing good. and even then you have to hate. Go to a Selena post for freaking sake. Miley is good and sweet and honest. And she does not even wear make-up all the time. she is Awsome in all ways. the things you are saying is based on things you hear trough star magazine and thoose kind of magazines, They lie and they use Miley in their lies. i can agree with the no hate thing, but not from a fake person like you.

  • http://irina selena


  • zashley4ever

    Such a beautiful and natural voice!! I LOVE MILEY CYRUS :D

  • Krissy

    # 15
    i am not the fake thing around here
    for telling the truth
    that I see
    and what i hear
    you don’t have to believe me
    you whinny little miley fans!
    I don’t have to stop on bashing someone who’s pathetic and has started to do nothing, but try 2 HARD!
    So, you talk about liking miley, and hating selena?
    and do you know selena?
    i think not.
    So why even say anything if, you don’t know nothing about her.
    That’s proves your the one who’s fake..
    w/o knowing her!

    I personally know miley, considering, she’s all over the freakin place…
    this and that.
    MY accusations are BASED on my opinion.
    NOT yours.
    AND they can be proved, by what I SEE & HEAR.

    Well get this:
    I’m surprised she finds time, to actually help those in need
    when she’s off there, spending time with her boyfriend/ friends
    a little more selfish then ever!

    Good? sweet? honest?
    hear things in magazines?
    false headlines?

    I’m amazed you think you know so MUCH about this girl.
    YOUR the one who’s believing and backing up a person who has done nothing, but been fake and caused more damage and mistakes…not realizing what an impact it has on her life
    I don’t hate her, from what I hear in magazines. BUT i give them props to tell lies- considering her whole life is messed to what she’s doing.
    GOOD or BAD
    she can never change.
    ALL her mistakes have been revealed.

    Pass on the hate comments.
    I don’t freaking care.
    I have every right to STATE the truth…


  • Aliie

    Everyone will have their opinions on Miley and Selena.
    Why would you bash on either Miley/Selena and then say “Oh, don’t bash on (who you favor)”.
    It’s a waste of time to bash on any of them. We all have our favors and dislikes.
    So lets all live our lives and stop bashing on any of them. (:

  • miley fan!



  • zashley4ever


  • rii


    do you even know the meaning of truth? truth is not based on opinions, it is based on facts. and you say you know miley from what you see and hear? wtf? you cant know a person based on hearsay. just think if this argument was a legal trial, i would be going “Objection, hearsay! or Objection, speculation!” left and right and the judge would sustain it in an instant and probably reprimand you.

    I_love_Miley hasnt even said that they know miley. you are the one thats saying you know miley and selena from what you hear and see and yet you say I_love_Miley doesnt know them based on those very same things. why are you contradicting yourself? and in your earlier comment you say miley’s one criteria is singing (wrong usage of criteria btw) when its acting and singing (Hannah Montana), so perhaps you know less about Miley than you think, am i right?

    so when you say not to hate on selena please do the same and not hate on miley. please practice what you preach, dont be a hypocrite.

  • Stephie15

    I Dont Get Why You Have To Pick Sides Between Miley And Selena They Are Both Amazing And Its Stupid Picking Sides They Are Both Good At What They Do But In Different Ways………..Miley Does Sound Amazing In This And Krissy Can You STOP Saying
    “you talk about liking miley, and hating selena?
    and do you know selena?”
    Yeaah Like You Do Know Selena Some Celebrities Aren’t Always What They Seem You Know And dont Say Yeaah Well Miley Isnt In This Case Cause Thats Not What Im Talking About Yeaah She May Not Be What She Seems But At Least Shes Doing What Some Celebrities Cant Even Be Bothered To Do…….Plus Miley Sings Herself Live And Doesn’t Do A Britney Spears And Lip Sing

  • blair

    I’m sorry but Krissy have you noticed that you are the ONLY person on this post defending Selena. I personally hate selena I think she is totally talentless and her singing sounds like a dying bird but I don’t say that on Selena posts. I say how great Miley sounds and how much I support her in everything she does.
    And the fact that you post comments that take up half of my computer screen shows JUST how mature you are..which in case you didn’t realize beacuse you’re probably some random 10 year old, is not at all. You don’t even know Selena or Miley so when you say things like that about how people don’t know miley but YOU KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT SELENA that sort of makes me want to punch you in the neck because you don’t know anything about either of them except what you see and read.
    so go grow a pair and stop talking shhit over a blog.

    k thanks.
    miley you sound amazinggg in this btw :)

  • blair

    oh and krissy, how effing stupid are you
    “So, you talk about liking miley, and hating selena?
    and do you know selena?
    i think not.”

    is that not the SAME EXACT thing you’re doing to miley you dumbass hahaha i can’t even help but laugh at the idiocy you type up out here

    and saying you know miley because she’s “everywhere” in all the tabloids and websites is that any different than how you know selena?

    fyi, it’s not sweetie so suck on that and save your hate for people who actually care.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    Krissy SHUT UP #15 is just sticking up for Miley just like you do for Selena when people say neggative things about her you’re ALWAYS on here talking bull about Miley when you dont even know her and when do you EVER see Selena doing something like Miley is doing HELPING PEOPLE shes always at charity events but she NEVER gives ANYTHING to them shes just there for attention and another thing Krissy you’re sooooo freaking dumb when you’re on a Selena post you’re ALWAYS telling the haters on the post to get off cuz its stupid&rude to talk about people “that dont matter to them” and here you are on a Miley post talking crap about her and calling her out for being a good person and i know that Miley made some mistakes in her career like those pix she took and NOBODY IS PERFECT Krissy not even Selena and Miley is sooooooooooo much better than Selena any day by a long run so get this through your head and learn it live it & like it and get yourself a life and if you cant TRY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and blair, rii, zashley4ever, miley fan!, selena, vbgtt, I_love_Miley, LOVE HERR, deb, ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzzz, crazy for JB, juilo, justine ,mileyfan &sarah

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    ^ all the names i put up there i just have to say thanks for speaking the truth ya’ll ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • Amanda (MILEY FAn)

    #7 Krissy

    You ask for people to stop the hate even though you are hating on Miley. Yeah thats immature , your immature.

    Oh and i study music and singing (not saying i know everything because ofcourse i don’t) but Selena can’t sing she is rubbish ok maybe she can sing a little but Miley is waaaayyy better than selena.

    And incase you havn’t noticed your the only person that is hating on Miley here so go to a selena post and hate on her there that way we (MILEY FANS) don’t have to listen to your Sh*t. =] =D
    And you tell us to stop hating on selena because we dont know selena well just thought i would let you know that you don’t know Miley.

    Aswell as Selena sucking at singing she is trying to be like Miley she is trying to steal her fame but that won’t ever happen beacuse selena sucks big time. just wait selena will have her 15 minutes of fame and then she’ll be on one of those *where are they now shows* infact maybe not because no one cares for selena.

    And Miley always does good stuff like this for the people in need you see the only reason selena is doing it *sometimes* is because she wants to steal Miley’s fans. Everyone has admitted selena is trying to copy miley.

    well i think i have wrote enough infact too much wasting my time on stupid immature people like you

    bye x =]

  • Amanda

    there is so much background noise and motions that its kinda hard to pay attention and listen to their singing and guitar playing but i guess that is typical and even expected when you are playing at a children’s hospital. still though, considering all that, this was a great performance of the two of them and a great thing for them to do during the holiday season, to bring some hope and holiday festivity and cheer to the faces of so many young children and kids. They didn’t seem to be distracted at all by the noise and motions so they either did a good job at hiding their distraction, didnt notice it at all and totally blocked it out all the way, or maybe its really just me who noticed it!!! she sounded very different though, like idk what her voice is changing alittle for the better i think as she gets older her voice is getting stronger i think and less raspy like it used to be, she seems to be alittle off key/note/pitch her though, like this doesnt at all sound like the recording they did of it together, but it shouldnt either haha because its a live performance and live performances always have at least some natural flaws and stuff. great job though, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus!!!

  • kristan

    back to miley,
    when she goes to nashville she becomes SO much more tolerable.
    just the way she looks, you can totally tell she’s able to completely be herself there.
    when she goes back to LA she starts wearing craploads of makeup and her hair looks way too overdone.
    stop letting hollywood get to your head, miley! stay in nashville!

>>>>>>> staging1